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  1. I like to take a well known species and work from the canon stuff into the maybes and what-ifs. I also enjoy exploring the different angles only hinted at in the series. Saveron's behaviour is modelled largely on Spock and Tuvok, but his thinking and philosophies reflect my own theories on what drove Valeris.
  2. ((Transient Quarters, Starbase 104)) Bakewell: So, how’d it go? ::Professor Ramsey Bakewell, pre-eminent Federation Xenosociologist asked as he stuck his feet into a pair of old carpet slippers and lowered himself into the old leather chair with it’s prolapsed stuffing.:: Saveron: They were… unexpectedly disinterested. ::The simple console in the Starfleet transient quarters did at least have a direct link to the station’s subspace hub; the signal quality was excellent even this far out.:: Bakewell: It’s the other side of the Empire for them; the Klingons on that border are probably more concerned about the Tholians than the Romulans. ::The salty-haired academic opined as he swivelling his chair around, his face lit by the screen in front of him, in the otherwise dim and cosy study. Two items were laid on the green leather of the desk; a steaming mug presumably full of coffee, and a tribble.:: Saveron: The cultural comparison suggests distinct commonalities and certain lines of approach, but the issue of Klingon aggression towards what remains of the Romulan Star Empire appears to have no simple solution. ::Long fingers curled around the Vulcan’s cup of theris-masu.:: Bakewell: Someone would have solved it already if it did. ::He observed, taking a swig of his coffee and absent-mindedly putting it down on to of a PADD.:: How’s Desideratum? ::The Vulcan quirked one upswung brow before reaching under the desk and producing a small carry cage. From inside it he took his own tribble; this one had long, white hair that trailed behind it as it ambulated gently across the desk.:: Saveron: As you may observe, Fluffy is in adequate health. ::He replied, as though the shift from interstellar politics to tribbles was nothing unusual.:: ::In the case of his erstwhile PhD supervisor, it wasn’t. Bakewell gave him a flat look.:: Bakewell: If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times. FCXR Moonbeam Desideratum is a highly hybridised show tribble with a distinguished pedigree; you can’t call it ‘Fluffy’. ::He pointed at Saveron via the screen with a pair of fine tweezers and a scowl.:: Saveron: One would suggest that the truth of the matter is that one has already done so. ::He observed dryly.:: I recall that it has a disqualification registered. Bakewell: It would be a champion if it didn’t. Has it still got the spot? ::Saveron obligingly picked up the White Angora tribble and turned it over, displaying the small black patch of fur which was the source of it’s show disqualification whilst Ramsey studied it critically, before putting it down again.:: Bakewell: More’s the pity. ::He muttered.:: I’ve never bred another Angora White that close. Nor has anyone else. Take this now. ::He gestured to the ball of fluff in front of him.:: Lucky if it’s got two thirds the length on Desideratum, I had it shipped in from another hybridiser and it’s a good job I practice strict quarantine on imports; it’s got the Antaran Mange. ::He grumbled, picking at the tribble’s fur with the tweezers. It was coming out in clumps.:: Saveron: One believes that is a notifiable disease. ::The Vulcan observed.:: Bakewell: You bet it is, and I’m hoping to cure it before it has to be destroyed. Tahla would have a fit, but Iklis is going to lose his stock over this. ::He rattled off first names, assuming Saveron was up on the great hybridisers of show tribbles because that was what was important in life. Shrin’Tahla zh’Aim was an Andorian news reporter known for her scathing sports coverage; Antaravan Iklis a Bajoran archaeologist who specialised in relics associated with Pah Wraith cults. And Ramsey Bakewell advised Federation diplomats.:: Saveron: One would suggest that prevention of an epidemic is of greater importance than preservation of the line. Bakewell: That’s because you’re a doctor. ::He replied, not looking up from the sick tribble.:: You have to care about that sort of stuff, it’s in the rules somewhere. Now me, I’m a sociologist, so I understand the importance of the tribble. ::A small tube of cream appeared, and Bakewell began applying the contents to the tribble’s bare patches wiht a cotton bud.:: Saveron: Such may not be obvious to everyone. ::He suggested blandly.:: Bakewell: Of course not. I wouldn’t have a job if it was. ::His rather sad-looking tribble started to coo under his gentle ministrations.:: But the tribble really is the perfect, simple model of all living things. It breathes, it eats, it poops, and it replicates. That’s what life comes down to. Resources in, waste and more life out. All the drives boil down to that. Saveron: No mention of sentience, culture, complex behaviour? Bakewell: Froth on the coffee. ::He waved a hand dismissively.:: Take your Klingons. They’re getting some resource from preying on the Romulans - probably space and easy access to already mined metals. If you want them to stop, they need some reason not to, either another source or some strong discouragement. Or they could be removing a perceived danger; Romulans have never liked Klingons. Neither do tribbles. Saveron: They did evolve in Klingon space. Bakewell: Right, so natural anti-predator response. And they have one complex behaviour that no one really understands. ::Right on cue Fluffy, Saveron’s tribble, started to sing.:: Saveron: Indeed. ::He replied dryly.:: So you would suggest that if one would understand more complex life forms, one might first study tribbles. Bakewell: Exactly. You can learn a lot from tribbles. And if you feel you understand them, try cats. Because no one understands cats. END Commander Saveron Diplomatic Officer USS Constitution-B R238802S10 Posted 27 March 2017
  3. Saveron keeps a white, fluffy Tribble that his PhD supervisor gave him. The idea of a Vulcan with such an impractical pet amuses me. Apropos of nothing, you can make great pictures of tribbles by photoshopping two guinea-pig butts together.
