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  1. As Luna is going... "Did you need any help with the Tape?"
  2. So.. apparently simming while in a lunchtime meeting is a no-no.. Now just need to avoid the XO for awhile... Lunatic Cupcake.. the third..
  3. This in from Gotham... " T’Dara: As I was saying! To the transporter Room! " errr.. Batcave! (Yep.. that's where my head went when I read it.. )
  4. Ahem.. a parade.. that ended up with us in the past.. and NEEDING 11.. The real question is how many she'd bring if she thought we were going into combat..
  5. I was thinking of going with "Fed - Busters".. but...
  6. Washington: Ms. Walker, let me introduce you to your new quarters.. please note the restraining field.. as soon as you have sufficient restraint.. you can leave. Walker: :: muttering:: Or until I break out.. again. Yep.. gonna be an interesting time had by all...
  7. Vetri: LtCmdr, Walker, you are, without a doubt, the most malevolently minded individual I can call to mind - that I'm not married to. Your proposal is precisely the sort of thing I would expect to hear from a deceitful, back-stabbing little sneak with no concept whatsoever of the proper way to behave in this sort of situation. :: She paused for a moment, letting her words hang in the air, then her stern and sober mask dissolved into something that could almost be called impish.:: Vetri: Well done. Make sure you make a note of any more ideas like it that occ
  8. The fact that crossing the neutral zone will start a war/diplomatic incident is actually largely moot. You can't ignore the distress beacon, and to do anything about it will break the treaty. And, if as everyone knows by the time they take it, it is in fact a trap. It doesn't matter how stealthy you are, or how obvious. You will be caught.. and you will be destroyed. I don't think that my solution changes any of the above. The only thing I'd hope for is that my solution is different enough, and creative enough that I minimize the losses. And using the shuttles helps minimize the losses
  9. So.. since I've actually thought this through before... My solution.. (here goes) The assumption is that this is a trap, however, that whether it is a trap or not lives are at stake. I would, as others mentioned send a buoy with the situation. Here's where it get's interesting. I'd keep the ship on this side of the neutral zone, and deploy shuttles to the Koyabashi Maru. The Shuttles would stay spaced out to near maximum range for transporters. And, as would be broadcast by the shuttles, they would have shield up but weapons down, as they don't want to be damaged by any other active gravi
  10. It does remind me of the old days... and done to music no less!
  11. A momentary Resistance The dark haired woman rushed into the room. Her security reds long since battered and torn from hard use. In the not so great distance, she could hear the rhythmic shuffling of feet headed in her direction. Closing her eyes and swallowing hard, she quickly keyed in the sequence to seal the door behind her. When it failed to move, she cursed and pulled off the control panel, revealing the circuitry underneath. Moments later, she successfully short circuited the controls, closing off the view of a Borg drone just turning the corner. Her breathing came out in ragged g
  12. It was an excellent round this time through, as we had 3 of the 4 entries within a single point of each other. We had to call out to the Captain's council to help us get the tiebreaker... But..with no further ado... Congratulations to Lt. Kevin Breeman with Excision, and our runner up, And New Civilisations - by Mailea Labria. Lt. Breeman will be joining the writing challenge judges again, as well as helping us choose the next topic. Great job everyone! The next round will start sometime next week..as I'm going to be moving..and thus no internet til then..
