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  1. Been busy mate. I'm simming but I haven't had much time to hang around on the site. How've you been?

  2. I'll confess to a certain degree of confusion. Looking at the dates posted in the rules thread I think we should be in Round 9 by now. Am I reading it wrong?
  3. ((IC: USS Thunder, Deck 8: Battle Bridge)) Green: ::Finding the strength to say one word, even if it was a whisper:: Chronitons... T'Pen: ::Mumbling to herself::You must be joking! Chronitons will melt Saveron into a gelatinous goo. ::Looking up at Tallis and shaking her head, she audibly stated:: He can't leave the ship, Sir. He'll kill us all! Tallis: You're right, we can't just let him leave the ship. We need to try to make a stand here. We'll find out his location, and follow him. Mr. Mc Ghee, we'll need to beam out. I doubt we'll be able to use the lift to follow Saveron, and there are still armed mines in the corridor outside. Mc Ghee: Of course, Sir, ::Tapping a few keys :: You just have to give the word, Sir. Tallis: Yael, Am'tra, take care of Mr. Green. Am'tra: Aye, commander! ::stands up and walks towards Green:: I have to place you in custody. Yael: Response Tallis: Counsellor, see if you can find out what happened to him, and why he suddenly decided to save T'Pen. Yael: Response T'Pen: He forced himself to overcome the odds, counsellor. Green: ::His strength returning as minutes ticked by:: I'd like to help, sir. ::Nodding at Green to acknowledge his comment, Tallis hit his badge, establishing a link with the team who had been sent to regain computer control.:: Tallis: =/\= Tallis to Gregory =/\= Gregory: =/\= Gregory here sir. Are the mutineers secured?=/\= Tallis: =/\= Commander, I want you to look for any reference to something called "The Reckoning" in the ship's database. You should find it under Deep Space Nine. Find out anything you can about how it was stopped, and inform us when you're done. =/\= Carrington: =/\= Response =/\= Gregory: =/\= Please tell me we don't have a- =/\= Tallis: =/\= We have a Pah-Wraith aboard. Lieutenant Green is currently in our custody, but Doctor Saveron has escaped. He's been possessed. =/\= Gregory: =/\= We're processing the information now sir. =/\= Carrington: =/\= Response =/\= Tallis: =/\= We also need you to track the express turbolift from the Battle Bridge and determine its location. It's important that you take no action to stop it or slow it down. Just report its destination to us and then meet us there. =/\= Gregory: =/\= It's a non-corporeal life-form... I'm not even sure how I wouldslow it down. See you there sir. =/\= Carrington: =/\= Response =/\= Tallis: =/\= Good luck with the search. Tallis out. =/\= ::Quickly establishing a link with the other group, Tallis intended to brief his acting FO. :: Tallis: =/\= Tallis to Unum. =/\= Unum: =/\= Go ahead, Commander. Is everything okay up there? =/\= Tallis: =/\= Miles, we have a Pah-Wraith aboard. It possessed Saveron and it just escaped. I have Commander Gregory attempting to find out its destination. =/\= Unum: =/\= Aye, sir. =/\= Tallis: =/\= I'll fill you in as soon as we know where we're going. Stand by to make your way to our location. =/\= Unum: =/\= Response =/\= ::Green made his way to his feet, he was careful to keep his hands open so the towering Security Officer, Am'tra could see he had no weapons. Moving slowly, he stood to his full height and as close to attention as he could.:: Green: ::His voice raspy and weak:: Chronitons, sir. Saveron made a chroniton weapon and shield. It's possible chronitons could be used against the Pah-Wraith. ::From the curious expression on Am'tra's face it became clear that the Security officer was thinking the same as Tallis; whatever hold that Saveron had over Green could well have been lifted.:: Tallis: Chronitons? What effect would it have on a humanoid? Green: ::Shaking his head:: I have no idea, sir. I only helped make the tools Saveron took with him. T'Pen: Captain, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that a weapon like that will have any other effect than killing Saveron. If it was built by Saveron, we can't be certain that it was built by our Saveron or the Pah Wraith Saveron. Logic dictates that we exhaust all over avenues before trusting in the fool hardy ideas. Sir. Tallis: Actually, Doc, there is. Romulan cloaking devices produce chronitons, so it would be logical to assume that Romulans are able to withstand them. Being as Romulans are an offshoot species from Vulcans, there's every chance that we may be thinking on the right lines. Commander Gregory should be able to pull up the files we need to give us our answer. ::The actions that the Marine Lieutenant had taken recently suggested that he was indeed on their side once again, but it was always important not to keep the back door to betrayal open.:: Tallis: Mr. Green, would you be prepared to consent to a mindmeld with Doctor T'Pen? I hope that you understand that we'll need to check that you're back to the way you're supposed to be? ::The question made Tallis feel awkward, but it was one that he needed to ask. Lieutenant Green had been an exemplary officer so far, and Tallis hoped that he would understand.:: Green: Of course, sir. Whatever it takes. T'Pen: ::Looking at each man, she sighed inwardly then closed her eyes to help her own being retreat from what was sure to be an onslaught of horror.:: I am prepared. Mr. Green? Green: ::Mustering a half hearted smile:: There’ve been a few too many in my brain over the past couple of days. I don’t suppose one more will hurt. You can’t scramble my eggs worse than they already have been. Yael: Response T'Pen: ::Looking at the Counselor:: Your compassion, Ensign is appreciated. But as I'm over 400 years old, I've been, how do they say it, "Around the block a time or two". I can handle myself. Yael: Response Green: I promise I won’t bite, Doc. No promises about what you might find in there though. Tallis: As soon as we receive the report on where Saveron is headed we'll be leaving. Will this take long? T'Pen: I suggest you use ever available man and woman on this ship to find Saveron, Captain. Leave Yael and myself, with one guard to watch over Mr. Green till we're done. Time... waits for no man... You have a ship and a planetary system to save. Tallis: True, and you potentially have a life to save. We need you on scene as soon as possible so that there's medical help available for Saveron if we do manage to get the wraith to leave his body. Don't hang around here for a second longer than you have to. ::An alarm sounded quietly along with a flashing red light on the screen before Mc Ghee:: Mc Ghee: Sir, deck 18! An automated alert signal. One of the Bulkheads near the docking port for the captain's yacht has suffered stress and been mildly deformed. A forced entry! I would guess that's our next destination. ::Tallis steeled himself to face his own personal nightmare once more as the team prepared to beam out.:: Tallis: Counsellor, once that meld is broken, beam yourselves to the hangar bay. If T'Pen and Green need a while to recover then beam what you judge to be a safe distance away on deck 18. Yael: Response ::As he joined the group that was headed for the captain's yacht, the Bajoran motioned for one of the marine personnel to remain behind to act as a security guard.:: Green: Commander? ::Tallis turned to look at him:: Good luck, sir. ::Green leaned against the chair for the Ops console. His strength was all but nonexistent, and he knew it would take a while until he was back on top.:: Green: ::Looking into T’Pen’s eyes:: I suppose I ought to have a seat. Whenever you’re ready, Doc. T’Pen: Response ::As the mindmeld started, Tallis signalled to Mc Ghee that they were ready for transport. The dark, sinister interior of the battle bridge began to dissolve, and nerves caused his gut to contrict tighter and tighter as the anticipation of facing kosst amojan grew.:: ((USS Ronin, Deck 1: CRR)) ::All he could hear was his pulse thumping in his ears. The smile he was used to seeing behind the familiar desk was gone, and the questions raised by a room that he shouldn't have been seeing seemed quieter than the concern he felt over the neutral expression with which he was met. Had he done something wrong?:: Turner Prophet: Questions. ::Her voice echoed around the room as though it were the size of a cargo bay. The brightness of his surroundings, nearly overwhelming at first, was beggining to reach a level where it was more comfortable to see. Another voice from beside him caused him to turn sharply, startled.:: Unum Prophet: No doubt he wil have many, many questions. ::Standing in the ready room of a ship on which he previously served, it seemed as though the Prophets were exercising a hearty flair for understatement, but in this case, Tallis felt he already knew the answer.:: Tallis: I'm in the Celestial Temple. I don't need to ask any questions. ::The image of the captain fixed him with brilliant blue eyes, and where he had once been confident, he found his certainty in that conviction begin to waver.:: Turner Prophet: Always headstrong. Sometimes an asset, sometimes a flaw. Unum Prophet: The questions will come. ::Tallis shook his head; now there were questions about the questions. What would they be? Why would he ask them? They were about to make an attempt to exorcise a demon from the body of a friend. He knew what course of action to take; bring up the records on the Reckoning, deploy a countermeasure and expel the Pah-Wraith before it could have a chance to take part in the conflict.:: Tallis: ::Turning to the image of Miles:: The crew knows what to do. We'll find a solution. ((USS Thunder, Deck 8: FO's Quarters)) Andersson Prophet: He does not understand. ::Looking up from the floor near to the table that was festooned with a selection of breakfast foods, a coffee-stained towel in her hand, the image of Talon Lee-Unum met his eyes with scorn and disappointment.:: Lee-Unum Prophet: He cannot understand. Our hand was forced. ::Standing from his seat, Tallis paced behind it clutching at his head with both hands.:: Tallis: All these riddles. I want to serve you, but I don't know how! Please, tell me! ((Deep Space Nine, Promenade)) ::The bustling shopping district was once again deserted. In the mouthway of the Bajoran shrine, the image of Kira Nerys, her eyes glowing blue, addressed him dispassionately.:: Kira Prophet: The contest must not be allowed to proceed under unfair conditions. It must be terminated. Tallis: What unfair conditions? How can I terminate it? ::A voice from the balcony behind him caused him to turn; this time, seeing the fire in the eyes of the Emissary's son sent waves of dread through him, bile rising in his throat as he remembered the corrupted vision of Saveron on the battle bridge.:: Jake Prophet: We said there would be questions. These are only the beginning. ::Mystified, Tallis looked towards the Kai for guidance. She was standing right where he remembered, slightly removed from the action, her face every bit as neutral as those of the others present.:: Winn Prophet: The Reckoning will bring about the golden age of Bajor. Kosst Amojan will be destroyed. Kira Prophet: The contest must not be allowed to proceed. ::Heart racing even faster, Tallis felt panic begin to set in. His eyes widened as he whirled around in disbelief; these were not his gods. He had been sent a vision from them, and they wanted to prevent the destruction of their kind...:: ::A firm hand gripped his shoulder. The momentum caused by his whirling around to see who it was almost caused him to fall over, and sent him into a stumble. As he regained his balance, he found himself looking upon a face that was anything but neutral. It was smiling, and somehow reassuring. A silken baritone settled his nerves as the vision of the Emissary spoke.:: Sisko: The Prophets ask us to walk a twisting path. ::He spread his hands and shrugged his shoulders, his smile lighting up his eyes and revealing perfect white teeth.:: Some things appear a little differently than we might imagine. There will always be questions, but that's what makes us who we are. We can't always know if what we're doing is right. You have to feel it. ::He clenched his fist and pressed it to his heart.:: In here. ::The relief that he felt from the message paralyzed Tallis's jaw temporarily. Sighing, he took a moment to look around at the scene...:: ((Deep Space Nine, Cargo Bay)) ::...which promptly changed. Over in the distance, it seemed Anora was standing over by a crate. Remembering this moment all too well, Tallis covered the distance between them at a quick walk and, when he arrived, he saw that the crate was already open. The ornately carved tablet from B'hala was unwrapped and at the top of the pile of artifacts.:: Anora Prophet: We ask much of you. Do not fail. You are of Bajor. We are also of Bajor. Tallis: Wait! How will I know what to... ::He stopped as the image of his friend began to talk over him.:: Anora Prophet: The time for questions has arrived. ((USS Thunder, Deck 18: Captain's Yacht Hangar)) ::The team materialized in the hangar bay, hands on weapons and ready to defend themselves. Tallis had only enough time to set eyes on Saveron before a terrible noise erupted from the door to the bay. Starfleet training overrode his brain as he dived for cover; the heavy thud and sickening screech of metal on metal causing curiosity to finally take hold. As the last piece of the hangar bay doors embedded itself in the deck floor, the source of the disturbance appeared.:: ::It was Anora.:: ::Eyes glowing blue, hair whipping under the force of an unseen wind, her voice echoed eerily throughout the entire deck as shespoke.:: Anora: Kosst Amojan, your time is at an end! ::Tallis felt the strength sap from his legs as he sank to his knees; one of his gods had just made an appearance. It was here, now, just a few metres away. Fragments of prayer sprang into his head as his mind raced to process the image, but his mouth was once again unable to form words. Tears welled in his eyes as he made the realisation: the 'questions' were irrelevant. They were about to be saved.:: ::The Vulcan's tall, lanky frame turned slowly, the smile broadening to a feral grin as he recognised the being striding through the melted doorway. The form it wore was of little consequence, he knew the energies of an old friend, an old enemy.:: Saveron: No Prophet, you are most gravely mistaken. ::The doctor had a pleasant baritone that was surprisingly resonant when his possessor put the strength of feeling into his words. Even dishevelled as he was he was plainly unbeaten and there was a timbre to that voice that suggested that, put to better uses, it could inspire people to feats of heroism. Unfortunately there was nothing heroic about the current situation.:: Anora: Response Saveron: Because you do not learn, you do not adapt. Your cruelty to us who were once your brothers has compounded across the dimensions. It ends here. Anora: Response Saveron: I will destroy you, I will destroy your vaunted 'Temple', and I will free my people from the Fire Caves. You cannot stop me. Anora: Response Saveron: Because unlike you, I have learned to adapt. ::The Pah-Wraith had not discounted the possibility of the Prophets interfering if they realised what he intended, and he had prepared his own