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  1. ((Sto’Vo’Kor, Crew Lounge, Deck 9)) With a smile, Samira listened to the friendly banter between her superior officers. She took a few steps back with the idea to hop on to the next pool table, but decided against it. She had done that once, which resulted in a tear in the table’s green velvet. She had never forgotten the mouth off she had received from the owner of the table. Even while the proprietor was… a holographic one. Until this day, she wasn’t sure if it all hadn’t been a prank coming from one of her brothers. When the steward arrived, the temptation to order a
  2. ((Sto’Vo’Kor, Crew Lounge, Deck 9)) Before Samira accepted the pool cue, her right hand automatically reached for her gloves and in a matter of seconds, the leather fabric covered her hands, except for her fingertips. Only then she reached for the cue, a grin on her features, nodding thanks to Jo. At least the cue ball was easy to locate, she had spotted the white ball in one of the pockets as she had done the brief tour around the table. A few seconds later, the cue ball reappeared on the table at the starting point, which would make it trickier to pot the striped thr
  3. Another bit of excellent writing, by our CO, our FO, and... well, now, that would be telling, wouldn't it? Congratulations as appropriate! -- ((Sto’Vo’Kor, Crew Lounge, Deck 9)) They waged wars on a field of green; strategy devised, and tactics enacted, put to the test on the lush verdure lacking in blooms. Trajectory and geometry were the currency of the day; mathematical statistics and probability winning out over brute force. Armed warriors stood on either side, the pitched battle between made with long wooden weapons — gladiators in the arena — without the cheer
  4. ((Deck 10, Arboretum, USS Gorkon)) ((Present Day)) Arlo finished talking and realised that she had begun to cry. A lone tear had slid gently down her cheek, leaving a sad stream of wetness in its wake. She sniffed and brushed the rivulet away with a delicate sweep of her pale cheek. She looked down to find the glass of apple juice that Corliss had kindly fetched her was empty. She didn’t recall finishing it. She looked at Corliss. Corliss held out a small cloth to clean her face, letting her take it. Fortune: What happened next…? Thornton: Cormoran explai
  5. ((Sickbay, USS Temecula)) ((Stardate 239112.14)) ((Five Years Previously)) The world came back to Cadet Arlo Thornton by degrees. At first she was aware that she was alive then she realised she was lying on something relatively soft. She tried opening her eyes but they felt impossibly heavy, like someone had welded duratanium to her eyelids. So she tried to move her fingers- but could only manage her fingertips. It was a start. She could feel others present, hovering over her making soft whirring noises that sounded far off and murky- yet close at the same time. Her mind
  6. A lovely and frank exploration of the mind, by Arlo Thornton and Corliss Fortune (Highest Quality Counsellor Brain). Took me a little while to get to it, because the moment I started I knew it was going to be a good one, and I wasn't disappointed. Hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did! ----- ((Deck 10, Arboretum, USS Gorkon)) As a counselor, being versatile and expecting the unexpected was part of the job, truly. You never really knew what someone would say next, nor where they would ask to meet up for a session. Since she was on duty, s
  7. [JP] Lt. Sienelis, Lt. Marshall, Lt. JG Josett & Taeval - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part XVII) ((Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) Releasing a breath in a slow, steady stream, she met Bear's gaze with a resigned glint of amusement and a stiff grin. The thin pencil of light flickering through the raindrops caught her notice — and even if it had not, the look in his eyes was more than enough to send her heart beating a drum roll against her ribs. There was no cover, no way to easily break the sniper's line of sight, the escalation unexpected. Josett: I think I'
  8. [JP] Lt. Marshall & Lt. JG Josett - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part XVI) ((A short while earlier: Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) Despite the rain, the streets of the Romulan quarter found a little liveliness in them. Where the buildings dilapidated buildings lacked in maintenance, flags wrapped around or flowers sprouted from the dishevelled brickwork. Bear huddled a little tighter in his greatcoat as the rain continued to patter down from on high, forming puddles where the cobbled streets dipped through years of overuse. Small flowering plants grow in between the brok
  9. [JP] Lt. Sienelis & Taeval - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part XV) ((Memorial Square, Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) Valesha's gaze lingered on her partner as he walked away, oblivious to Taeval watching her in turn. In truth, she was a little afraid to be on her own with her brother, with nowhere to run and no one to take solace in. Now they had to have a conversation and face whatever the conversation might reveal. She swallowed, and it was then she finally felt the weight of her brother's gaze. He smiled at her, and she gave him an exasperated, affectionate frown.
