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  1. Considered a 'long time simmer' nowadays, I honestly wasn't aware there was a difference between "Tag" and "Tbc . . . " (the latter of which I always use to sign off my sims). Only in rare occasions have I employed "End" - and even then, it's usually mission related. 🤷‍♀️

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Sotak said:

    How do I write the professional history of my character? By writing the courses they've taken and their specialisations? I don't know what the format is for that part.

    Professional history is generally an ongoing record of your postings following graduation from the Academy. However, you can fill it with information (such as courses like you mentioned) pertaining to your characters time in the workforce, or perhaps they obtained a degree prior to Starfleet Academy. 

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  3. I was looking to post my biography on the wiki and was curious if anybody is available to help?

    I'd wait until you get posted before you start to work on your wikipage (and if you already are, that's great, and welcome to the fleet!).

    There is usually someone on your posting that will create a character page for you on the wiki. Almost always will there be a wiki-savy crew member on the ship/station that'll help you out (and whom you can email to help you out when you have the occasional "argument" with the wiki if you haven't used wikipedia - or any other wiki-based websites - before).

    On some postings, someone on the ship's crew will add your character bio (of which you would have submitted to the training list) to your page for you, and then you can add more as you go - or scrap it/do whatever you want to it. Some ships only create your page, and leave all the information open for you to edit (I was good like that, but I never actually got the cadets bio information anyway.... Besides, getting the new writers to add everything in straight away made them get to know their wiki profiles, and thus; didn't have to contact me all the time! And my hard work paid off, for a short time, as almost everybody's pages were up to date. :devil: Unfortunately, my wiki-days are slowing down as there are several other people on my ship that know how to use it and keep the pages up-to-date, so I only ever update my characters pages.)

    All in all, never be afraid to stick your hand up and ask for help! And always be sure to try and update your profile as your character developes! :D

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  4. It depends on if the characters profile has not been updated, and/or when it was created, and/or if the user read everything correctly. I saw an officer who graduated the Academy at the age of 20, when something else states that the youngest you can graduate is 22.

    It also depends on the species - different species, different education styles; my character dropped out of High School during her Grade Nine (at the age of 15) to focus on Gymnastics, yet was still able to enter the Academy - Terran education would have made this impossible, or at least in Australia.

  5. Good to have you with us, Sky.

    I was in a similar sort of position when I first joined - I enjoyed writing but I wasn't especially confident. Since I've been here, though, that's all changed and my writing has vastly improved. I hope you enjoy your time with us.

    Plus your avatar is ace - lego Star Trek for the win!

    Hahahaha. Yes but SHHH! :rolleyes7: My character isn't one to command! In fact, it's kind of a miricle that Major deMarc hasn't thrown her in the brig yet: She's back-chatting him that bad, it's a wonder why he didn't suddenly drop sooner!

    Which reminds me: None of you might happen to know where Major deMarc's writer suddenly went, would you?

  6. My friend (who sims Renae Sullivan and I think is on the USS Drake) and I are in High School (Australia Grade 10) and she found the site first. We both love Star Trek, and that was what drove her into an obsession to be able to write it.

    The only thing she did was type 'starbase.net' into her address bar and StarBase 118 came up apparently. You'll have to ask her directly, I only know so much as she raced through everything.

    SHE was the one who pushed me into it. But before I had anything to do with it, I wasn't really into the idea because I'm not as confident a writer as her. That and the fact that she wrote for personal enjoyment anyway.

    So after she tried it out and told me the outcome I wanted in, so I'm in! I had a rough start, but hey, I pulled through in the end. lol

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