  4. ((Black Hole Bar, night of the ceremony)) ::After finishing the holo novel from captain Blackbeard Alex headed over to the bar. Zogi was still busy preparing the place. A few voodoo masks were attached to his beer tap while his Dabo girl was changing the light settings over and over. In one of the corners a new Ferengi waiter that Alex hadn’t seen before was installing what appeared to be a smoke machine shaped like a huge orange pumpkin. :: oO Seems he is putting a lot of effort into this Halloween thing Oo ::Alex never cared much for Halloween. This parents told him a few tales when he was young but it wasn’t big event in the Black Forrest where he originally came from. The Hawaiians did celebrate the feast of horror but when Alex and his parents moved in there he was no longer a kid so he didn’t go house to house gathering as much candy as he could:: Zogi: You are a bit early Alex, the feast won’t start for another hour… Williams: I know… but I thought I be a little early. Play a little trick on my shipmates. ::Alex looked around, looking for the perfect place to hide himself:: Williams: You wouldn’t happen to have a huge bottle of rum would you. Just the bottle… Zogi: Rum? Sure I have rum, but it would be waste to throw the stuff out. ::Alex grimed:: Williams: Get me a two glasses of white rum, fill them only half and replicate me a bottle if you can. ::Zogi gave the man a puzzled look but did what was asked, Alex was a good costumer and as long as he paid for it he didn’t really care what would happen next. He filled two small glasses with the rum and set it in front of Alex. Then he headed over to one of the replicators and made a copy of the bottle. As he turned back to Alex he saw him moving to the edge of the bar and drink one of the glasses. Then he put his finger in the other glass and started to drip the rum over his face and costume. The last bit was saved and as Zogi turned the bottle over to Alex the commander lied his head on the bar and closed his eyes:: Williams: Now… do me a favor and put one of the plants in front of me. Make sure people can see me, but not too much and then once people arrive just ignore me. Zogi: Right… ::Zogi grabbed one of the large plants near one of the tables and put it in front of Alex and now he was getting the point. Alex looked like he was part of the Halloween décor:: Zogi: BROK! Get that smoke machine over here… make sure the commander is covered in a nice mist when the people come in. Brok: Sure thing boss! ((Timeskip)) ::People moved in one by one, Alex kept his right eye shut but with the special eye patch on his left eye he could see exactly what was going on. He noted a large devil, a huge fish, and an oddly moving Baxter that had grown a few extra legs overnight. Most of the seniors where close enough for Alex to eavesdrop and all he had to do was find the perfect moment to reveal himself:: Traenor: I must say, you both have inventive and charming costumes. I'm looking forward to the evening, and the chance to see everyone's creativity. Vondaryan: I don't wear costumes as a matter of habit, so it is interesting to see what everyone chose. Though I must say, I hope we don't have another first contact encounter while we are here. Falcon: First guess; confused. VERY confused. Solzano/Svalasdottir/Any: ? Petras: Sirs… Mr. Traenor. It is agreeable to see you again. An interesting choice. From your homeworld? Traenor/Solzano/Svalasdottir/Any: ? oO Showtime! Oo ::Alex slowly moved his hand to his left shoulder and activated the blue bird. It took the holo-emitter a second to active which gave Alex enough time to keep his fake sleeping position:: Ara: My captain needs a drink AAAAHH, My captain needs a drink! AAAHH :: Alex tried not to laugh when he saw that some people were shocked by the screaming parrot:: Pandorn: Well, wonder how you'd be fried...::opens his hand to show the holo-flame. Now the 'mannequin' burst forward, guns drawn and pointed at him.:: oO Hehe, good... keep focusing on the bird! Oo ::The moment to reveal himself was there. Alex quickly rose up, grabbed two pistols from his belt and pointed them at the first man who dared to speak up:: Williams: You dare to insult a my bird, yarrrrrr, Pandorn: Terrific. Another pirate soul. As if we don't have enough of them. Williams: We’ll hoist ye over the yardarm ye mermaid marrying rascal! Pandorn: I'm not the marrying kind. But I do have a few succubi consorts down in the netherworld. Perhaps you'd like to meet a few of them when your soul accompanies me. ::evil chuckle:: TBC =========================== With great pleasure written as: Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Williams Chief Tactical/Security Officer USS Za News Team member Writer ID:A239006AW0
  5. :: Reni looked up from her PADD as the computer signaled a notification and right after gave voice to what it was :: Za Computer: =/\= Link with the USS Athena established. Link up with selected waystations enacted. Requested Intelligence encryption used, delay is 0,06 seconds. =/\= :: She sat up from her bed and quite eagerly made the short distance to the desk in her quarters and turning on the screen and accepting the transmission. There was a slight delay before Lan’s dark-haired and black eyes, betraying his betazoid ancestry appeared on the screen. The transmission was slightly less in visual quality than a regular subspace transmission within the alpha quadrant. :: :: Onboard the USS Athena, Lan’s late evening meditation was broken by the sound of his quarter’s console announcing an incoming call. Getting up, he walked briskly to the screen and made it come alive with a touch of his fingers. Subspace call from the Alpha Quadrant, Intel encryption. Given that they hadn’t established a comms relay in the Gamma Quadrant yet, that call had to have been bounced by several friendlies in order to reach them; the caller was either very lucky, or very high in the food chain. He quickly hit the ‘accept’ command, glad that he had kept his tank top on. :: Svalasdottir: Well what do you know? It worked. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get to you Commander. ::she smiled and pulled away a rogue blonde lock from her face. She realized it was the first real smile in quite a while:: Are you receiving me OK? You’re a little fuzzy over here. :: Reni Svalasdottir, of all people… Lan mirrored her smile. Incredibly lucky, then… or ‘Svala’ was making a very important business call. Last he saw her, the blonde Amazon had made a lighting-quick stay in his department before being reassigned to the USS Za as a diplomat... And she had given him his old title, which he didn’t feel like correcting right now. He would have opportunities to spoil the mood of this conversation later. :: Riel: Could be better, but good enough, Svala. And it’s just ‘Lan’ after hours, thank you. :: A small probe, in order to ascertain the purpose of the call. :: ::Reni smiled again:: Svalasdottir: Look, I know I am the one calling on you, but you have to tell me, how’s the Gamma Quadrant? :: Lan raised an amused eyebrow. Small talk, and she hadn’t taken his bait… That being said, while she couldn’t possibly be making an encrypted subspace call only for asking that, her curiosity seemed genuine. :: Riel: :: In a [...] blasé tone :: Well, I haven’t been dirtside so far, and a ship on red alert is still a ship on red alert, no matter which quadrant you’re in. I haven’t debriefed with the away team yet, but the locals look interesting. Svalasdottir: ::raising an eyebrow:: Red alert? What’s going on over there? :: Lan let out a chuckle, and tented his fingers in front of his face, a half-grin on his lips. :: Riel: Well, information on the Gamma Quadrant is a seller’s market, miss. How about you start by revealing me the real purpose of your call, before I consider telling you more? :: ::He had called her out. Well it wasn’t much more than fair, she had called him after all, why wouldn’t he wonder why?:: Svalasdottir: :: Adjusting herself in her seat:: Well, our first mission is over and… And I need someone to talk too. Look, before you say anything, I don’t know any of our counselor’s yet and I’m not comfortable talking about this with any of them…yet. Besides, I wanted to talk with someone with Intelligence clearance, experience and… and besides that I feel that I trust you. :: Lan’s smile softened, and he bowed slightly. :: Riel: Your trust honors and humbles me. I’ll be glad to help; I know all too well how it feels to have burdens you are not allowed to share with your counselor. oO Like the Hunger. Deities above, the Hunger. Oo ::Reni nodded at him with a tiny, wry smile at his bow and ceremonious words. She still didn’t know why she trusted him so much, it wasn’t like they had known each other well and long; sure they had served on two ships together, but Reni had been in and out of both very quickly. There was just something… something about him:: Svalasdottir: We had been asked for aid by a species that call themselves the Deep. Too make it short, they are plagued by a deadly illness and they asked both Starfleet and the Klingon Empire for aid. ::she shook her head and rolled her eyes:: Well, they got what they wanted; we both showed up on their doorstep and of course the Klingons started to throw their chest out. :: It was Lan’s turn to wince and shift uncomfortably on his chair. A non-aligned species, a deadly illness, politics and a warzone… After all this time, he still had flashbacks of his first mission, and its tragic ending. :: Riel: Let me guess: it ends with a fight. Svalasdottir: ::nodding in agreement:: Yes, to make it short; a fire fight broke out between the Klingons and the Deep, mainly because of a certain Deep commander who… I don’t know if she was just mad or really hated Klingons, but she started it all; and me, Captain Solzano and two other officers were aboard her ship when she fired on the Klingons. ::Reni paused and rubbed her left eye, when she continued her voice gave the impression that she was reliving the moments in her mind:: The Deep ship got damaged in a return volley from the Klingon disruptors, our engineer got badly wounded but the Deep commander, well she wouldn’t quit. I… I could see it in her eyes Commander… Lan, she was borderline. ::Reni paused again, she took a deep breath and then continued, clearly having gotten to the meat of the matter:: So, just before she was to fire their massive primary weapon at the Klingons… I stunned her. ::beat:: Shot her right then and there. ::There was a long period of silence. It wasn’t like she had told Lan that she had killed the commander, but he seemingly waited for her to continue:: :: Lan was listening intently, his eyes trained on Svalasdottir’s face. Her look was focused far away, but her distress was visible. He didn’t say a word, leaving her all the time she needed to let her feelings out. :: Svalasdottir: Lan, I don’t know how much you checked up on me after I left the Gemini, or before I joined the Athena. But I was on mission for SFI for two years. And… ::Reni broke off and stared at the face on her screen. A calm, serious face with those deep, dark eyes that seemed to stare into your psyche:: Svalasdottir: Lan. I managed to join the diplomatic corps -because- I wanted to distance myself from… from violence and shooting. ::beat:: I know I only stunned her, but still. It was almost the same feeling. :: Lan nodded gravely. :: Riel: Good. Svalasdottir: ::Reni blinked. Then she blinked again before she tried to respond to that unexpected rebute from Riel:: What!? :: Her surprise made him smile. :: Riel: I have checked up on you, as you say, from time to time. I don’t have the details, because I didn’t ask for it. If you want to tell me, I’ll listen, otherwise I won’t pry. But I believe I can easily guess what kind of job leaves classified sections in your record. :: All too easily, in fact. He had been through several situations involving very dirty Federation secrets, and all he had in his record was sections with a distinct lack of details. To warrant a full blank, the mission had to be rotten from the get-go. :: ::Reni couldn't help feel a tinge of flattery in her chest when Lan confirmed that he actually had checked up on her. She had never gotten the chance to cultivate real friendships. Never. When she was younger she had been studying all the time and that only got worse when she join the Acedemy, and right after that she had been whisked away. To hear that someone from her brief ‘visits’ on starships had actually wondered what happened to her meant a lot more than even she expected:: Svalasdottir: Lan, I… thank you. ::that was all she managed to convey tight now:: Riel: I won’t try to say anything to make you feel better about what you did. Because if you still feel bad when shooting at someone, be it at heavy stun, that’s good news. Cherish that feeling, Svala. It’s the sign you still have a soul. Svalasdottir: ::narrowing her eyes in mock scrutiny, hiding her true feelings expertly behind some humour:: Are you going to get all spiritual on me? :: Lan shook his head, smiling. The fact that he was the one to bring her that kind of comfort was so ironic he could have laughed until he cried. But he had the opportunity to do something that could be counted in his favor when the Judgement would come, and Deities knew he was begging for those these days. :: Riel: You had a chance to stop her, and you didn’t hesitate or let your feelings get in the way. You saved yourself, you saved her, you saved the ship and both crews. And yet you feel remorse about incapacitating her for her own good afterwards. In my book that makes you a good officer, and a damn good person. What is there to fix? :: Reni used both of her hands to catch her long, blonde hair and adjust it on her back. There was no need for it and she wasn’t really aware of that she was doing it :: :: The body language was not lost on the Betazoid, though. :: Svalasdottir: I guess… ::beat:: I guess I just feel that I should have come up with another solution? ::Before Reni’s eyes the scene played out again, and she could clearly see the look in the Deep commander's eyes. Would any words really have helped? Her vision returned to the present and she looked into Lan’s eyes instead and all that she could see was kindness:: Riel: :: With a skeptical frown :: You know what they say about hindsight, right? Listen, if you replay the scene in your head long enough that you find a better solution, go ahead and use it next time you need to make that kind of split-second decision. For the time being, a phaser shot is quick, clean, with little to no collateral damage and more or less fail-safe. Svalasdottir: Lan I… ::she paused but it didn’t get any better:: Thank you. ::she smiled at him, a genuine warm smile of appreciation and heartfelt gratitude. She didn’t think Lan would fully appreciate how much this meant to her, but perhaps some day, when they knew each other better she could tell him:: Riel: :: Waving a dismissive hand :: Don’t mention it. Pointing out the obvious is a hobby of mine. Svalasdottir: ::nodding slowly:: Oh and Lan. If you don’t get your rank back soon, be sure to tell the brass what I do to officers I don’t agree with. And I know just where to aim, they taught me that. ::she grinned a rather wolfish grin, giving her beautiful face