surprises. He touched the button on the back of the riot shield and the field deployed, the edges glowing a strange purple colour that was not normal for a Starfleet riot shield.:: ::Swept up in the events as they unfolded, Tallis felt a cold chill as the shield activated. There had been no shield in his vision, and some form of modification had clearly been performed on the shield.:: Anora: Response ::Fuelled by adrenaline, Tallis leapt to his feet, yelling a warning to his god.:: Tallis: NO! It's a trap!!! ::How could he possibly hope to be heard by one of the residents of the Celestial Temple? And if the Reckoning was to be fought here, would she be honour bound to continue regardless? The full implication of exactly what was in Saveron hit home at that moment. The Pah-Wraith had time to plan, time to prepare, and it was looking to destroy not just one Prophet, but all of them. Making good on his threat to destroy the temple would see to that.:: Unum: Response ::Hearing a friendly voice kick-started his Starfleet training once again. He had an obligation to the ship, and to its crew.:: Tallis: Miles... what information do we have on the Reckoning? We need to get into those files before something terrible happens. Unum: Response Tindall: Response ::Unum and Tindall, both humans, seemed to be doing a better job of keeping a clear head than he was, but he could not afford to allow his emotions to take control, not even now.:: Tallis: It's past that. We tried firing on Saveron on the battle bridge, and he soaked it up. The Pah-wraith told us that prolonged fire might harm Saveron... ::Question One: Are you willing to sacrifice the Doctor, your ethics, and the Prophets' chance at a fair and honest combat in order to save your crew?:: Unum: Response Tallis: There is. Green said something about chronitons as we were about to leave. Jaxon, can we rig anything to emit chronitons in here? Mc Ghee: Response Tallis: Then do it. Willie, give him a hand. Mc Ghee/Tindall: Response ::No sooner had he given the order than a pang of something hit him hard. Was it guilt? Uncertainty? Or was it Question Two: Are you willing to use chroniton radiation to drive out the Prophet as well as the Pah-wraith? There was nothing sophisticated enough in the yacht hangar to generate a directional chroniton burst; certainly not in the time they had before the two adversaries commenced and potentially completed their combat.:: Gregory: Response ::The third team had arrived. The senior staff were almost gathered.:: Tallis: Better late than never, Tom. Did you find the information we needed on the Reckoning? Gregory/Carrington: Response Tallis: I thought Mr. Green brought up chronitons for a reason. Commander, help Mc Ghee and Tindall with their modifications. They're going to attempt to generate chronitons in the bay. Carrington, Readdy, cover them. Carrington/Readdy: Reponse Tallis: Us too, Miles. Unum: Response ::As he drew his phaser, Tallis stumbled upon Question Three: Do you have the strenght of mind to do what needs to be done?:: ::Meanwhile, the confrontation between Anora and Saveron, Prophet and Pah-wraith, continued.:: Saveron: Response Anora: Response
  4. ((USS Thunder: Deck 18, Antimatter Injectors)) Computer: Warning! Warp core instability. Automatic shutdown in forty-five seconds. ::Manar couldn’t help but shout out a little victorious cheer as the computer gave the team the desired result. As the computer’s monotone counted down the remaining time till the core powered down, Manar noted the hum of the warp engines slowly dwindling down into silence.:: Unum: ::looking at Anora and Jetseen:: Good work! Although, I have a feeling our chief engineer is going to have a heart attack by the time we've taken back the ship. Anora: Can we neglect to tell him that most of the damage was my idea? I’m not sure he’ll forgive me, ever. Jetseen: Response Unum: ::tapping his combadge:: =/\= Unum to Tallis. =/\= ::Unum’s hail seemed to be successful, as his combadge beeped an affirmative tone. However, no response came from the :: Unum: Computer, what is Commander Tallis' location? Computer: Lieutenant Commander Tallis is on the Battle Bridge. ::In answer to Unum’s inquiring look, Manar checked her tricorder in order to confirm the computer’s information.:: Anora: We seem to have transporter control once again, sir. Perhaps we should get over there to help him. Unum/Jetseen/Tindall/Myrna: responses ::As Anora moved to the nearby computer terminal, she began to feel light-headed once more. Just as she went to touch the controls in order to manipulate the transporter controls, the world turned to white once more, as a familiar warmth spread over her. As the light engulfed her vision, she collapsed to the floor for the second time that day.:: ((SIMULTANEOUSLY – USS Thunder, Deck 8: Corridor)) T’Pen: Sir, I advise extreme caution. They may not be expecting us, but they may have something planned, should we breach onto the bridge. Phasers on Stun, Sir? ::Tallis was all too aware that their arrival by any means on the battle bridge could lead to some unpredictable and disastrous results; either of the mutineers could have created any number of unpredictable countermeasures to incapactitate the entire team once they arrived, or worse. Mentally crossing everything, Tallis began to pray to the Prophets that they would come out on the right side of T’Pen’s predicted odds.:: Tallis: Make that heavy stun, Doc. If we get one of those officers down, I don’t want them up again unless we make that happen. :: Ashley wanted to give T'Pen the Evil Eye, but failed, being suited up. Of course they should be set on stun! Could they find out what had happened to cause all this if they went in and atomized their errant crewmembers? It was bad enough already as they waited to beam into danger, darkness, and the unknown. :: T’Pen: Response ::The pull of the transporter beam came more quickly than Tallis expected, and he found himself landing on the battle bridge deck, as if from a jump, as the artificial gravity took hold of his body once again. The team had less than a second to adjust, and as he visually scanned the bridge, whirling to point his phaser at the back of the command chair, he noticed other members of the team pointing their rifles at Lieutenant Green.:: Tallis: Am’tra, Nori, keep Green covered. Am’tra/Nori: Response Green: Response ::Green was the archetypal marine; well-built, strong and determined, but Am’tra alone would have given him something to seriously think about, without the addition of Nori and the marine personnel who followed her to make sure Green was neutralized. Tallis followed the action out of the corner of his eye as he studied the scene before him. Saveron sat in the command chair, facing the very doors that they had been trying to reach just a few moments ago. It seemed that they truly did have the element of surprise, as the methods that had been employed to prevent the crew from beaming into the battle bridge had been powered down unexpectedly. Logically, Saveron should now be surrendering, and yet there was no sign of that…:: Tallis: Ensign Saveron, put your hands where we can see them. That’s an order. Saveron: Response ((Anora’s Dreamscape: The Celestial Temple, Bajoran Wormhole)) ::Once more Manar found herself in what she imagined was the Celestial Temple, surrounded by an endless sea of pure white. Taking a moment to center herself and gather her unconscious mind, Manar seemed to have control of her astral body this time. Turning around she searched for the Prophets in order for guidance. It only took her a few moments before they appeared beside her. The former Kai was the first to appear with Sisko standing by