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  1. ((Holosuite 2, Embassy Garden Hotel, Yarista, Palanon, Tyrellion system)) Loxley: :: a slight frown creased his forehead:: How so? Fortune: Well..::she scooted closer, the popcorn tilting in her lap.:: You make me wanna relax a little. Take it slow, or well, slower than I normally would at least. ::she smiled.:: Maybe we bring out our...softer...sides? Loxley: I wasn’t aware I had a… firm side. She reached out and poked his cheek in thought, nodding after a moment. Fortune: Mm, seems pretty soft to me. ::she grinned, winking and letting hand fall to her la
  2. Another great JP, this time from Lox and Fortune! They're just so goddamn sweet, like eating a stick of fairy floss and following it down with a 4L bottle of soda. Enjoy! ----- ((Holosuite 2, Embassy Garden Hotel, Yarista, Palanon, Tyrellion system)) A gentle summer-night breeze ruffled the curtains by the open veranda, bringing with it that scent of warm rain that follows a storm. Inside the room was dark and intimate. Rows of plush red velvet chairs facing a flat screen which took up one entire wall. In the front row, chairs had been supplanted by a single large com
  3. ((Shuttlecraft M'Dank, Tyrellian System)) Two and a half hours had passed as Jona waded through the bureaucratic red tape. He had been handed off from official to official until he'd finally been granted a meeting with the commanding officer of the nearest starbase to the Sagittarius Reach - a Starbase still a few weeks away from the far-flung edge of the galaxy that counted Dehner Base among its residents. He wasted no time in filling the stern-looking man in on the pirate raids plaguing the science facility. ch'Ranni: Thank you, sir. We both appreciate whatever you can
  4. ((Shuttlecraft M'Dank, Tyrellian System)) ch'Ranni: Um, excuse me? Surely the UT had glitched for a second. zh'Lev: I need you to kill someone. Nope, that's what she said. Jona sat back heavily in his padded chair and let out a long breath. ch'Ranni: What's going on, Vexa? Talk to me. zh'Lev: Maybe it's better if I come aboard. ch'Ranni: Yes, yes, of course. Sending coordinates. Jona tapped out the command on his comm panel and swiveled his chair around after the transmission cut out. He lifted himself from his
  5. I really enjoyed reading this little side story, and I hope we see more of Dehner Base in the future! ----- ((Shuttlecraft M'Dank, Tyrellian System)) Jona ch’Ranni was dead bored. There was no other way to express the intensity of what he felt sitting in the pilot’s chair of the Type 2 shuttlecraft. An empty starfield was splashed across the [...]pit windows. Dabbles of starlight - so often the source of poetry for anonymous writers spread among countless worlds – taunted the normally good-natured Andorian. It wasn’t the stars at fault themselves. In fact, he hadn
  6. ((Sto’Vo’Kor, Crew Lounge, Deck 9)) With a smile, Samira listened to the friendly banter between her superior officers. She took a few steps back with the idea to hop on to the next pool table, but decided against it. She had done that once, which resulted in a tear in the table’s green velvet. She had never forgotten the mouth off she had received from the owner of the table. Even while the proprietor was… a holographic one. Until this day, she wasn’t sure if it all hadn’t been a prank coming from one of her brothers. When the steward arrived, the temptation to order a
  7. ((Sto’Vo’Kor, Crew Lounge, Deck 9)) Before Samira accepted the pool cue, her right hand automatically reached for her gloves and in a matter of seconds, the leather fabric covered her hands, except for her fingertips. Only then she reached for the cue, a grin on her features, nodding thanks to Jo. At least the cue ball was easy to locate, she had spotted the white ball in one of the pockets as she had done the brief tour around the table. A few seconds later, the cue ball reappeared on the table at the starting point, which would make it trickier to pot the striped thr
  8. Another bit of excellent writing, by our CO, our FO, and... well, now, that would be telling, wouldn't it? Congratulations as appropriate! -- ((Sto’Vo’Kor, Crew Lounge, Deck 9)) They waged wars on a field of green; strategy devised, and tactics enacted, put to the test on the lush verdure lacking in blooms. Trajectory and geometry were the currency of the day; mathematical statistics and probability winning out over brute force. Armed warriors stood on either side, the pitched battle between made with long wooden weapons — gladiators in the arena — without the cheer
  9. ((Deck 10, Arboretum, USS Gorkon)) ((Present Day)) Arlo finished talking and realised that she had begun to cry. A lone tear had slid gently down her cheek, leaving a sad stream of wetness in its wake. She sniffed and brushed the rivulet away with a delicate sweep of her pale cheek. She looked down to find the glass of apple juice that Corliss had kindly fetched her was empty. She didn’t recall finishing it. She looked at Corliss. Corliss held out a small cloth to clean her face, letting her take it. Fortune: What happened next…? Thornton: Cormoran explai
  10. ((Sickbay, USS Temecula)) ((Stardate 239112.14)) ((Five Years Previously)) The world came back to Cadet Arlo Thornton by degrees. At first she was aware that she was alive then she realised she was lying on something relatively soft. She tried opening her eyes but they felt impossibly heavy, like someone had welded duratanium to her eyelids. So she tried to move her fingers- but could only manage her fingertips. It was a start. She could feel others present, hovering over her making soft whirring noises that sounded far off and murky- yet close at the same time. Her mind
  11. A lovely and frank exploration of the mind, by Arlo Thornton and Corliss Fortune (Highest Quality Counsellor Brain). Took me a little while to get to it, because the moment I started I knew it was going to be a good one, and I wasn't disappointed. Hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did! ----- ((Deck 10, Arboretum, USS Gorkon)) As a counselor, being versatile and expecting the unexpected was part of the job, truly. You never really knew what someone would say next, nor where they would ask to meet up for a session. Since she was on duty, s
  12. [JP] Lt. Sienelis, Lt. Marshall, Lt. JG Josett & Taeval - Romulans, Countrymen and Lovers (Part XVII) ((Little Ki Baratan, Ketar V)) Releasing a breath in a slow, steady stream, she met Bear's gaze with a resigned glint of amusement and a stiff grin. The thin pencil of light flickering through the raindrops caught her notice — and even if it had not, the look in his eyes was more than enough to send her heart beating a drum roll against her ribs. There was no cover, no way to easily break the sniper's line of sight, the escalation unexpected. Josett: I think I'
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