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  1. Things may start slightly on the late side of the day, depending on the time zone of you class CO.
  2. Yes, but it's generally only available to command staff. Each CO posts what positions they need/want/can fit, and then new officers are placed based on that list. The reason being that we want everyone that comes to our community to be able to play a position they're comfortable with. When you go through training, there is a form called the Fleet Placement Questionnaire, where you can indicate what your first and second choice of duty post is, and they'll do their best to place you there. So just put something other than security/tactical in the FPQ and they'll find the right spot for you.
  3. Meh, the spotties are pretty cool once you get to know them. Wait, am I allowed to say spotties?
  4. I recently started using trillian. It's really convenient
  5. Happens from time to time. Just try reloading in a new window and it should work. Eventually.
  6. Our characters kind of have to be at least a little bit on the extraordinary side, otherwise they wouldn't likely be as interesting. I've always assumed Starfleet Academy to be a lot like any other University, but with the additional emphasis on skills one would need to serve on a starship, that way one could graduate and be posted as young as 22-23. That said, there's a lot of things you can give to a character if you have a way to justify it.
  7. And hopefully you enjoy things enough here to stay more than just a few months.
  8. Hey Man, What is Adam's Character name??

  9. I'm glad someone finds Liam's on-duty attitude somewhat insufferable, I purposefully wrote him that way knowing it's happen eventually.

  10. Ahh, the joy of overlapping geekinesses. :)

  11. Nah, just an astonishing series of coincidences. including the fact that she and I are in the same company as well.

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