her side.:: Sisko: She has returned to us. Kai Winn: It is time. Anora: Time for what exactly? Kai Winn: To see. Sisko: To learn. ::The white surrounding them was adruptly replaced by the interior of a cave. The change of scenery was enough to disorient Anora once more. She was unsure where she’d ended up, teetering on the edge of a chasm in some underground cavern. Waves of heat and brilliant flames seemed to leap up at her from the depths. Just as she got used to the new location, her attention was captured once more by the reappearance of the two Prophets.:: Anora: Where am I? Kai Winn: Where you need to be, child. Anora: But where is that? Sisko: You are here. ::Unsure what approach to take with the Prophets in order to get any useful information, Anora sighed.:: Kai Winn: It is time. Sisko: The battle is nigh. ::Anora smiled, finally believing she understood what the Prophets were talking about. They’d come to her just as the team were about to join Tallis on the Battle Bridge to confront Doctor Saveron. They must be warning her that she was needed there.:: Anora: Then let me get back, so I can help. Kai Winn: In time, child Sisko: Once you understand, our warning. Anora: I do understand, I’m needed to help the battle. ::The Prophet Kai smiled sadly at her, shaking her head. :: Kai Winn: We cannot keep her any longer. Sisko: The Reckoning has come. Kai Winn: She must face the battle. ::The Sisko Prophet extended his towards Anora.:: Sisko: Take my hand, let us help you. ::Anora reached out and took the Sisko Prophet’s hand, shattering the vision around her.:: (( USS Thunder: Deck 8, Battle Bridge )) ::Tallis hadn’t really expected him to comply. There was something strange about the Vulcan, something he couldn’t quite place. Glancing briefly across to Yael, he motioned him forward.:: Yael: Response Tallis: ::Whispering:: Talk to him. See if you can make any headway in finding out what’s going on. Maybe he’ll be more likely to talk to a friend. Yael: Response Saveron: Response Tallis: ::Whispering once more:: T’Pen, can you run a medical scan? T’Pen: Response ::Tallis watched nervously as Counsellor Yael attempted to make a breakthrough, and T’Pen ran his scan. Just why did Saveron’s presence fill him with such a feeling of foreboding? What exactly was different about him? As the scene continued to play out, the room was filled with the sensation of the inertial dampers catching up with a sudden deceleration.:: Tallis: oO They did it…we’re out of warp…Oo ::Looking to Mc Ghee, but keeping his phaser trained on Saveron:: Jaxon, see if one of those consoles will tell you what just happened. Did the engines just go offline? Mc Ghee: Response ((Anora’s Dreamscape: Forests of Ashalla, Bajor)) ::Manar awoke to find herself on a lush green hill overlooking a vast wasteland. Where once there had been life and beauty, all that remained was a scarred land covered in ash and dust. For miles and miles, all she could see was the devastation wrought by the invaders’ fiery wrath. Not a plant had survived the onslaught, and the only animals who remained were those carrion birds who fed on death and decay.:: ::Sitting atop her trusted zhom mount, Manar stared out into the distance, searching for her targets. So in sync with its rider, the lupine beast seemed to be doing likewise. The hill gave them an uninterrupted view of the desolation in all directions. Off to the east, she found what she was looking for. Freshly scorched earth surrounded the great fortress of Tor Xundera, known as the Thunder Keep as it’s spires reached so high into the heavens that it was constantly hidden by the storms which plagued the land. It was said that the echo of thunder bouncing off the keep could be heard on the other side of the continent.:: Anora: Warriors, we ride east! ::With a light tap of Chyro’s flank, Manar’s mount leapt into motion. They bounded down the side of the hill in seconds, covering tessipate after tessipate at lightning speeds. As one, the rest of Manar’s army moved behind her. Each belonged to the Sern'apad’jarra, the chosen warriors of the gods of the Bajora. Each was a skilled warrior, unparalleled in their conviction to the preservation of Bajora.:: ::As they approached Tor Xundera, Manar felt Chyro tense. Sensing his unease, she looked about for its cause. She found the invaders’ army surrounding the fortress’ walls as expected, but something seemed a little out of place. They didn’t seem to be besieging the fortress, but fighting outside its walls. It took her a moment to realize that she was not witnessing them fighting amongst themselves, but fighting another army. Where the invading army of the Fallen wore armour of red and gold, they faced an army glad in silver and blue. Unsure exactly who this other army was, Manar nonetheless knew that her warriors would fight alongside them against the Fallen.:: Anora: Warriors, to arms! ::Chyro’s speed increased at her cry, the Sem’apa surging forward after their leader to join those fighting against the Fallen army. Within moments, they would join the battle alongside the mysterious silver and blue warriors who opposed the Fallen army. Something inside Manar told her this was the fight she had trained for all her life, the path the gods had chosen for her...::
  5. ((Turner Home, Embassy, Duronis II)) ::When Toni stopped by The Ambassador's house to pick up Jamie Felton, Amilla told her of the plans she had made for starting a school and day care for the Embassy's children, and had introduced her to Hanita, the Laudean woman who would be in charge of the afternoon day care. Toni took an instant liking to the woman and they had come to an agreement that she would take care of Garth in the mornings while the older children were attending school.:: ::The only bad news that came up was that half the Laudean staff had walked off the job, and that was going to leave the Embassy grossly under staffed. Hanita, however, offered to talk to some of her Laudean friends and try to assemble a new and more trustworthy staff for various positions that were left open. With that problem solve, Toni took Jamie home with her to spend the afternoon with Vee as she had promised.:: :: Vee evidently had seen them coming, because they had no more entered the front door, when Vee ran halfway down the steps, yelling to Jamie.:: Vee: Jammmmmiiiee! Come on up here, I wantcha see my room! ::Jamie looked up at Toni, as if to ask. "Can I?" Turner: ::grinning at him:: Go ahead. Jamie: Alllll right! ::racing up the steps to catch up with her:: Veeeee! What you been doing? ::On their way to her room, Vee excitedly told him about how she got to decorate it herself, but when Jamie walked into the room it was not what he expected.:: Jamie: ::making a discusted face:: Ewwww! Vee: Yeah, ain't it puddy wif all da sparkly things on the ceiling? Jamie: Yeah, that's okay but... it's pink! Vee: Buts I leks pink. Jamie: It's okay for a girl, I guess, but I want mine to be man colors. Vee: Da ok for boys. Hey come on, wets play pirate! Jamie: But we don't have a ship. Vee: We kin tend we do. Look out dis window. We kin see da ocen. Jamie: You got funny looking widows like the Ambassador. Vee: Ain't day great? Jamie: I guess, but they are not like the Thunders. Vee: No, day better.::pointing:: See? Tolled ya, we could sees da ocen. Jamie: It's Ocean. Vee: Da watt I said. . . ocen. Jamie, sumpin wong wif ya? Ya sick of sumpin? Jamie: No, just want my daddy to come home so we can find our own house. I miss him. Vee: ::putting her arm around his shoulder:: I missed my daddy too win he wuz gone. Dont woory, he be bak soon. Jamie: If we're going to play pirate, we need food. Vee: ::whispering:: I got chocolate from my room on da Thunder. It hid in da Teddy Bear on my bed. ::Making a running jump onto the bed, Jamie attacked the bear, finding the candy inside. Popping a big piece into his mouth, he laid down putting his hands behind is head, crossing his feet. Vee followed his example, and they both lay looking up at the sparklies.:: Jamie: ::chewing the wad in his mouth.:: You know, Vee, you've got to find a better hiding place. Vee: How come, Jamie. Jamie: Cause this chocolate has got bear stuffing all in it. Vee: But dat watt make it chewy. PNPCs Jamie Felton and Vee Turner-West Embassy children simed by Captain Toni Turner with permission to sim Jamie by his creator Lt. Commander Tallis Rhul