a surprisingly haunting look:: Riel: oO Yup, definitely wetworks Oo Riel: :: With a contrite smile :: Heh, thanks but no thanks, violence against officers is kind of what got me here in the first place. Just keep shooting rogue alien captains and leave the rest to me. Svalasdottir: Will do. ::she took a few milliseconds to compose herself:: So, is that payment enough? What can you tell me about Gamma and the Athena? ::and she added with a marked emphasis that this budding friendship was a two way wormhole:: and how about You? :: Lan leaned back in his chair, eyes closed, and let out a sigh. It was a part of his job that he hated. :: Riel: About the Quadrant and the ongoing mission, not much, alas. Lots of classified activity going around. I won’t be able to give you specifics, but we have been infiltrated by terrorists who compromised our Intel and comm networks and caused severe structural damage to the ship. :: The bitterness in Lan’s tone was evident. His home had been attacked, his own department compromised, and he couldn’t help thinking that he could have done a better job preventing it. Svala’s face when he opened his eyes showed worry, but no judgement, and for that he was grateful. :: Svalasdottir: ::measuring her words:: That sounds… Actually that sounds pretty bad Lan. :.she had the feeling he could be blaming himself, she thought that she would, in his case. But she knew it would do him no good, most career officers always thought they could do better, do more especially in hindsight:: Riel: Pretty bad, yeah. The away team got battered. Last I heard, Bishop lost a foot. Svalasdottir: Lost a foot!? ::lowering her voice again:: Well, that’s easily enough replaced I suppose. :.suddenly that strain of gray, dry humour acted up again:: Hey, perhaps he should get one of those fancy canes, some think they add composure and dignity, you know? :: He couldn’t help but chuckle. :: Riel: Thanks for the wonderful image, Svala. A doctor Bishop even more sarcastic and showing less empathy than usual, limping through the corridors with a cane in hand… Deities, you could make a holoseries out of it. Svalasdottir: ::was the one chuckling this time:: Yeah, and doing what? Hunting down more and more weird diseases? Who’d watch that? ::she smirked at his handsome, bothered face and got back into a more supportive stride:: Hey look, there’s no use second guessing your protocols and internal security. Learn from this and move on. oO Jeez, it’s so easy to say, no wonder people keep telling me that. Oo Riel: :: He tried to retreat into humour and mock outrage :: Hey, *I* am the counselor, here! Svalasdottir: Yeah, well I grew up with TWO in my house. Besides, I’m only saying stuff I’m supposed to say. ::she leant back in the chair, a few seconds passed:: That’s not all the reasons right? You don’t strike me like a man that seconds guesses himself a lot, has this… something to do with your demotion? Riel: :: Defeated, he looked down, his shoulders slumped :: I… don’t know. Michael Tonston… showed me a great deal about myself and my abilities. :: He shuddered :: RaBeem. ::Reni didn’t say anything. She gave him a chance to talk, to talk about what he felt like he wanted and could.:: Riel: Part of it was on purpose. I goaded him. I wanted to give him a chance to attack, I set him up for a self-defense case in my favor. I didn’t intend to kill him, but… part of me didn’t say no. ::Lan couldn’t see Reni’s reaction as he was looking down as he talked, had he, his trained eyes would have seen it go ever so slightly paler and stiffen in the jaws. Her eyes went blank as she suddenly was hit by the intense memory a knife in her hand and the feeling of still warm blood running down her fingers. Before Lan could notice she had snapped back and using her training, abolished all signs of her own issues from her face. However, she could not really hide her sympathetic gaze, that she knew all too well what he was talking about:: Svalasdottir: Lan I... :: When he looked back at her, his black eyes expressed sadness, pleading… but also something more. :: Riel: A lot like you, Svala. I know what I can do, what I can *be*, and it scares me. And my greatest nightmare is that one day it wouldn’t scare me anymore. Svalasdottir: Good. You see a real smartass once told me something like: “if you still feel bad when shooting at someone, be it at heavy stun, that’s good news”. So I figure, as long as it’s your biggest nightmare, that’s a good thing? :: He let out a bitter, dry laugh. :: Riel: oO My “heavy stun” left a man braindead, but thanks for the sentiment. Oo We’re lucky to have each other, right? I don’t think it would be easy to find a support group where you could stand up and say, ‘Hi, my name is Lan Riel, and I’m a suspicious, cold-hearted, manipulative and potentially murderous [...]’. ::Reni nodded, leaning forward closer to the screen smiling:: Svalasdottir: Hey, how about that we become a really small support group? Just you and me. And until our next meeting, our assignment is to look to the future. OK? Our past is not much to be proud of, so maybe the best thing is to leave it back there? You’re a whole quadrant from it and I’m about to become five years ahead of it. Deal? :: Riel paused and raised an eyebrow. He was glad beyond words for the offer, but a single word had derailed his train of thoughts. :: Riel: Deal. But either you just meant ‘light years’, or Temporal Investigations would roast you alive for having said that.. Svaladottir: ::wincing in jest at the thought of such an investigation:: Sorry bad phrasing, I meant that the Za’s mission is supposed to last five years. :: Reni looked at her another part of her computer screen :: Svalasdottir: Look, I am bouncing this signal over relays whose owners would not take kindly to us talking about our sad lives all night long. ::she grinned and couldn’t help throwing in a small wink:: Lan, it’s been really good talking to you. Let’s not make it too long before we do it again alright? And if you just wanna sent me a letter, do it. :: A letter? Lan was familiar with the term, of course, but in context, it was either ironic, figurative or just plain weird. :: Riel: :: Grinning :: I’ll make sure I do the next time we happen upon a Dominion mailbox. Svalasdottir: ::grinning back:: Stay good Lan. ::Reni leant back in her chair as the screen went black. She closed her eyes and could see Lan’s dark ones in her mind:: :: The Betazoid officer shook his head as Svala killed the comm. He closed his eyes, counted slowly to ten, then pinched his arm. Nope, not dreaming. Between the very content of the call and Svala’s attitude towards him, he had been toying with the possibility. That had been… unexpected, to say the least. Still, it felt good. Better than that, even. Lan rose up from his seat as subroutines triggered by the Intel encryption protocol erased the communication logs, changed his mind, made an appointment with Jamison, and went back to his meditation. Only this time with an ear-to-ear smile on his face. :: === Lt. Junior Grade Reni Svalasdottir Chief Diplomatic Officer USS Za, NCC-65385 Writer ID: D239009RS0 and Lieutenant Junior Grade Lan Riel Intelligence Officer USS Athena G239107LR0
  6. Now now, lets keep it PG!
  7. I loved this turn of phrase, made me laugh.
  8. Never underestimate the deviousness of small children.
  9. Kids say the darndest things.
  10. Love it. Poor old Tristam can't catch a break in either universe!
  11. I was trying to pick part of Evan and Mei'konda's recent JP to post here, but I can't pick just one part! So I did the only sensible thing and nominated it for Top Sims. Lovely work guys, and very enjoyable read.
