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  1. has a bad back after too much Photoshop.

  2. ((Stardate 238609.27, O'Leary's Pub - San Fransisco)) ::Drinks all around had been the first order of business. For Liam it had been seven hours since he'd received the news. For Sidney, it had been two. Upon confirmation of Brian Deacon's death, a memo had been sent out along with the official cause of death: systems malfunction. His brother Edgar had been notified on duty and their parents had been called. Their class all liked Brian, and quite a few of the students were taking advantage of the available grief counseling. Pierce felt a growing sense of concern regarding Frost. He was staring
  3. is a JG Lieutenant. It only took an unexplained LoA and six months of frantic writing. At least the Apollo is awesome.

  4. Welcome to UFOP: SB-118! And, Welcome to the USS Independence-A! :)

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