  6. Everyone loves a man of passion, principle and conviction. I loved this take on the situation by our Lt. Carrington. (USS Thunder/Tactical Analysis Module) Carrington: :: Will sat in the darkened Analysis module analyzing the mission logs and data on the USS Steadfast trying to gleen some information on the Breen attack when the screen he was reading reset, closing the files he had opened:: Computer open all files relating to the USS Steadfast's last mission. Computer: Access denied.... Carrington: oO Access what....Oo Computer Access requested file Authorization Carrington Alpha Three Charlie Three Six Alpha Alpha. Computer: Access Denied file can only be accessed on the Battle Bridge Tactical Console. Carrington: oO What.....where not at red alert....Oo Computer what is the current ships status, and who set it. Computer: ::There was a pause as the computer went through its hierarchy of command protocols:: Emergency Boarding Protocols, set by 2nd Liuetentant Isaac Green and Ensign Saveron all controls have been transfered to the Battle Bridge per the Emergency Boarding Protocols. Carrington: oO Frack....this is oddOo Computer has there been an increase in mass of the Thunder since departing Duronis? Computer: Negative....Ships Mass has decreased .02%. Carrington: oO Fuel consumption Oo :: Will stood walked forward to the Torpedo Room spotting Master Chief Rodriguez:: Master Chief How goes it? Rodrigiuez: Pretty normal, though command of the weapons has been transfered from the bridge to the battle bridge... Carrington: oO Hmmm.....No mass increase, no boarding...unless they where already here but we are not at red alert either yet...Oo Master chief get the rest of Tactical crew up, quietly...and be prepared to go hard manual on all ships weapons on Commander Tallis's verified orders. Rodriguez: hard Manual sir are you sure? Carrington: No but someone set Emergency Boarding Protocols and it is part of it so lets be ready for it that way f it is no one can use them remotely, also post watches at the access to the weapon control, Tactical and Torpedo Magazine. Also accept no orders unless given by Commander Tallis, Lieutenant Unum or myself. oO all of this was SOP for Emergency Boarding Protocols, but better to restate and make sure everyone was on the same page. Oo Carrington: I'm going to the bridge, ::Taking his ComBadge off, and handing it to Master Chief:: Just in case take this, I have a feeling I need to be anonymous. ::Will started the trek to the the bridge avoiding the turbo lift and using only manual hatches, it only took a little over 2 minutes to climb the 9 decks to the bridge, entering via the floor hatch behind the main view screen, from the tone of things chaos still reigned here:: Carrington: :: Seeing Commander Tallis knee deep in Console:: Commander are you aware Emergency Boarding Protocols has been set? Tallis: Not just that, Mr. Carrington, but I'm aware that everything on the Thunder's bridge has been locked out as result of it. ::He tossed a few isolinear chips on the floor as he continued to work inside the console.:: As you can see I'm trying to re-establish control. Carrington: I was in Analysis analyzing the Steadfast's demise when the files closed out, and the computer denied me access to reopen those files, Tactical Analysis is one of the few direct terminals to the computer no controls there only information though, but I was able to determine that 2nd Lieutenant Green and Ensign Saveron initiated the Emergency Boarding Protocols. Tallis: So we've found out. We've been unable to access intraship communication, otherwise we would have sounded general quarters. Lieutenant Unum has been contacting departments by badge, but without the computer to set up a link it's been difficult to get the message to everyone. Carrington: If I could be so bold sir, why in name of King Neptune would someone give command protocols over the ship to a Marine and an Doctor, should those not be assigned to someone in the command structure not support structure of the command. Tallis : Because, Mr. Carrington, Starfleet operates on the basis of trust, and affords department heads with certain privileges. I can assure you that will be something we'll be looking into as soon as we get this under control... Carrington: I have Master Chief Rodriguez ready to take the weapons off computer control, on YOUR command, also as part of the Emergency Boarding Protocols, access watches are being set on the weapons control room, and magazines. Tallis: Good job, Mr. Carrington. Have the weapons switched to manual, and keep them powered down for now. I'll issue the order to arm them if it looks like we're headed into a hostile situation. Do you have any recommendations for the time being? Carrington: They have the battle bridge, an isolated locked down compartment, one way in one way out, though I would physically take the transporters off line, to prevent them from leaving, also I would secure all power to the entire module, then I would secure their O2 recyclers via Engineering trunk 3 and 4, in 7 hours they will have depleted there O2 reserves and passed out, then simply breach the door, the Battle Bridge does have transport inhibitors in it. Tallis: We're locked out of the power transfer systems at the moment, so securing power will be difficult. ::He tapped at the helm and tried to enter his access code, followed by a course change. While the panel didn't squeal at every touch, it also didn't register the input. The console had no choice but to screech as the Bajoran brought his fist down on it in frustration, although when he spoke his voice was still measured.:: Apparently we're still locked out of helm control too. It looks like they've taken the ODN relays down. ::The reality of what Carrington was suggesting sank in now that Tallis's attention was undivided.:: Tallis: Hold on, cut the oxygen? You do know that those are two of our crewmembers in there? Carrington: Yes, but they are committing Mutiny and you asked for my recommendation. In the day of sail, they would have been hung by the Yardarm till dead and would have stayed there till the ship returned to port as a warning to all others. William A. Carrington Lieutenant Tactical USS Thunder NCC-70605