  12. (( Holodeck 4 )) (( Riverside Simulation )) :: Mei’konda gazed out over the simulated river. He’d asked the computer to pick a relaxing location somewhere on a Federation planet, and he’d had to admit that this one wasn’t one that he was familiar with. Trinary system, though, judging by the one proximal star and the two others he could see on the horizon. Warm, but not uncomfortably so, Mei’konda had dressed down to his shorts and was letting his feet dangle into the cool water off of the pier here and Evan were seated on, eyes fixed on Odin while the rottweiler splashed happily about in the shallows. :: :: It had seemed like a good idea to go someplace relaxing after the court decision. The Caitian had been sitting in the background, listening and trying to keep his heartbeat down. After the harsh decision Saveron had handed down, he’d stood up and left without a word, because he wasn’t sure any words he might’ve said would have been with a cool head. :: :: Evan, in a loose button up shirt and a pair of light shorts, had been relatively quiet. It was clear he was still in some amount of discomfort from the after effects of the mind meld with Ross, as he occasionally rubbed his fingers as if he were trying to force circulation. :: Delano: The captain offered me a role back in Strategtic Operations. With Starfleet’s increased presence in the region, having an experienced officer in that position is more important than before. Mei’konda: Fair enough, but… I would argue thaat experiienced securiity personnel are even more importaant, consiidering the… unsecured naature of our shiip. :: He paused. :: Are you okaay? Delano: It does feel like a step backward. :: Evan unconsciously reached for his collar, though he wasn’t wearing his uniform. :: Mei’konda: I understaand. At least, I thiink I do. :: The Vulcan-hybrid looked to his partner. :: Delano: I know it’s been hard on you too. Are you doing okay? :: He let out a short sigh, and brushed fingers over his feline ears before reaching for a small pile of sticks he had on the pier next to him, tossing one out into the water for Odin to go get. :: Mei’konda: I am feeling… frustraated. Thiis did not go anywhere how I thought it would. Delano: Because I pleaded guilty? :: Mei’konda hesitated for a moment. That was part of it, and he’d never found any value in being less than totally honest. :: Mei’konda: Paartly that, though it’s puurely… an emotionaal reaction. You did do what they accused you of, afterr all. But the haarshness of the sentence. :: Mei’konda let his frustration show a little more in his tone as he continued. :: Mei’konda: Perhaaps if your name were Spock, Saveron may have let you off more eaasily. :: Evan had thought the same thing more than once since the sentencing, but he had tried to dismiss those suspicions as just another product of the stress he’d been under over the last few months. :: Delano; I think Saveron did the best he could in a difficult situation. I don’t think I’d have handled it the same way, but… well, we’re very different people. :: Mei’konda forced himself to nod. He had to assume impartial intentions. Saveron was one of the most Vulcan like Vulcans he’d ever met, after all. :: Mei’konda: I thiink what bothers me the most is the… enforced Vulcan meditaations and schooliing. It remiinds me of an old Earth custom I heard of once, for addiictions… the twelve step prograam. :: He paused. :: It requiired that one adhere to a system of religion, to giive oneself over to a higher power, regaardless of belief. :: The Caitian shrugged. :: Mei’konda: Thiis reminds me of that. You chose not to pursue those teaachings, and now Saveron is sentencing you to them. Delano: I’ve had the same thought. A part of me is still opposed to them. Even so, I don’t think Saveron is trying to force his beliefs on me. To be honest, it’s very similar to what the magistrate ruled when I was a kid. Mei’konda: Yes, but… I caan’t help thiinking that if you’d had a non-Vulcan judge, thaat particular… aspect of the judgment would have been left out. :: Mei’konda tossed another stick out into the water and watched the dog go lunging after it. :: :: Evan got to his feet and closed the distance between them, placing a warm hand on the Caitian’s shoulder. :: Delano: I’ll be okay, Mei. To be honest, I’ve been interested in some kind of training like this for a while. I might have even asked Saveron. Eventually, anyway. :: Mei’konda glanced over toward Evan after that hand settled on him, and forced a small smile. :: Mei’konda: Maaybe so. There’s one more thiing that bothered me about this. please answer me honestly, Evan. Do you thiink Saveron was capable of understaanding the… emotional turmoil you went through during that interrogation? :: He settled his hand down on top of Evan’s own. :: It doesn’t maake what you did right, but you were in the middle of an intense interrogation, and then you were interrupted by a comms call that made you think I was dead… :: Even the memory was enough to stir the latent emotional maelstrom that had caused him to attack Ross. Far less intense than it had been in the moment, but still palpable. The tightening of the muscles in Evan’s face wasn’t lost on his partner. :: Delano: I don’t think it’s my place to question that, Mei. I know you and he don’t see eye to eye on some things, but he is still the second officer. And I agreed to abide by his decision as judge. I can’t back out on that now just because the outcome will make things difficult for a while. :: Slipping his hand back down again, Mei’konda tossed the last of the sticks, the biggest one, out to Odin. The dog caught it in his mouth and paddled back to the simulated river bank, wagging. :: Mei’konda: It really just depeends on if you… agree with the decision, I suppose. Maaybe I’m being emotional, I don’t know. But you could always appeal the judgment. :: Evan squeezed a little on Mei’s shoulder and offered a smile. It wasn’t as easy as it usually was, but a shadow of his usual humor was still there. :: Delano: I understand. And maybe we should think about that. I don’t know, why don’t we give it a few weeks and see how this goes. We can always go to the captain if we need to. Kells: =/\= Captain Kells to the Invicta senior staff. =/\= :: Mei’konda instinctively glanced upward, though modern starship audio design tended to make those sorts of calls sound like they were coming from all around. :: Mei’konda: I guess that’s still you, huh? Delano: As far as I know… Mei’konda: =/\= Mei’konda here. =/\= Kells: =/\= R&R is at an end, I'm afraid -- or at least has been suspended for the moment. Please return to the bridge, where Lieutenant DeVeau will brief us on an anomaly that she believes warrants investigation. =/\= :: Mei’konda exhaled a slow breath, pushed up to his feet, and offered the taller half-Vulcan a hand up. :: Mei’konda: Thaat’s our cue. Maybe some work will help us get our miind off this. Delano: Maybe. :: Exploring an unusual anomaly did sound just mundane enough to even allow him some time to think, Evan thought. :: Kells: =/\= Commander Mei'konda, Lieutenant Johnson, please inform the dockmaster that we may need to leave rather quickly. ::beat:: I'll see you all in half an hour. Kells, out. =/\= Mei'konda: =/\= I’ll maake it happen, Captain. Mei’konda out. =/\= Johnson / Any: =/\= ? Delano: =/\= On my way =/\= Mei’konda: Well. Let’s go get chaanged. Odin, come. :: As the dog trotted over, Mei’konda called for the holodeck program to end, and watched the hint of confusion on the animal’s face as the water all over him quickly evaporated. Another good modern perk. The Caitian offered one more slight smile to Evan as they made their way out. Along the way, he called Johnson. :: Mei’konda: =/\= Mei’konda to Lieutenant Johnson. =/\= Johnson: =/\= =/\= Mei’konda: =/\= Please report to the Bridge, taake helm, and ready us for depaarture. =/\= Johnson: =/\= =/\= ==== Lieutenant Evan Delano Strategic Operations Officer USS Invicta T239007ED0 And Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda Chief of Operations USS Invicta M239002M10
