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  1. Hahahaha. Yes but SHHH! My character isn't one to command! In fact, it's kind of a miricle that Major deMarc hasn't thrown her in the brig yet: She's back-chatting him that bad, it's a wonder why he didn't suddenly drop sooner! Which reminds me: None of you might happen to know where Major deMarc's writer suddenly went, would you?
  2. Hey . . . Where did you go? Did you suddenly drop out of the ship?

  3. What. Did. You. Make. Him. DO??

    I think I'll take you up on that: For all I know, Sky might need a lesson on Dream Walking


    1. Reen Sullivan

      Reen Sullivan

      And a very happy Easter to you too, Deliera!

    2. Blake


      You too, Dee! I'll be spending this weekend out in the middle of nowhere! I'm glad I brought my laptop and internet, cause I've got nothing else to do!

  5. My friend (who sims Renae Sullivan and I think is on the USS Drake) and I are in High School (Australia Grade 10) and she found the site first. We both love Star Trek, and that was what drove her into an obsession to be able to write it. The only thing she did was type 'starbase.net' into her address bar and StarBase 118 came up apparently. You'll have to ask her directly, I only know so much as she raced through everything. SHE was the one who pushed me into it. But before I had anything to do with it, I wasn't really into the idea because I'm not as confident a writer as her. That and the f
  6. Yeah, Challenger A. But don't worry now; everything's been set out for me. And I haven't been able to post my side of the transmission yet: I have to wait for a good time.

  7. I'm confused. I've been kind of left out on my ship, and I know nothing of what or who is going on. Help?

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