  7. (( Sickbay, USS Ronin )) :: What was going on outside the man's body had nothing to do with what was occurring inside his head. He was trying to convince himself of several facts that he couldn't possibly have known; that wouldn't be happening to him and of course, the ever present fact that he wasn't exactly conscious.:: :: In fact, he was decidedly unconscious, something his brain wasn't quite aware of.:: :: Inside his mind, he wasn't anywhere in particular, but staring into a vast void of white with swirling blue colours that piqued and pitted whenever his ears picked up on a noise that his subconscious took in. He could feel his body being handled and he was turned from side to side until finally laid out on the bed in Sickbay.:: :: Internally, everything was a mess. He could envision the young girl, twisting her hips back and forth and shouting at him to catch up. He wasn't running; he wasn't even walking to keep up with her. She was getting further and further away from him but he couldn't find the strength to be with her, to walk with her, even as she held her hand out to him and the sad look of sorrow crossed her face.:: :: She shouted at him again but her voice was getting duller against the background of stomping boots and regulation phaser rifles clicking and shunting their thermal clips. He stood there in the white, arms by his sides just wondering why he was stood there just wondering, listening to the sounds of the military Marines clanking all around him, why he was letting them drown out the sound of the young girl shouting at him.:: :: He turned around to the silence behind him.:: :: Silence.:: :: Then a pair of arms encircled his waist and crossed over his chest, holding him place. He felt a head pressing between his shoulder blades, a familiar feeling. His head turned to the side. From the corner of his eye was a head of dark hair, side parted, hair flowing down over her shoulders. Her body pressed against his back. He felt loved, comfortable and for the first time in a long time he felt safe. His bottom lip was caught between his teeth and his eyes closed.:: :: That feeling... that feeling he knew more than anything else. It was as though she had wrapped those hands around his heart. He was trying to get back to that; to that feeling. She was speaking to him; a quiet voice and he could barely hear her but he knew what she was saying, even though he couldn't understand it properly. So easy to love, passionately, completely... :: :: He opened his eyes again to the white and she was gone. He felt a sharp tingle inside his stomach and the memorable rush that he knew so well, but now couldn't place where he knew it from.:: :: Was he even dreaming?:: TBC Heath West Civilian/Marine
  8. ((USS Ronin - Sickbay)) ::Toni moved toward the Sickbay door at a dead run. She kept telling herself that fate was a masochist trying to screw with her emotions, and that it could not have played the same crushing joke on her twice. But if Talon was right, then there would be no denying the fickleness of life in Starfleet, nor the pain it had caused with no justification.:: ::Talon met her at the door and ushered her to the room where the Kerelian lay unconscious, his body so exhausted that it rendered him that way to heal as it released him from the pain he had endured while in captivity. His features were masked by the dimness of the light, but Toni didn't need light to recognize every contour of his face. She had traced each one, committing them to memory, and although the man was pale and thin, and his eyes sunken severely, she knew him; had married him; carried his son; mourned his death, yet he was alive and there was no doubt that he was the same man she had loved so passionately.:: ::Unable to conceive reality all at one time, Toni's eyes flashed toward Talon's questioningly, but her friend had no answers for her silent plea for understanding. She did not envy Toni. Rather, Talon dreaded a time that she may well stand in her friend's shoes, confused, alone, and begging to understand how life could be so cruel. She squeezed Toni's hand in comfort, then left her to face what she knew Toni had to endure solely.:: :: With the warmth of Rhul's kiss so recently and firmly still on her lips, Toni felt utterly defeated. Still trying to grasp at denial, she moved closer, lifting the man's hand, and slipped off the gold band around his finger, hoping that it belonged to someone else. Holding it closer to the light, the inscription shouted its words to her, "I carry your heart with me." She didn't have to look inside of her wedding band to know the complimentary substance - "I carry it in my heart." ::Reciting what she could remember of the poem that had so much meaning to them. . . "I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart). I am never without it (anywhere I go you go), and whatever is done by only me is your doing. I fear no fate (for you are my fate). I want no world (for you are my world) . . . " She stopped, unable to withhold her tears any longer. She slipped the ring back onto his finger as if it had never left it, then dutyfully stood sentinal over his broken body and spirit.:: TBC Captain Toni Turner Commanding Officer USS Ronin NCC-34523
  9. ((USS Ronin, Deck 1: Captain's Ready Room)) ::Tallis followed Toni into the CRR, hot on her heels and glad even of the time they could spend together for a mission debrief. It felt like half a year that he'd been deprived of the chance of her company. Unexpectedly, she stopped dead in her tracks, and he almost lost his balance trying to stop too, bumping into the back of her. As she whirled round, pulling his arms into an embrace, he laughed, amazed and delighted at her dropping the confining mantle of captaincy and allowing herself to completely relax. It was one of many signs of how much she trusted him, and he realised at that moment that he trusted her more than anyone else he had ever known. She was warm, and he felt his heart skip a beat as she looked up at him.:: Turner: I've missed you. Tallis: I've missed you too. ::Turning within his arms, she smiled, matching his embracing kisses with those of her own, happy in the knowledge that they had found each other.:: Tallis: ::Playfully:: How can the Captain's champion serve you, my lady? ::She sighed, her arms collapsing with the thought of putting their passions aside even for one moment, but knowing they still had work to do.:: Turner: ::stepping away slightly:: We have to contact Starfleet and tell them what happened right away. Var could use a delay to further entrench his forces, or move on some unsuspecting planet. Merek too, for that matter. ::As the bubble burst, and their workload forced them to deal with the red tape, Tallis stayed positive. Somehow the burden of talking to department after department at Starfleet Command seemed inconsequential with Toni at his side. He stood for a second before he answered, watching as she took to her desk and smiling contentedly; there was definitely something inside him that was telling him that he wanted to be with her for a long time.:: Tallis: ::Taking the seat opposite her.:: Then I guess we'd better get started... ::It took a few minutes of consulting the many directives for procedure and protocol to determine exactly which member of Starfleet needed to be filled in on which piece of information. The threat from the Breen themselves was clearly a report for Starfleet Security, who in turn would pass that information on to Starfleet Intelligence, but the news about the Treaty of Bajor, as well as the Breen shipbuilding and Romulan involvement was much more obscure. They had only just started to make some headway when the comm system inevitably activated. As the conversation unfolded, Tallis listened in, curious to find out what was happening.:: Lee-Umun: =/\= Lt.Commander Lee-Unum to Captain Turner =/\= Turner: =/\= Go ahead, Talon =/\= Lee-Unum: =/\= Toni, I think you better come to Sickbay. =/\= Turner: =/\= Why? Does Dr. Saveron need me? =/\= Lee-Unum: =/\= No, he's not here yet, but it's concerning the captive. Toni, I don't know how to tell you this other than just saying it. The captive is Heath. =/\= ::And then the bottom fell out of the galaxy. Toni's eyes fixed on her blank desk, the shock of what Talon had just told her paralyzing her mentally for a few seconds. Tallis wanted to reach out to her, but found that he was having difficulty processing the information himself. They had just beamed Heath, Toni's husband, the lover whom she had presumed dead onto the ship, and he was lying just three decks below them.:: Lee-Unum: =/\= Toni, did you hear me?