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  1. Welcome to the fleet Hadi. There are a few of us from Down Under. I'm in Oz, and if it makes you feel any better the summer here was pretty non-existant too. No doubt you've heard about the flooding. But that's La Nina for us. After ten years of drought I am not going to curse the rains.
  2. Welcome to the fleet, and best of luck with your training class!

  3. Welcome to the group! We're all here for the love of Star Trek. Hopefully you like what you see and you'll be joining us.
  4. We currently have a crew member on the USS Mercury who has English as a second language. I think his first language is German. He is a great addition to the crew and we haven't had any problems, and from reading your posts I would say that your mastery of English is very good as I didn't guess that it was your second language. When you said you were planning to join 'for a few months', the phrasing implied an intention to leave after that time. We would all hope that you'll be having so much fun that you'll want to stay. You will certainly be most welcome in the fleet.
  5. Welcome to the Fleet. The next Academy class will start on Monday. We look forward to you joining us.
  6. Thanks for liking my little piece of lunacy. :) There should be plenty more to come.

  7. Welcome to the Fleet, Ensign Potter! I hope you enjoy your time writing with us. Sick Bay is definately where the action is, and the CMO is lord of his domain down there. Regardless of rank, he's the one with the medical degree. He's also the only one with clearance to relieve the CO from their duties without being accused of mutiny. You're vital to the mission, charged with patching everyone else up when things go pear-shaped and you get almost as many cool technological toys as the engineers.
  8. We have a section of the Forums devoted to the Guild of Vulcans: http://www.starbase118.net/forums/index.php?/forum/239-guild-of-vulcans/ This includes a fledgling language thread. You would be most welcome to join us. Sochya heh dif. \\//
  9. Welcome T'Mynn. Starbase 118 has a large and lively Vulcan population. According to Admiral Wolf, Vulcans and primary Vulcan hybrids make up 10% of the PCs in the fleet. We are actively interested in the species and interpreting what we learn from the series with a view to applying that information to how we play them in our sims. Will you be joining us on one of our sims? You would be most welcome. Live long and prosper \\//
  10. Thanks for the congrats. I think the Admiral might be slightly mistaken however, the remainder listed (including my own) were just the other entries. I don't think there was an official runner-up. But it was fun. :)

  11. Absolutely it's a practice thing. The important thing is to include what others have contributed to the conversation, and to reply to your tags. I actually often copy and paste my last post into Word, and then as I read through the replies I past what the other characters said or did into the tag spots, and then I can continue with my character's reactions or replies, before pasting the whole thing back into an email. Try a few different ways to find out what works for you.
  12. Been busy mate. I'm simming but I haven't had much time to hang around on the site. How've you been?

  13. That's excellent news. Of course, having got all excited because it's Monday which means training starts, I now realise that Monday for the people who run the training is no doubt Tuesday for me. Clearly I shall have to practice some Vulcan meditation to keep my impatience under control.
  14. I am looking forward to becomming a part of the fleet - does it show? - and shall be interested to see where I am placed. BTW, am I by any chance addressed a fellow Aussie? And thank you, I have some fairly nifty art software and am not above a little photomanipulation. I am also an avid fan of Cillian Murphy, whose picture I butchered. I have altered pictures for avatars for players in other games before. I do like your banner. I have yet to try to put together something that complex, but it looks like a lot of thought went into it.
  15. Thank you for your prompt replies, much appreciated.
  16. I have a question about sim selection. Assuming that we graduate, I am given to understand that we will be assigned to a sim based on writing style and open positions. Do we have any say in the sim to which we are assigned? If, for example, having looked over the sites and info on various sims, we had formed a preference, could we make that preference known? Obviously the commanding officers know their sims much better than we do and I assume that we would be told if they felt that a particular sim was not right for us, but would a preference at least be taken into account?
  17. Like some otheres here I too am ex-AQSG, although I never underwent their training program as I was a crew member of one of the two founding sims and therefor predate their Academy training by several years. I always enjoyed the free-form but paced nature of the PBeM which encouraged character development and good writing skills. Unfortunately a lot of these sims appear to be falling by the wayside. With the folding of the last group I was involved in I was concerned that might be the end of Star Trek RPG as I knew it, as a great many players were lost to Star Trek Online. I was therefor very interested when Starbase 118 appeared on my Google search, as you appear to be a keen and active group with a planned training program that suggests a high level of organisation and support for new players. I admit that the writing style described on your website nearly put me off as I am very much a 'storyteller' and I was concerned that the various quote marks were indicative of a truncated and 'chat-like' method of posting, which I would find distasteful. However, I read some of your writing competition work and also some posts from one of your sims on their YahooGroups site and found that this was not the case. Although the format is unfamiliar the quality and depth of writing is still there, so I resolved to 'suck it and see', as we say Down Under. I have been playing other types of RPGs but I have missed Star Trek, and I am keen to boldly go once more.
  18. Thank you for your expression of welcome.

  19. Thank you Captain. It is a privaledge to be here.

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