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  2. I'm confused. I've been kind of left out on my ship, and I know nothing of what or who is going on. Help?

  3. Yeah, Challenger A. But don't worry now; everything's been set out for me. And I haven't been able to post my side of the transmission yet: I have to wait for a good time.

  4. What. Did. You. Make. Him. DO??

    I think I'll take you up on that: For all I know, Sky might need a lesson on Dream Walking

  5. Hey . . . Where did you go? Did you suddenly drop out of the ship?

  6. USS Challenger-A. Don't worry, my First Officer has four other new ensigns on the ship, and it's a miricle that he's still standing he's had that much to do!

  7. That's fine by me. Feel free to use it if you have any more technical difficulties.

  8. Ironic:

    Parker: Mr. Freeze

    Blake: Poison Ivy

    Reed: Bane

    See the connection?

  9. Welcome to the fleet! Hope training was fun for ya!

  10. Yeah, I thought you looked a little lonely! lol.

    Jeez. Everyone's disappearing! Captain's goin' to the Embassy, Ensign Delwyn's going to the Discovery-B . . . we're we going, you wonder! Hope we get the same ship; making Sky argue with Parker'll be fun under Ed!

  11. Last time I checked, he's worked under Ed before! Ha! Deja Vu in a different rank and position!

  12. Uh oh . . . Congratulations (Lieutenant) Commander! You've caught up to Jesse!

  13. "IT'S ALIVE!"

    Hahahaha. Should be interesting after the mission. I can't wait to see what we're doing, especially if it means: PARTYS!! ;D

  14. I have a fantastic idea. On shore leave, let's throw a formal dress party: *THAT* would be interesting

  15. Been missing for a while, mate

  16. QUESTION: How is your reputation -1??

  17. Been quiet, Dee. What'cha been doin'!!??

  18. Hehehe. I can still imagine it . . .

  19. Reference to the Email: A Drunk Parker wearing a Tux started the bar fight . . . hehehehe. Sky has to wear something not overly revealing, and can conceal knifes, just in case someone gets the wrong idea!

  20. Everybody's gotta have a happy holiday.

  21. Hehehe. Sky wearing something revealing . . . a lot of the mens eyes would pop out of their heads . . .

    I can imagine Parker scrambling to do that. I can also imagine Deven jumping for words...

  22. Not at all. Sky would freak out though - remember she's only had one or two sexual encounters that didn't go quite to plan.

    If you want Parker to check on them, wait for a good time - like when they're completely asleep. And if all hell brakes loose like last time, I'll fix it. No problems. lol.

  23. You better hope not, or Sky'll get Kitty to kill YOU!!!!

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