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  1. Chuck Season 4. I'm extremely happy!

  2. Chuck Season 4. I'm extremely happy!

  3. Complications in a Brekkian/Betazoid and Vulcan hybrid pregnancy? I may need to consult my Vulcan book . . . :/

  4. Course, I've got some cropping to do, and it may not exactly be Parker's coat . . .

  5. Daylight Savings, how I've missed you . . .

  6. Dear Caramel Slice, trying to make your caramel is hard work. I respectfully ask that you stop burning. Regards.

  7. Dismissed from work five and a half hours early due to students not being at school; you know what that means? WIKI TIME!!

  8. Do it for the satisfaction of seeing the look on Quark's face when he's beaten at a game of tongo by a lowly hew-mon.


    1. Reen Sullivan

      Reen Sullivan

      And a very happy Easter to you too, Deliera!

    2. Blake


      You too, Dee! I'll be spending this weekend out in the middle of nowhere! I'm glad I brought my laptop and internet, cause I've got nothing else to do!

  10. Ever since Facebook, everything has needed "like" buttons . . .

  11. Everybody's gotta have a happy holiday.

  12. Excited! FBC Round 5 Nominations NOW UP!! Now I have a legitimate reason to cruise the wiki...

  13. Face list updated. ALL CREWS: Please, *please* remember to update your face listing. Update it like you update your rosters.

  14. Fantastic first day back at work.

  15. Fireworks, not explosives, fireworks . . .

  16. For all you continuity pickers out there:

  17. Frasier has left the building . . .

  18. Getting reeeeeal sick of reaching my "quota" for likes on the forums...

  19. Glad I'm not in Queensland right now . . .

  20. Google Images - hehe. I'm a big Chuck fan, and he appeared in the first episode in Season Two as Mr. Colt. The funny thing is that he was polite and actually asked if Chuck and Sarah wanted him to pay for their meal while he chocked the life out of Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski, Sky Blake)

    Chuck vs The First Date, I think the episode was called . . .

    I know, I'm a Chuc...

  21. Got home from the latest Medieval event, involving Kammy and Willow, birds trained for Falconry. Kammy SUCKS at bringing things back to you, while Willow is much better trained. THEN I saw the X Factor . . . I'm not going to start on Smells Like Teen Spirit by the guy who needs to get rid of the white hair . . .

  22. Got in the middle of a knife fight between two students, my niece Melody Jay was born, and now I'm getting married.

  23. Great first day at work today. Played some Nickelback and "Zombie", with some Simple Plan thrown in for the boys. Apparently I was missed by Drew's class . . .

  24. grr. Too bad Parker has a stack of reading to do . . .

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