=/\= Tallis: =/\= Talon, are you sure it's Heath? =/\= Lee-Unum: =/\= Yes, I'm sure, Commander. He's not in the best of shape, though. =/\= Tallis: =/\= Stand by. =/\= ::Reaching out to rest a hand on Toni's forearm.:: Do you want me to go check? Turner: ::reconciling to reality, she stood up:: No, tell her I'm on my way. Tallis: OK. =/\= Talon, she's on her way down to you now. Tallis out. =/\= ::There were a million things that Tallis wanted to say to Toni, and all of them fought for supremacy, bumping into each other as they drove their way forward from his mind to reach the outside world. In the end, only one phrase won.:: Tallis: I'll come with you. Turner: No, I'm okay. Talon could be mistaken, and I can clear things up with with a positive identification. Just hold my seat in the Lounge, okay? Tallis: ::Forcing a smile.:: Sure. ::She stood, and rushed from the Ready Room. Tallis slumped back into the seat, the arm that had been stretched out across the desk dropping heavily into his lap. Turning to face the viewports, he stared out into the stars, his mind racing, yet empty.:: ::Heath was aboard. Heath. Seconds before he had been thinking about his wonderful relationship with the most perfect woman in the galaxy, and then her long lost husband had come aboard. It was difficult to make sense of, difficult to comprehend fully, and before he could stop it, the [...] that had been holding back a torrent of a thousand questions broke, inundating his mind in a deluge that consumed him.:: ::What does this mean for us? Why did this have to happen? Where did he even come from? Why can nothing ever go right? When will I ever be able to settle down?:: ::Leaning forward, he grabbed his head with both hands, angry and frustrated with himself, shame washing over him. Those were not the questions that he should be asking, not even the questions that he wanted to ask. In response, his real concerns bubbled to the surface. Will Toni be OK? Is it really Heath? If so, then will he be OK?:: ::He found himself standing and heading for the turbolift before he could collect his thoughts. The captain had ordered him to go to the Double Shot and save her a seat. No... Toni had asked him to go to the Double Shot and save her a seat. The lift doors closed as he forced the distinction. Either way, she had asked for something, and carrying it out was the only way he could think of to be useful to her. The lift delivered him a little too quickly to his destination, and he shook himself clear of it all; he could already hear the crew beginning to let their hair down inside, and he wasn't ready to share this with anyone else. Moreover, he couldn't even if he wanted it to, not without compromising any hope he had of being a help to Toni. The last thing she needed was for their relationship to go public, especially in the light of her husband's return.:: ::The doors to the lounge parted, and Tallis entered, quickly and quietly taking a seat in a corner where he could observe the crew without having to join them...:: TBC Lieutenant Commander Tallis Rhul First Officer USS Ronin NCC-34523
  10. Saveron

    JAN/FEB *WINNER* The Price We Pay

    The Price We Pay ((An’ahyaes Valley, Tralorian Plains, Han-Shir, Vulcan. Approximately 4000 Terran years ago.)) The plains were green. The long blades of the hardy grasses were drenched in blood, cloaking the deep, rich red of these grasslands in a sickly hue, brilliant malachite where it was yet fresh, fading to a dull khaki where it dried in the hot sun. The air stank of copper. These plains, so close to the wilderness that edged the Voroth Sea were some of the most fertile on the continent, but it would be poetic justice if nothing ever grew here again. The soil of these valleys could feed a nation if carefully tended, but it’s value had been measured in blood and death over the millennia as different clans fought over it, and Lohraedhys would be happier if the valleys turned to desert, if the soil dried up and blew away like the sands of the Go’an. The land should echo the desolation that she felt, for it had lost what she lost. Farmers’ plows would raise bones from the red soil for generations, and it would be better if that was all that grew here. Then perhaps the bloodshed would stop. But it would be too late, always far too late, to matter. He was gone. Now there was nothing but silence. Feet clad in delicate slippers made their way silently over the ground as Lohraedhys picked her way through the carnage of the battlefield, heedless of the blood that stained those slippers or the hem of her fine robes, hand embroidered in the most intricate of patterns. They were clothes that befit the bond-mate of the heir to the leadership of the Ayein clan of the Nel-Gathic peoples, who had controlled the great An’ahyaes Valley for an age. Now the blood of her bond-mate and all their warriors wet it’s soils, and only the old, the infirm, the children and their mothers remained, lost and bereft, without guidance, without purpose, without those they had loved. Behind her a keening arose, a wordless, tuneless wail of pure loss, the sound of a heart torn in two, as Siyarhenae mourned his passing. She had been but a trophy taken from an enemy, yet he had made her his own too, had loved her with the same fierceness he had loved Lohraedhys, that same passion that she had felt, every time she touched him, and would never feel again. Valeohrohen. ((City of Ti’yeht, Lyein hills, Han-Shir, Vulcan. Some time before.)) He had laughed, watching their son play with his pet Sehlat in the cool quiet of the gardens of their house, part of the complex owned by his family. Ochre leaves threw dappled shade and the extravagance of a tiny mist fountain lent a luxurious humidity to the thin air. Pale grey eyes watched the child, amusement and peace in every line of that angular face. Long fingers plucked idly at the Vulcan harp in his lap, seemingly without any attention spared to the action yet the melody that trailed in their wake was both simple and almost unbearably sweet. He had a gift with the harp. He was talented in many things but there was some sweet, bitter poesy in his soul that spoke through it’s strings, that could goad an audience to hope or to despair. Sometimes he seemed more eloquent in his music than in anything else, until he set words to it and surpassed even that. He could capture the strong, vibrant emotions of his people in a few simple words that never the less spoke of the soul of every Vulcan, the deep passions and furies that drove their people to hate, and to love, to destroy and to build. They were capable of the greatest things because they were so driven, and he most of all. He was a musician, a composer and a poet, his deep voice rendered his songs in tones that spoke to the depths of being. He was a scholar, and a warrior, a gifted tactician and a talented leader. He fought with a ferocity few men could match, and could touch her with a gentleness she had never thought possible. He moved through life with a certainty born of a fire in his soul; he was a man of deep passions and convictions, and who inspired love and loyalty in his people. He had certainly inspired it in Lohraedhys. She would have followed him to the ends of Vulcan, he was dearer to her than life itself. And she loved nothing more than to sit and listen to him play, and watch their children. They were yet young, there would be more, each with the mark of their father, if the Gods were kind. Each with his talents and passion for life. She smiled over at him and