  10. [JP] Lt. Sienelis, Lt. Marshall, Lt. JG Josett, PO Johns & Taeval - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part XIV) ((Memorial Square, Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) Taeval laughed and nodded, pressing a kiss to her forehead and pulling her back into a fierce hug, not bothering to dry his cheeks in the ongoing rainfall. A night spent staring at the glow of a PADD screen, trying to think of ever more obscure facts she should know, of trick questions to catch an imposter out, to get a sense of whether her motivations were genuine, and here she was. Squeezing him tight, hiccu
  11. [JP] Lt. Sienelis, Lt. Marshall, Lt. JG Josett, & PO Johns - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part XIII) ((Memorial Square, Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) The plaza looked slick under the coat of rainwater, shimmering in the sunlight. Plants in bedding boxes all around glistened with the fresh watering, the soil greedily soaking it in as two tiny birds that could fit into the palm of a hand flit back and forth, fighting over the nectar from one budding flower, creating a twirling pirouette in midair. In the middle of the morning, it was busier than it had been at night; olde
  12. [JP] Lt. Sienelis Lt. Marshall & Lt. JG Josett - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part XII) ((Next Morning: Iuruth Heieun, Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) The light through the window didn't change all that much from the night before; the street lamps dimmed, the rain continued, creating a sheen of water against the pane. Another glorious morning in the Romulan town of Little Ki Baratan, where the only thing working harder than the dockers was the weather system. Underneath quilts, snuggled into the mattress and pillows, Bear lay on his side, enjoying the slow, r
  13. [JP] Lt. Sienelis & PO Johns - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part XI) ((Iuruth Heieun, Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) She grinned at him, affection sparkling in green eyes, a marked difference from the fire and brimstone of a few hours ago. Sipping from her cup, she shook her head, seeing the distraction for what it was and welcoming it all the same. Sienelis: Frequently. Johns: You do the same thing when you finish your en dedans pirouette. ::The top of his foot ran under the bottom of hers as he explained it.:: Heel down in plié, ready to use the
  14. [JP] Lt. Sienelis & PO Johns - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part X) ((Sometime Later: Iuruth Heieun, Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) Lay sprawled on his back, Chris snored lightly through an exhausted sleep. One arm beneath Valesha’s pillow, his other hand on his bare stomach, his legs in the position familiar to both of the bed occupants now. The whispering hiss of rain outside accompanied his faint noise; thin raindrops hitting the brick and glass, a town perpetually drowning. Stretching a long leg out of passe, he turned in his midnight slumbering to wrap an arm around
  15. [JP] Lt. Sienelis & PO Johns - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part IX) ((Iuruth Heieun, Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) The momentum of the argument spurred her to inhale and continue — but nothing came out. Instead, she recoiled, taking a step back while a scalpel slipped between her ribs. Like blood in the water, an ache of doubt billowed out from the bottom of her chest. It wasn't the first time he'd brought up an ending to what they had framed as her choice or for her own good. Valesha knew she was hard to like, too full of sarcasm and soreness, and Chris deserved bette
  16. [JP] Lt. Sienelis & PO Johns - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part VIII) ((Meanwhile, Next Door: Iuruth Heieun, Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) Valesha stepped out of the tiny bathroom, damp clinging to her skin, hair in freshly washed disarray, wrapped in a thin towel. A preoccupied frown etched onto her brow, she left a trail of wet footprints on the carpet when she crossed the room, heading straight for her PADD. She met the blank screen with an impatient, frustrated huff, checking that Zeron's communications chip was properly seated and working inside it. It