  13. I think that Ensign Sienelis isn't the only one who thinks that's a shame!
  14. ((Astrofori I: T’ang Wu’s Vulcan Chinese Cuisine.)) ::Raissa agreed to meet Alora for lunch on the station. She had found this place the last time she was here and had wanted to try the food for herself. She found a corner booth to sit and wait for her friend, drinking water.:: ::Her wandering around the ship had not improved her mood. She was beginning to feel as if nothing would. She could still do her job and she supposed that was what mattered. It wasn’t enough, but it would have to do.:: DeVeau: Hey Raissa! ::Raissa had been early and Alora - usually early, but not quite as early as her friend. As she slipped into the booth across from her friend, she smiled and then slid over to position herself in the middle of the bench.:: DeVeau: Shore leave, at last! ::Raissa raised an eyebrow at her.:: Moonsong: Technically we weren’t away that long….::faint smile.:: But I do know what you mean. DeVeau: With the Q involved, it seemed like forever. ::That was an exaggeration, but boy was Alora glad to be out of that mess. If she never saw another Q again, it would be far too soon. A Vulcan server came over and handed them menus. After a quick thank you in Golic, Alora scanned through the offerings on the flat screen before her.:: DeVeau: Hm. What to get. Moonsong: I’ll have the sweet and sour plomeek soup. DeVeau: I’ll take the orange c’torr as well as an order of two fried gespar rolls. I’d like the rolls to start. Also, an order of garlic saffir. Oh, and water to drink, please. ::She offered the miniature screen back to the waiter and then focused once more on her friend.:: DeVeau: Have you ever interacted with a Q before? ::The faint smile on Raissa’s lips faded. She was still haunted by the predictions.:: Moonsong: No… and I hope never to do so again in this lifetime…. DeVeau: Amen to that. Once was far more than enough. ::The waiter arrived with a drink for Alora, asserted that their food would be out momentarily, then let the two return to their conversation.:: DeVeau: So any plans for shore leave? ::Raissa shook her head.:: Moonsong: No… but I do have some counseling sessions coming up. ::pause:: Shore leave seems to be the best time to do them. ::She folded her hands on the tabletop.:: Moonsong: Although I did hear something interesting via the ‘Gaby-vine’. DeVeau: Oh? ::The Gaby-vine? Amusement tickled the corners of Alora’s mouth.:: DeVeau: Before you tell me what you heard, you must assure me that you are going to take _some_ shore leave. Counselor or no, you need some downtime too. ::Raissa’s gaze drifted to stare over Alora’s shoulder.Downtime to do what? Carter was gone. CD was gone. And their absence was significant enough to make her realize how limited her life had become.:: Moonsong: Alora… if someone needs my help, I will not turn them away. DeVeau: I’m not saying you should, just that you need shore leave too. Moonsong: After a mission is when I’m needed most. ::sighs:: I promise to take some time. I went around to introduce myself to some of the scientists assigned to the Invicta. Happy now? ::Alora shook her head, then lifted her glass so she could sip at her water.:: DeVeau: Nope. I need a promise that you’re going to watch a movie with me. I have a ton of options. ::Raissa sighed. Alora was rather persistent with sometimes very odd tastes.:: Moonsong: Fine…. DeVeau: Tomorrow. After dinner. My quarters. Do you like fairy tales? ::If Saveron didn’t care for fairy tales, maybe Raissa would. If not, there were plenty of other choices. ::That elicited a smirk from Raissa.:: Moonsong: Depends on the culture you cull from… DeVeau: Good. Okay, so tell me what’s been traveling along the ‘Gaby-vine’. Moonsong: The Incredible adventures of Cinderella in Vulcan-land. ::Alora groaned, then rolled her head around only to hide her face on her arms upon the table. After a moment she rose and sighed.:: DeVeau: It was a disaster. Moonsong: You’re lucky he cares enough about you to learn about our culture. DeVeau: Yeah. Well, I think he was interested in learning our culture long before he met me. I doubt he’ll ever want to do that sort of thing ever again. Moonsong: ::frowned slightly.:: It’s not like you made him do it. Plus… he could have walked out at any time. DeVeau: Yeah. I know. ::Could have, but didn’t. Of course, Raissa was probably implying that meant he might have similar thoughts about her, but honestly, Saveron just wasn’t the sort to be so impolite as to interrupt the holo adventure.:: DeVeau: How in the world did Gaby find out? It’s not like I told anyone. Moonsong: How does she find out about anything. You might have been seen going in or coming out. A quick check on last program you used. A little Nurse Porchevska flair and BOOM! On the chatlines you appear. DeVeau: Someone needs to censor her before she causes problems. ::Some people just didn’t learn. While Alora wasn’t guiltless when it came to gossip, she did try not to spread rumours around and often gave little weight to those she heard until she could go straight to the source.:: DeVeau: I hope she hasn’t spread anything further about me. That was embarrassing enough. ::Did the entire ship know? Ugh, would Adrian know? Last she heard, he’d transferred to A1 as well.:: Moonsong: I think the idea was enough…. And it is done with affection… mostly. DeVeau: Affection? Really? ::Alora snorted and spread a napkin over her lap.:: DeVeau: Anyway, I would prefer to get off that topic. You know, to something not so completely embarrassing. ::Raissa smiled.:: Moonsong: She did give you the cat and I doubt she’ll ever try to get you drunk again. DeVeau: True, I do have to admit, Sachiko was a rather nice gift. ::And a sweet little thing. Every time Alora came home, the little feline greeted her with loud purrs and gentle rubs against her legs. :: DeVeau: So other than watching a movie with me, do have anything you’d like to do to relax during shore leave? ::Raissa’s smile, slight though it was, faded.:: Moonsong: I am beginning to wonder if I ever did. Remember I do a lot of counselling during that time. DeVeau: Yes, we’ve already established that, but you’ll not be doing counseling all of the time, which means that some of the time you’ll be eating, some of the time you’ll be sleeping, and some of the time you’ll spend on enjoyable pursuits. I was just curious as to what those pursuits might be. Moonsong: ::sighs and pushes away her barely touched soup.:: I used to spend time with Carter until I broke up with him… Or CD until he was transferred to the Columbia. ::Alora’s own smile faded and she stretched out to pat her friend’s hand.:: DeVeau: I’m sorry, Raissa, I really am. But I’m still here. We can hang out, right? ::Raissa withdrew her hand quickly. According to Saveron, Alora was probably a Sensitive, but the last thing she wanted to do was risk the only friend she had left. After a moment, Alora withdrew her hand, brows furrowed.:: Moonsong: Of course we can…. ::pause.:: Alora, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be touched. It just means until Saveron determines that my control is solid, I don’t want to risk harming you. It’s the reason Carter and I are no longer together. A brief touch from you is safe enough since you’re a sensitive… But I almost put Carter in sickbay… even so, it was close. I almost damaged him… DeVeau: I’m not afraid. ::And she wasn’t. If anyone could get control of such power, it would be Raissa and Alora had confidence in her abilities. The problem was, did Raissa have confidence in herself? The counselor closed her eyes a moment.:: Moonsong: It’s so hard… I feel so alone…. I didn’t realize until I lost the two of them… All I have left is you and Saveron and Evan… Everyone else is a patient…. DeVeau: We’re all patients at some point or another. ::Except maybe Saveron, but he was a Vulcan and generally their self control was unshakeable.:: DeVeau: Have you thought about seeing a counselor? Talking about what’s going on? ::After all, counselors might sometimes need counselors too. But Raissa was shaking her head.:: Moonsong: I’ve come to realize that the counselors on the ship are not that comfortable with me. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t know me well, I’m their boss or if they’re freaked out by my telepathy. ::She sighed again.:: Moonsong: I suppose I could consider contacting one of the station counselors, but I don’t know if any have a security level high enough. DeVeau: You never know. ::Raissa glanced at her friend. A faint smile reluctantly touched her lips.:: Moonsong: You’re going to pester me until I do, aren’t you? DeVeau: This is not pestering. ::Alora’s eyes glimmered with a mischievous light.:: DeVeau: I have four brothers. I know how to pester. You really don’t want me to go into younger sister mode, do you? ::Her smile warmed.:: Moonsong: I’d hardly consider you a *younger* sister, Alora…. DeVeau: Pfft. Cause I will. ::Her hands went up in surrender. She had no doubt Alora would do just that.:: DeVeau: And I’m very, verygood at it. Moonsong: Of that I have no doubt. ::She raised an eyebrow.:: Moonsong: Of course the reverse is true. DeVeau: Meaning? ::Alora’s eyebrows arched upward.:: Moonsong: I’m a counselor. Pester is part of my job description. DeVeau: Well, yeah. Moonsong: How about we talk about why you refuse to tell Saveron of your interest? DeVeau: Because the reaction to what happened indicated a lack of interest in anything other than friendship. ::Alora fiddled with her glass of water and then drew a long sip before she continued.:: DeVeau: I used what we did as a gauge. It fell flat. Way, way flat. If he was interested...well, I don’t want to ruin our friendship and I’m afraid by telling him that’s going to happen. I’d rather keep him as a friend than create a rift between us. ::She leveled her gaze upon her friend, while her hand fiddled with the straw, drawing it up and down in the glass. With the motion, her mouth quirked upward on one side, a smirk that could not disguise her disappointment.:: DeVeau: Better to have him in one aspect than not at all. ::Raissa met her gaze with a raised eyebrow.:: Moonsong: Alora, I am deeply fond of you. I don’t how to say this without hurting your feelings. DeVeau: Then you might as well just come out and say it. Moonsong: For a woman as well versed in Vulcan culture as I happen to know you are…. you’re an idiot. ::Alora sighed and placed a thumb over the end of her straw. With a short motion, she lifted it from her glass, observing the water trapped inside.:: DeVeau: Look, I thought maybe it would give me some insight. It didn’t, and I don’t want to risk losing what I have. Despite my feelings, I still want him as a friend and admitting this to him would make it weird and likely ruin it. ::Raissa sighed. Her friend was stubborn too.:: Moonsong: Alora… I had long talk with Saveron. I wanted to make sure my reasons for breaking up with Carter was logical and not just emotional. So we ended up talking about relationships. ::Alora hadn’t realised that, but she wasn’t a telepath like her friend. With another short movement, her thumb released the trapped water, then Alora repeated the previous gestures, capturing another strawful.:: Moonsong: I even asked him if he would ever Bond again and if he would consider a non-human. ::Despite herself, Alora couldn’t feign disinterest. She cast a sidelong glance at her companion.:: DeVeau: What did he say? ::She watched Alora playing with the straw with interest. It was an interesting little habit she had. Little things would suddenly take on precision and importance. She couldn’t remember the last time she actually saw her sitting still.:: Moonsong: That he had not considered it, but he would not be opposed to it. ::Well, that was promising, but that didn’t mean she’d be the one he might consider as potential for more. Generally, Alora tried to be optimistic, but there were just some things she had difficulty with and that was one of them.:: Moonsong: He enlightened me about Vulcan relationships. It was quite interesting. DeVeau: You mean about the arranged marriages? ::Raissa shook her head.:: Moonsong: No. Not all relationships are arranged. I thought it was fascinating, what he told me. ::Raissa was baiting her, waiting to pounce with her words of wisdom like a jaguar stalking prey in the depths of the jungle. All Alora had to do was give her the opportunity. If that was what she wanted, she might as well. With another flick of her fingers, Alora sipped on the straw, taking that bait.:: DeVeau: And what did he tell you? ::She smiled. She was really fond of Alora and regardless of the mess her own life, she wanted her friend to be happy.:: Moonsong: I learned that if Vulcans are interested in each other, they come right out and say it. If one is not receptive to… romance doesn’t seem to be the right word… intimacy, then they say so. Then they go back to their previous relationship/friendship. No rifts. No weirdness…. ::She paused and wondered if Alora was getting the message. Her beating around the bush was getting her nowhere.:: Moonsong: So all this rift and weird it all in your head. DeVeau: Maybe. Probably. But what you just told me also confirmed something. Moonsong: ::sighs:: Alora…. DeVeau: He’s not interested. If he was, he’d just come to me and tell me, but he hasn’t so he’s not, so I think I’ll just leave things as they are. ::Even if the weirdness was in her head, it was her head she had to deal with for the rest of her life, so Alora might as well limit the embarrassment as much as she could.:: Moonsong: What’s stopping you from telling him you're interested in a relationship again? DeVeau: Myself. But even so, if he’s not interested, what’s the point in telling him? He would have said something to me if he were. ::Raissa put her elbows on the table and covered her face with her hands:: Moonsong: Argh! DeVeau: Raissa… ::Alora sighed and leaned her elbow upon the table, chin in her hand. At that moment, the waiter arrived with their food and she straightened to allow him to place her plate before her. He paused, a single eyebrow arched upward at the semi-prostrate counselor.:: Waiter: Your meal. ::Raissa sat up and nodded.:: Moonsong: Thank you. ::pause.:: May I ask you a question? Waiter: Of course. Moonsong: Is it logical to avoid a situation that carries risk, but has the potential to have a positive outcome? Waiter: No. ::Raissa nodded:: Moonsong: Thank you. ::She looked at Alora and raised an eyebrow in a manner that would make Saveron proud.:: DeVeau: Is it logical to enter into a situation when you already know the outcome? Moonsong: You don’t know the outcome. You think you do, but that is fear talking. ::The waiter wisely walked away:: Moonsong: I have the desire to go to Saveron and ask him if he is interested in a relationship…. with you. ::Immediately, a frown made its presence known and Alora squirmed in her seat.:: DeVeau: Please don’t. Moonsong: Then you have to. DeVeau: No. ::The last thing she wanted to do was to embarrass herself again, especially in front of Saveron.:: Moonsong: I think you’re wrong about Cinderella ::Wrong?:: DeVeau: What do you mean? Moonsong: He never says no when you ask him to do these… adventures. I know for a fact he finds your company very agreeable. ::She did have a point, except that Alora didn’t think there was as much there as Raissa was indicating.:: DeVeau: Yes, because we’re friends, and because he likes to learn about different cultures and new things. Moonsong: Alora, this will eat you alive. ::she huffed:: It looks like I am going to have to play Fairy Godmother after all… DeVeau: Raissa, please, don’t. Moonsong: For once, you are going to have to trust me. DeVeau: I’m begging you. ::Thoughts of what she might do coupled with Alora’s own images of what she might do in the wake of whatever happened flashed through her mind. Transfer to a different ship. Maybe she’d put herself in a coma. Maybe she’d lock herself in her rooms. Just hide under the covers for the rest of her life…:: Moonsong: ::smirks:: For help? Of course I’ll help you. DeVeau: You realise, whatever you do will receive payback, right? Moonsong: That could be interesting… ::Raissa smiled brightly for the first time.:: Moonsong: Since I could never pull off Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty… I’ll settle for caramel apples…. ::With that, Raissa, for the first time in a long while, had an appetite and began to eat her soup.:: Moonsong: We really should come here again… ::Alora simply groaned and stuffed a bite into her mouth.:: End ********************* Lt. Raissa Moonsong Chief of Counseling USS Invicta G239107RM0 & Lt. Alora DeVeau Chief of Science USS Invicta M239008AD0
  15. ::Applauds:: I can tell that Farquan is going to be fun to have around!
