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  1. Things may start slightly on the late side of the day, depending on the time zone of you class CO.
  2. Yes, but it's generally only available to command staff. Each CO posts what positions they need/want/can fit, and then new officers are placed based on that list. The reason being that we want everyone that comes to our community to be able to play a position they're comfortable with. When you go through training, there is a form called the Fleet Placement Questionnaire, where you can indicate what your first and second choice of duty post is, and they'll do their best to place you there. So just put something other than security/tactical in the FPQ and they'll find the right spot for you.
  3. This sim will not be entered, as the complete version has also been submitted.
  4. Usually pyjama pants. Something I wouldn't mind getting caught in an emergency wearing.
  5. Meh, the spotties are pretty cool once you get to know them. Wait, am I allowed to say spotties?
  6. Unfortunately this sim is ineligible, as currently submitted, due to open tags in the body of the sim. It may be resubmitted for round 11 with the relevant tags filled in.
  7. The original part 3 submission has been removed to avoid confusion. All three parts will be considered one sim for the purposes of judging, and will use this submission.
  8. Upon review, this entry is inadmissible for Round 8 voting due to open tags. It may be resubmitted for Round 9 with the appropriate tags filled in.
  9. This poll will close at Midnight (EST) on Wednesday, Just 19th. This is a run-off poll, where our members will choose from the top sims of the second set of six rounds of the contest to find the best sim that will proceed to the final round of the contest. Please read the six sims below, which were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) to find the best sims from each round of Set 2: Captain Reynolds: The Sole SurvivorLt JG Ben Livingston - Brotherly Love PNPC Sherana & Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar - Sparring Match PNPC Matthew Brice - Federation Man, Galaxy Defender PNPC Unky - Umm.
  10. Based on the fact that they were all written by you, and assuming they're meant to be read more or less together, I would say yes.
  11. 1. If it was originally intended to be written as a single source sim (either by one writer or as a JP) and was split into parts for reasons such as length (separating it into parts to make it easier for the reader, for example), it is alright to submit them as one sim. If I've misunderstood what your asking, please correct me. 2. Not only permitted, but encouraged.
  12. Not in and of itself. It might affect the way some judges rank it, but that's at the discretion of the judges.
  13. Round 11 is now open. This round runs until May 5th.
  14. We are now on round 9, which runs until April 14th.
  15. Hey guys, just a head's up, we're now on Round 8, which runs until Sunday, March 31st.
  16. Kahn was, in my opinion, a better villain. He had a singular vision to destroy one man. The one man he blamed for his downfall. He didn't want to just kill Kirk, he wanted to break him. And if he had to destroy someone or something along they way, he wouldn't hesitate. I think the worst Q ever got to was malevolent curiosity. HE never actively sought to destroy Picard, but rather to challenge him; to see what he, and by extension, the rest of humanity could do. Dukat was a charismatic sociopath. Simple as that. Wynn is a strange one. As much as it's easy to see the villainy in her actions, sh
  17. ((Deck 4, USS Victory)) :: The walk from the turbolift to his quarters on the Victory was arguably the longest walk Liam had ever taken. There was so much that he wanted to tell her, and so much more that she deserved to know that he couldn't tell her. He wished that he could tell her everything, but he simply didn't know how.:: :: His mind wandered, filling with moments they had spent together. He remembered how they had walked together on the beach at Lake Armstrong with friends, most of whom had moved on to other places, their lives changed by forces much greater than themselves. He stood t
  18. And hopefully you enjoy things enough here to stay more than just a few months.
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