  17. [JP] Lt. Marshall & Lt. JG Josett - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part VII) ((Iuruth Heieun, Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) The street glittered in the recently celebrated festival of the farmer’s — Eitreih'hveinn — strung in lanterns and lights flickering under the haze of the rain. The unassuming building sat in the middle of the main street of the Romulan town; the large sign outside an ode to a small settlement on Romulus in the striking letters, brushstrokes on a clear window. Adopted from the refugee administration building, it blended into the thoroughfare; somewhe
  18. [JP] Cullo & Taeval - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part VI) ((Meanwhile: Livernois Shipyards, Ketar V)) Rain hissed in the torrential downpour as Zeron looked out from the alleyway, his shoulder against the wall. Mind on other things. Andorian members of their Syndicate house there in the docks stalked through the streets, hoping to pick up the trail left behind by the four 'Fleeters now on their way out of dodge. Little Ki Baratan wasn't the safest of places to be, but it was safer than within the reaches of zh'Rharia and her Andorian junkies. The Tellarite's tooth wa
  19. [JP] Lt. Sienelis, Lt. Marshall, Lt. JG Josett, & PO Johns - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part V) ((Little Ki Baratan, Centennial City, Ketar V)) The shuttlecraft set down in the plaza and as the team stepped off into the Romulan centralised town, it took Chris a moment to shake off the preconceptions he’d acquired about the supposed once-ghetto in the middle of Centennial City. Reports they’d read in the depth of Valesha’s quarters while wrapped up in one another had spoken of the grim cultural shift there; of refugees huddled in blankets, of the impoverished people f
  20. [JP] Lt. Sienelis, Lt. Marshall, Lt. JG Josett, PO Johns & Cullo - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part IV) ((A little while later: Safehouse, Centennial City, Ketar V)) Sweeping up broken glass from the floor into a dustpan, Chris dumped the clinking bottle into the replicator. Bear had slunk off to one corner, cradling the bridge of his nose in his thumb and finger, maybe trying to work out where he’d gone wrong along the line to end up there, stuck in a room with beeping machines, one replicator, and no escape. Valesha was scowling in the opposite corner, staring at th
  21. [JP] Lt. Sienelis, Lt. Marshall, Lt. JG Josett, & PO Johns - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part III) ((Safehouse, Centennial City, Ketar V)) Johns: I wasn’t paying that much attention to the questions with a Hupyrian hand around my neck. ::He ran his thumb over Valesha’s cheek, skin becoming one again as flakes of dried green blood came away.:: But as far as I remember, she didn’t say. Sienelis: Her business associates want him. That's all she would tell us. The relative safety of the CCMS office and comfort of the sofa dampened Valesha's earlier
  22. [JP] Lt. Sienelis, Lt. Marshall, Lt. JG Josett, PO Johns & Cullo - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part II) ((Safehouse, Centennial City, Ketar V)) Zeron exhaled a sigh and nodded; the race to the finish line was a marathon, not a sprint. Picking up a well-worn glass from his desk, the Bajoran downed the contents in one, grimaced and placed it into the small receptacle of a replicator built into the wall. Within a second, both the glass and contents had fizzled out of existence. Cullo: You want a drink, there’s the bar. O. Marshall: There’s an act
  23. Another monster chain of sims from Quinn and Jo, and once again, it's an absolute pleasure to read. I've included every single part here, with little sub-titles so each part is appropriately credited. Excellent work as always! [JP] Lt. Marshall, Lt. (JG) Josett & Cullo - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part I) ((Safehouse, Centennial City, Ketar V)) Set a short walk away from the Explosive Decompression Bar, far enough to be out of earshot of whatever death metal was the flavour of the month, was the Republic Arms. Made to be a small, traditional-style publ
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