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  1. Welcome to the Forums! And to the Independence! :)

  2. Welcome to the Forums! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Gee! You are really missed on the crew. Hope things are going well for you. :)

  4. Hello Cadet Llewellyn Forum accounts are fully validated once simmers have graduated from the academy. One of the messages is from me, letting you know it is okay to take the training class next week. Good luck in your training class!
  5. LOL, I am definitely not younger than the space shuttle. ;)

  6. Welcome to the Forums! Congratulations on your graduation from the academy! :)

  7. Congratulations on your graduation from the academy. Welcome to the USS Independence-A! :)

  8. Welcome to the Forums! :) Your training class will be starting soon.

  9. Sometimes I miss living in a smaller city. Time used to feel like it moved so much slower.

  10. So I've finally left dial-up in the dust and gotten Broadband internet! :) Amazing! LOL!

  11. LOL! Thanks for the song Jaxx :)

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