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  1. I have no picture of my avatar wearing what Jaxon would do. So I'll describe it instead. A collarless black suit jacket with fair colored shirt, no tie and a pair of matt black shoes. MFG
  2. I think we should remember here that they were not just pods, but weapons of mass destruction that were refunctioned to act as cryo-pods. Thus the picture can be interpreted both ways. More if you let your mind wander a little. MFG
  3. That could change Mr. Parker, S'Caan will be about soon no doubt. MFG
  4. D. K.

    Peace Of Soul

    I would like to thank Ann and Ken for allowing me to use their PC's for this piece and also ask forgiveness for any horrible formatting that might crop up. The site refused to play nice while I struggled to post this. MFG
  5. D. K.

    Peace Of Soul

    (A few days earlier) USS Thunder “Why didn’t Commander Johnson want you on the bridge?” “He was with me when I tested the Phoenix system. He has hated me ever since.” “But the system has saved thousands of lives in the past six years alone!” The older Mc Ghee looked briefly at the floor as he recalled the events. “I endangered six crewmates while testing the device. I betrayed my Captain and colleagues. In effect I sold a part of my soul for a single innovation.” “Is that why you don’t want to stop Icarus?” “Icarus is too dangerous, Joel. I can live with people not speaking to me because
  6. Very nice. Reminds me of my character after a long day. MFG
  7. D. K.

    Goodbye Ed. Thanks for your support and help. I hope we will hear from you in the near future. All the best.

  8. I've been reading this thread on and off since it was created. I basically agree with the benefit of the doubt theory. We're an open community and I personally would have no enjoyment in winning something if I knew that it wasn't a just decision. Not only that, I can't really warm up to the idea that our members would be happy with ill-gained praise or victories; its just not the spirit of things round here. However, a thought came to me; what if the crews of the ships were bound into the process before a sim was even entered? Maybe by choosing which sim(s) is/are to be entered for a particula
  9. Earth 2012 ** Today ** Derik Wells flicked the pan tossing the ingredients in the air. He chopped a few veggies, wiped his hands on his apron and turned his head to the kitchen door. “Alli!” he called “Go wash your hands, honey. Dinner’s nearly done” Fetching plates, Derik waited for a reply from his daughter. Receiving none he pulled the pan off the flames and went to look for her. Entering the living room, he saw her sitting amongst old photo albums. “Alli! No!” he called Derik rushed around the sofa while his daughter jumped up at his sudden arrival. “Allison Grace Wells .” he scolded “Why
  10. Oh Dear!! Another Startrek Game in the works. The next attempt to get cash from the Fan community? As a long time fan of Startrek I use to purchase the games regularly. After the 'Legacy' disappointment a few years ago I lost faith in there ever being a game that would be 'good'. It seems that every game recently is just a 'point and press the trigger'. It has nothing to do with the spirit of Startrek. There is little or no exploration, or science problems to be solved, first contacts and so on. The only hassle in these games is where do I get the next torps/ammo, health/armor from. I fondly r
  11. Welcome to forum Briggs. hope you have fun on your training mission. ;) I did!

  12. D. K.

    Thanks, I was afraid the Sim would be a tad to long. Sometimes i just get carried away... Loving it so far though. I think I have a new hobby.

  13. Toni

    Thanks for adding me to you friends list. :) I loved the sim you did today when I gave you my gloves. :) It moved the plot along perfectly. :)

  14. D. K.

    Sorry consider my message as meaningless



  15. You can use this thread to put your questions more widely too:

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