  13. Good Evening all, Congratulations again to our last rounds winner, Lt. Jg. Jesse Lawn...who will be joining the judging for this round, and has come up with the following: “To Seek Out New Life…” In this month’s writing challenge, create a first contact experience with a new unknown species. This may result in a wonderful cultural exchange, or a brutal ship-to-ship space battle. Feel free to choose a Federation first contact scenario, or that of an unrelated people. Be sure and give details about this new encounter! Guidelines: To participate, create a new thread. The subject of the threa
  14. And without any further ado... the reviews: What a Strange, Strange World - Lt Cmdr Tal Tel-ar Reviewed by Capt. Ben Walker All too often people walk around without really seeing the environment around them. Describing Earth as seen by a young Andorian alone would have been an interesting read. But Lt. Cmdr Tel-ar took it a step farther by showing us a section of Earth that any of us in this century would recognize. This wasn't a "Star Trek" story where there were clean divisions, and the humans had gotten over all of their assorted issues. No this was the reaction that anyone not from th
  15. After reading through the stories, it was a very close...but the judges have determined a winner: And now the results.... Congratulations to.....Lt. jg Lawn with the winning story "Broken" and Lt. Cmdr Ehlanii with the Runner-Up "Perspective"! We'll be sending out the reviews in the next few days, and Mr. Lawn, expect a message from me for our next Writing Challenge topic. Great job everyone! Jesse Lawn's Banners http://www.angelfire.com/my/lost/C/Banners...010Winnerlg.jpg http://www.angelfire.com/my/lost/C/Banners...010Winnersm.jpg KarynnEhlanii' s Banners http://www.angelfire.com/my/los
  16. And now the judges get the challenging job of determining a winner. Good luck to you all! -Capt. Ben Walker
  17. I'm not sure what the rules are... I know I'm supposed to pick the next topic, which I have. But I don't think I'm allowed to just go and open up the next one.... I don't know what you mean...it's up there... Well it is now.. Yup, slight delay due to the Holidays...but the new one is out there!
  18. Good Morning all, Congratulations again to our last rounds winner, Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman...who will be joining the judging for this round, and has come up with the following: "Perspective" Star Trek is a universe which offers quite a few of those, given that it has a whole litany of different sentient races each with its own psychology and biology. Is selling arms to both sides an act of war, or just a business rule? Is it more wrong to show emotion or hide it? What do other races think of the Federation? Let us know what you think is an interesting "Perspective". Guidelines: To partici
  19. Reviews by Guest Judge Lt. (j.g.) Tallis Rhul Children of Earth Lt. (j.g.) Thomas Gregory The details for the setting of this story were very well thought out, and it made for an interesting read. I enjoyed finding out how Janus’s plan came to fruition, and was able to feel involved in the story from the get-go. The Vulcans in particular were painted in quite a different light to the way they are in the “prime” universe, which was a refreshing touch. One of the things I liked best about the story was the feeling that even the animals had sided with the Cardassians. The section that described
  20. Cmdr Toni Turner-West's Feedback: Escape By Kali Nicholotti This story was well-written, telling of the plight of a young girl under the occupation of a cruel, merciless race such as the Cardassians, but it also could have been a story told of any oppressed race throughout Earth's history. While it was a very good story, it was reminiscent of any military oppression when many escaped by the acceptance of death, not really adding to the uniqueness of Cardassians to follow the current theme of the Writing Challenge... "What if the Cardassians had occupied Earth instead of Bajor?" That is the on
  21. Reviews by Capt. Ben Walker: First contact: When reading Sci-fi stories in general, and Star Trek in particular, it is rare to see humans acting as they tend to do in real life. Reading through this story, I was struck not by the cruelty of the Cardassians, but the manipulation...and the feeling of a boardroom in modern day. Perhaps it would have been nothing but a futile gesture for those people to have argued with someone in such a position of power. But, instead they take the proverbial "golden parachute" trading humanity for power and prestige. To quote T.S. Elliot in 'The Hollow Men'
  22. And as the Writing Challenge Team's holiday gift to you all... the results! Congratulations to Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman with the winning story "Real Lips", and to the Runner-Up, Lt. Cmdr Jhen Thelev with "First Contact"! This round had a lot of late entries, but they were definitely worth the wait! Mr. Breeman, expect an email from me as we discuss our next Writing Challenge! Congratulations again!
  23. Topic opened for Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman.
  24. (Posted for Lt. jg Thomas Gregory) Vulcan Embassy - Earth - Sacramento California It was a very sunny day. The kind of perfection anyone throwing a celebration would hope for. From where Janus was perched he could see the entire courtyard. Security was lax at this high profile event. Janus took out his binoculars and focused in on the table at the center of the proceedings. The Vulcan ambassador placed a scroll of parchment on the table and set beside it two quill pens. Reaching into his satchel Janus pulled out his walkie talkie. While physical security was tight the Obsidian order was likely
  25. Come on everyone! A little more than two weeks til this is over! Let's see some great stories out of this!
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