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  1. I've got a good idea, and I even wrote a song to go with it, but I've had problems finding the time to execute it.

    Now there's an idea, it saves me having to think of a song to go with the idea I have :: Wonders off to research Cardassian music and whether they even listen to music! ::

  2. Having recently become interested in Star Trek again (I have watched since little, on and off) I discovered that people used to do RPG's on facebook, and after failing to understand how to join those (or not having the courage to just jump into what other people have done) I searched around online and on facebook for RPG sites to join, and after a few others I found this one (off Star Trek.com I think) and so after checking out what was on offer (I am obsessive about research) I applied.

    I don't have the knowledge of other people so the fact I get trained here was a huge lure because I absorb knowledge well, I just don't store it for long periods of time (unlike my charactor).

    I now look forward to going through the academy and hopefully one day simming on a starship XD

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