he met her gaze with equal fondness, paused in his playing and reached out a hand, two fingers extended to touch hers, mind meeting mind. She could feel his intense love for her in that touch, see it in his strange, pale grey eyes. There was no need for words. Valeohrohen Naykh Hawehl-khur, they called him in their tongue. Valeohroen Silver Eyes. ((Cultural Studies Lecture Series, StarFleet Academy, San Francisco. Present Day.)) “Valoren ‘Silver Eyes’ was a Nel-Gathic warlord during the Ozay’in era, famous for three things. First, his exacting tactical manouvering which led to the defeat of the Kor’hin clan over water resources despite their vastly superior numbers. Second, the subsequent mass slaughter of his own Ayein clan when the Kor’hin peoples staged an uprising led by the brother of the leader he killed, and third, as far as can be deduced, being the individual in whom the rare ‘dominant grey’ eye-colour allele appeared de novo. There’s a piece of trivia for you.” Professor Alexander Saint-Gabriel smiled thinly. Ancient Vulcan culture was not his favourite topic and fortunately was not one on which he had to dwell for long. “Compared to many events from this era, these records have been preserved relatively intact by the descendants of the survivors of the Ayein clan. How much of these records is factual is debated in great depth by Vulcan historians, for much of the story was passed on as oral tradition and has become as legend, and plenty of discussion on various sources can be found in the literature. Fact or fiction however it is considered to be an excellent example of the pre-Surak Vulcan culture of the region, and is often used by way of a moral fable for young children.” Certainly such stories were preserved by modern day Vulcans with a ‘lest we forget’ attitude. “I want you to study the story itself, the accompanying song of mourning and the discussion and interpretation in your texts, and then find and summarise for me two papers discussing either the veracity of the source material or the implications for modern Vulcan culture with references to the original work by class next week.” ((An’ahyaes Valley, Tralorian Plains, Han-Shir, Vulcan. Approximately 4000 Terran years ago.)) Siyarhenae’s wailing wound to disharmonic, unsatisfying close, the final tones hanging in the air and begging by their very harmonics for an answer, but it was an answer that would not come. Lohraedys knew that for certain now. Heedless of the mess of the battlefield she crouched in the bloodied grass, green staining her robes and her hands, as she reached out to touch his still form. Tall and spare, lean muscles hardened from fighting, he lay stretched out upon the bloodied ground, flung there in the throws of death. But his angular face, so very expressive, was still, slack, peaceful. One might almost think he had accepted his death willingly, were it not for the five strangers who lay dead around him, torn nearly limb from limb. Amongst them he seemed strangely intact, save for the bloody spear which protruded from low in his torso; straight through his heart. She reached out to touch his face, and he was cold. Where there had been a warm, driven, passionate mind, there was nothing. This was not him, this was only a corpse. Valeohrohen was gone. She could not voice her loss as Siyarhenae did, but she grieved, perhaps even more deeply, for he had been her world since she was too young to understand who he was. Bowing her hear, a tear trickled down her cheek, precious moisture shed in recognition of all that had passed from this world. Such loss was the price they paid for the passion of their people, capable of such greatness, and such sorrow. Was the former worth the latter? A breeze sprang up, stirring the bloodied grass, bringing with it a cool relief and soon, as Yel approached the horizon, and she knew that it would bring with it the cool mists that gave moisture to these fertile lands. It was a travesty that such cycles of life should continue when so much death surrounded her, an insult to the loss they had all suffered. The suffering on this plain should turn back that wind and call forth instead the hot breath of the Go’an and turn these lands with their wealth of pain to dust. If she could have she would have taken the spear from his corpse and used it to follow him. But there were the children to think of. Two still hiding up in the hills, and the one she carried inside her. She hadn’t even had time to tell him. For their sake, for his legacy, she would go on. But there would be no more light in the world, no more joy. No more songs.
  11. That's excellent news. Of course, having got all excited because it's Monday which means training starts, I now realise that Monday for the people who run the training is no doubt Tuesday for me. Clearly I shall have to practice some Vulcan meditation to keep my impatience under control.
  12. I am looking forward to becomming a part of the fleet - does it show? - and shall be interested to see where I am placed. BTW, am I by any chance addressed a fellow Aussie? And thank you, I have some fairly nifty art software and am not above a little photomanipulation. I am also an avid fan of Cillian Murphy, whose picture I butchered. I have altered pictures for avatars for players in other games before. I do like your banner. I have yet to try to put together something that complex, but it looks like a lot of thought went into it.
  13. Thank you for your prompt replies, much appreciated.
  14. I have a question about sim selection. Assuming that we graduate, I am given to understand that we will be assigned to a sim based on writing style and open positions. Do we have any say in the sim to which we are assigned? If, for example, having looked over the sites and info on various sims, we had formed a preference, could we make that preference known? Obviously the commanding officers know their sims much better than we do and I assume that we would be told if they felt that a particular sim was not right for us, but would a preference at least be taken into account?
  15. Like some otheres here I too am ex-AQSG, although I never underwent their training program as I was a crew member of one of the two founding sims and therefor predate their Academy training by several years. I always enjoyed the free-form but paced nature of the PBeM which encouraged character development and good writing skills. Unfortunately a lot of these sims appear to be falling by the wayside. With the folding of the last group I was involved in I was concerned that might be the end of Star Trek RPG as I knew it, as a great many players were lost to Star Trek Online. I was therefor very interested when Starbase 118 appeared on my Google search, as you appear to be a keen and active group with a planned training program that suggests a high level of organisation and support for new players. I admit that the writing style described on your website nearly put me off as I am very much a 'storyteller' and I was concerned that the various quote marks were indicative of a truncated and 'chat-like' method of posting, which I would find distasteful. However, I read some of your writing competition work and also some posts from one of your sims on their YahooGroups site and found that this was not the case. Although the format is unfamiliar the quality and depth of writing is still there, so I resolved to 'suck it and see', as we say Down Under. I have been playing other types of RPGs but I have missed Star Trek, and I am keen to boldly go once more.
  16. Thank you for your expression of welcome.

  17. Thank you Captain. It is a privaledge to be here.

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