  16. (( Romulan Refugee Ship )) Kells: You know this place. ::Intimately. Too well. It was a place Valesha would give a lot to forget, and a place that stalked her dreams far too often at night. Areinnye, but the *smell*. Sienelis: ::Quietly,:: Do you know what we're supposed to do here? Kells: An -- idea. But no more. ::He sounded uncertain, but he had more than she did. Her head was spinning with memory and heartache.:: Sienelis: I- I can't think. What's your idea? Kells: We completed my "challenge" by refusing to play through it correctly. It looks like Roshanara's group completed theirs by finding the promised purple flag. ::A moment.:: We may have to do one or the other. The question is, how? ::She closed her eyes, trying to take shallow breaths, trying and failing to regain some control over her thoughts and feelings. Perhaps the so-often scorned emotional suppression of their Vulcan cousins had something going for it, after all.:: Sienelis: I don't know. ::She swallowed, her throat dry.:: We just... survived. Like animals. There wasn't anything more to it. ::She could still hear her voice shaking. When he took her hand, she realised he could hear it too. Whatever stubborn pride she might usually have was long gone, and she gripped his hand like as though it was the only thing keeping her from falling.:: Kells: We'll get out of this. ::A moment.:: But we need to do something. Either to find a flag, or to end this illusion. I know it must be hard to be here again, but can you think of how we might do either? Sienelis: I- I don't know. ::It was becoming a refrain, and she hated it. She tried to just talk, instead of think.:: The flag, maybe? There was a storage room filled with what little we brought from the homeworld. ::The idea of sorting through mementos of a destroyed home hardly filled her with joy. Perhaps that was the point? Where she had found the Q irritating before, that feeling was swiftly turning into loathing.:: Kells: Where? Sienelis: It's- ::she faltered, her eyes falling on a pair of young children clinging to a suspiciously still mother. Looking away, she blindly gestured down the corridor.:: That way. ::She continued to cling to Aron's hand, unaware she was doing it. This wasn't a game, this was cruelty for the sake of it.:: Kells: We'll get out of this, I promise. ::Aron walked, she stumbled. They hadn't got far when there was a flash of light, one that seemed even brighter in the dim confines of the ship, and there was two new faces with them. Suddenly hyper-aware of herself, she yanked her hand back, her cheeks flushing pea-green.:: Kells: Gentlemen, where in the universe did you come from? Dara: Captain! Sir, it’s a long story. Most importantly, sir: Commander Rahman and Core, Lieutenant Fennelli, Doctor Blueheart and I managed to find the purple flag. We were sent back in time to Bluehearts old school on the moon and... Kells:Slow down, Ensign, slow down. ::He paused.:: I'll let Va-- Ensign Sienelis explain where we are -- and what we hope to do. Sienelis: It's a refugee ship. ::She paused to catch a calming breath and immediately regretted it, the awful smell sticking in the back of her throat.:: After Hobus destroyed ch'Rihan - Romulus, to you - the survivors fled in whatever they could squeeze aboard. ::There was a collective silence as they looked at her, absorbing the information.:: Sienelis: I think we're finding a flag again. The best place I can think to start is a storage room, down the corridor. ::But she didn't trust herself, since she couldn't exactly think straight right now.:: Unless you have a better idea? Kells: I don't know that we are. **** Ensign Valesha Sienelis Science Officer USS Invicta
  17. ... Davenport: And how you find being the Director of Intelligence somewhere like The Corridor, Captain Reynolds? :: Quinn glances at her fellow black-collars:: Reynolds: I keep hoping I'll find some out here to direct...
  18. I think that more Shandres and Falkenstein are required. They need their own spinoff.
  19. I figured even Vulcans are allowed to be sassy occaisionally!
  20. I loved this sim title, and everything in it. Poor Zial'Sethir'Verd. I get this lovely impression that she's baby-sitting on sufference, and would really rather be anywhere else. ::Giggle.::
  21. Like many I voted for Leonard Nimoy, who set the standard, with Tim Russ as second who followed so excellently in his footsteps. I will take the opportunity to mention that Valeris - played by Kim Cattrall - who played a major part in the attempt to derail the peace negotiations in The Undiscovered Country, is missing from the poll. Valeris has always held something of a fascination for me. The idea that a Vulcan might logically come to the conclusions that she had and therefor set out on the course of action that she did, was very interesting. She was inspiration behind the Nel Gathic culture that I created - Vulcans with a different, less communal way of life and freer habit of thought - and I have referred to Saveron as being a distant relative of Valeris'. He has taken a few drastic actions in his own career.
  22. A great loss to the Star Trek community, and to so many of us personally, those whom he showed that it was OK to be different, to be intelligent, sensitive and steadfast. To stick to your morals and know what is right. And his influence spread far beyond the Trekkie realm. He inspired so many. His katra is amongst the stars now, boldly going where each of us must one day go. Space is not the final frontier.
  23. I like Commander Bakari's toast:
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