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  1. Nice. I'll read it later today when I've had a rest. ;) Sleepy me...

  2. That's okay. Thanks for that! :D

  3. Hi Askade,

    I was going to write it up today- again, you'll get a full copy before it goes to anyone else, so you'll be able to approve the whole thing before it goes up. When it's published, I'll send you a link to the finished product. :)

    Thanks again for helping me out! :D

  4. Nicely done on Dranzer's image! :D

  5. That wasn't mine, actually! I had completed mine, but Mister Saveron beat me to it- and his is nicer. :)

  6. Hi Dranzer,

    I've been working on the Cardassian pic! Unfortunately, it is, as I anticipated, very difficult. I try to maintain a high level of quality with these things, so if it doesn't work out I tend to hide it away in the dark corners of my file server. :)

    I'll keep working on it and see what I can come up with!

  7. That's correct! There are a few of us in the fleet, which means that sometimes forum posts and sims occur at sane hours! Thanks! Updating it is on my list of "To Do" things, since there's been a few things that irk me very slightly (mostly text placement/font issues...)
  8. Looking forward to having you as part of the fleet, mate- and I love your avatar!
  9. Sounds good! :) Did you have anyone in mind? If not, I can suggest someone- although a few hints would probably be useful!

    I don't mind a lot of 'back and forth' regarding this- I know you want it to be right! :)

  10. Hi Dranzer,

    Generally what we do is we get a "celebrity" to play the character- this gives us a lot more flexibility when it comes to different pictures. :) Radi Rais, for instance, is played by Brian J. Smith (who also played SG:U's Matthew Scott).

    If you had a specific picture, however, I can work with that too! :) It can be emailed to me at sasayaki@gmai...

  11. Hello Dranzer!

    I've been approached by Fleet Captain Riley about making a Cardassian avatar for your character. I've not done anything quite so ambitious yet, but I'm always up for a challenge!

    A sample of the work I've done so far is here:


    I'm happy to help ...

  12. Hi Rogg! Thank you VERY much for your feedback- I'll answer your questions one by one. You can play any character you like, even one you haven't played for some time or a former main character, as a PNPC. The only issue is, the rank of your main character and your PNPCs must be equal to your OOC rank or lower. For example, if your old character was a Lieutenant, but your OOC rank is now Ensign, you could not play that character as a PNPC in the service of Starfleet because their rank is too high. You could, however, play them as a civilian- or you could lower their rank for any reason you find believable (perhaps they retired and, after some time away, took another commission at a lower rank?). You could then play that character again- even make them your main character if you so chose. We're working on it, actually! There's a timeline project in the works. Unfortunately it's not finished yet. We'll keep you posted! Not true- we had a Vaadwaur invasion last summer, which took up nearly half the year, and two of our ships are Intrepid class ships. I don't know if Wolf has made an official statement regarding this, but my understanding is that we follow the same canon rules as Memory Alpha; if it appeared on screen, as part of a TV or a movie, it's canon. If it's in a secondary source (video game, novel, etc) then it's not STRICTLY canon, but writers can choose to borrow elements from those sources if they wish. A qualified 'yes'. The events of the new movie which occur in the Prime Timeline, such as the destruction of Romulus, are canon yes. Nero attacking the USS Kelvin, for example, is canon- but it did not occur in this timeline. In our timeline, the fate of the Kelvin is unknown, but she presumably went on to serve for many more years before being retired gracefully. But Romulus definitely blew up and Ambassador Spock is missing. What I mean to say is- the "Reboot" universe exists here, just as surely as the "Mirror" universe does, but they are separate universes. I can elaborate on this if I'm not being clear. That's grand! Let us know if you have ANY more questions- I'm happy to answer them.
  13. Hey, happy birthday you! :)

  14. Since everyone else answered the rest, I'll throw my five strips in for this one. I find that basically, when writing a conversation between two people, when you tag the other person you're really giving over control of the conversation to them. So, when it's your turn to write, lead the way by all means- then basically 'hand over' the leadership of the conversation when you tag out. I'll provide an example of what I mean: In the above "sim", Rais (that's me!) is directing the conversation. The response tags I've left for "Aviro" are pretty generic, so you could write whatever you wanted. Now, let's turn over to you... Both times, the "leader" of the conversation was the person who was currently simming. Basically, just put in some generic tips. Be careful not to deliberately "C3PO" the conversation too much- your own writing should be generic enough so that, within reason, people could write whatever they wanted. This goes doubly-true for decisions and opinions. Asking someone to make a decision, but then reacting as though they answered one way, is a little rude (unless there's really no way the question could be answered either way). If you're ever unsure about this, just drop the player a quick Direct OOC to ask them what they would answer. Any kind of IM message works too. That's my tip of the day! Good luck in the academy, and post any more questions you have!
  15. I'm only a Lt (jg). I feel I can answer. I generally spend a good couple hours a day simming. But I have many NPC characters that take up my time... All that is required is three sims a week, which I would say is about three hours work per week. Hmm! I guess I spend most of my time thinking of witty things to say and interesting reactions. I'm dumb, so this takes ages. I'm fairly big. I've seen most of DS9, all of Enterprise, some TNG, all the movies, no original series, some Voyager... A lot! I still do.
  16. Hi Fleet Admiral,

    Lt (jg) Alleran Tan here. I was told Lieutenants could make new threads if they asked nicely? :)



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