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  1. Courtesy of Cade. We need t-shirts. Must be over 40 or have had multiple lifetimes to join.
  2. PNPC Tenna Kyd - Air and Sea Rescue ((Ocean, Endaasi)) Tenna scanned the horizon visually, as though her eyesight could somehow compete with the shuttle's sensors. Still, it was the principle of needing something to do while the shuttle flew her programmed search pattern. The ocean was calm, sparkling, and incredibly vast. The system's star was also setting, casting radiant reflections off the surface and causing the shuttle's viewport to dim automatically. She had easily located the islands that the resort's secluded cabins had been perched upon. The p
  3. PNPC Tenna Kyd - Not Like This! ((Far Rock Resort Main Complex, Endaasi)) The transporter cycle completed and it took Tenna a brief moment to survey her surroundings. The structure was similar to Salzaar's cabin, only larger, and filled with terrified people. Their emotions radiated from them loudly, and it didn't take an empath to pick up on it. She felt a light touch on her arm. Endaasi Hotelier: ~~You- are not Mister Valys?~~ Kyd: ::Emotionally:: No, I'm not. He decided that I deserved to live more than he did since you were being choosy about w
  4. OOC: I was not ready for this. ((Far Rock Resort, Endaasi)) Salzaar had needed some time away, and Tenna had respected that. But there was a certain point where she went from respecting his need for space and becoming genuinely concerned for his wellbeing. That time had come, and she had attempted to contact him, unsuccessfully. So Tenna had gone sleuthing, a skill she was quite good at after years of working in trade and development. She knew her boss had gone down to Endaasi and hadn't returned to th
  5. T'Seva focusing on the important things.
  6. ((Hotel Room, Endaasi)) Cade Foster lounged back in a chair, idly waiting and watching the clock. It was one of those occasions where he was banking on his own gravitas to connect him with his recalcitrant son for a talk that was long overdue. Wyn did not want the tables turned and to have Cade Foster knocking on his door at two in the morning. Nobody wanted Cade to make a midnight house call, least of all his own kid. Besides, he loved the kid and the kid loved him. While they were always and forever close, the knowledge that something was hidden from him had driven a hazy wedge
  7. (( Endaasi - A tropical Beach )) It was done, over, finite. Siance felt exhausted after the last week of preparation for the exams and the practical had been draining as well. A first contact mission that had required her to rapidly get informed about a species nobody knew - that fake database was quite extensive - advice the Commanding Officer - in this case Commander Fenton - as well as pay attention during contact that he didn't make mistakes. Of course it did not go without a hitch and that was when it was at her to help find solutions with diplomacy, psychology and the laws and rules
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