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  1. And the award for this year's Worst Girlfriend Ever goes to... "Ooops."
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  3. I must have this picture! Do we have an avatar for T'Sara? Photoshop Wizards, make it so!
  4. 50 years ago today Star Trek premiered on television! To celebrate, let's share our first Star Trek memories! Mine was flipping through channels one day and discovering the funny head of Mr. Worf. I stayed to watch and got hooked. The sad thing was it was 1994, right at the end of the series. Fortunately though it was still early into the 90s golden age of movies, multiple series, and more! And yup, over twenty years later, I'm still hooked. What's your first Star Trek memory?
  5. Klingon Official: Is that... is that man wearing a dress? Rahman: What? I have no idea what you're talking about. ::looks over at King::
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  7. Rahman: Do it. She'll love it. ::grabs popcorn::
  8. (( USS Invicta, T’Lea’s New Quarters)) :: Pandora had done her job and delivered the new living space promptly. She’d also managed to include a little more room in the lounge area than what was normally allocated for “shared” quarters of two officers. Perhaps the ‘droid had taken into account the requirements of a six year old, rambunctious little girl running around.:: :: T’Lea briefly scanned the area through the tower of moving crates. The extra room would be the perfect place for T’Sara’s surprise, when it got here. She glanced at the time and scowled. Delivery from the station was late. [...]s. She’d paid extra for expedited shipping, and she was going to damn well make them pay for not getting it here on time.:: :: Just then the door chimes rang out. T’Lea popped her head out from behind the many rows of cargo boxes blocking the lounge area.:: T’Lea: Enter. :: She said, knowing it was the delivery guys with her package. She had ducked down behind a row of containers and was in the process of scooting them out of the way to make room for T’Sara’s surprise.:: T’Lea: You are late. I’m filing a complaint. Just put it over here…? :: When she looked up she was met with immediate disappointment. And Raissa felt it.:: T’Lea: Oh, great. :: Hardly an enthusiastic welcome, but in her defense she had been expecting someone else. She stood to full height and rested an arm on the stack of boxes that were about chest high.:: T’Lea: Is this a business or social call? ::Raissa kept her expression neutral and her mental shielding up tight. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. Usually their meetings took place in her office, but this was T’Lea’s ‘turf’ and she was a little unsure. But then, blunt always works with T’Lea. :: Moonsong: We do not socialize, therefore… business... T’Lea: That hurt my feelings. ::not really:: How about, you help me get these boxes into that room ::she pointed to the right:: and set up my daughters bed, and we can do business all you want? :: She wasn’t really as grumpy as she sounded; in fact, she was mostly nervous, excited and happy that T’Sara was coming home. On the other hand she was nervous, concerned, and worried about seeing Vetri again after how well their last get-together went.:: Moonsong: ::Raissa easily picked up the flash of emotion and could guess why.:: Very well T’Lea: Here. :: She handed over a crate, what she thought the Counselor was strong enough to carry, meanwhile she took what she *knew* she could carry.:: T’Lea: How has your shoreleave been? ::Raissa didn’t grunt under the weight. She was a little stronger than she looked since she kept in shape, but still.:: Moonsong: I have managed a few hours… T’Lea: So you decided to break up the monotony and come see me? You must really hate fun. Moonsong: I do not…. T’Lea: ::frown:: Don’t you have a personal life? A male companion, or at least an aquatic pet? :: The stack of boxes were shoved aside and T’Lea dug out a set of fresh linens for T’Sara’s bed. Pink, cartoony, frilly bed sheets with matching pillowcases and comforter. She tossed a pillow and a case at Moonsong.:: T’Lea: Catch. :: She said after the fact. On purpose. Raissa scrambled to catch both… barely.:: Moonsong: ::T’Lea babbling. Check.:: No, no and no… ::She really shouldn’t have answered quite the way.:: :: Stopping mid-pillow-stuf[...]e, T’Lea stood straighter and slanted a frown at her.:: T’Lea: Wow. That’s largely pathetic. I expected more. At least a fish. ::she hoped this next part would irritate her:: Haven’t you read the study that says it’s unhealthy not to get laid every once in awhile? :: She watched Raissa for a reaction. Nothing? Really? C’mon! That was good stuff, top shelf annoying stuff!:: Moonsong: ::Not the first time something similar was said to her. Usually after she spent hours with someone having some sort of meltdown. She tucked the case around the pillow.:: What I mean is that shore leave is when the crew has time to see me, therefore I am here. T’Lea: Oh. Well. :: Said T’Lea waving her hand as if accepting the perfectly logical logic. She set the pillow aside and searched for the correct end of the fitted bed sheet. Stupid stretchy sheets always confounded her, and she always got it wrong on the first try.:: T’Lea: How could I possibly poke holes in such a well-rehearsed excuse like that. ::shrugging:: You’re here. Thanks for the house call, I guess. What do you want? Moonsong: ::She put the pillow on the bed, her hand unconsciously smoothing the material:: I am following up with you. ::she paused to look at the taller woman.:: I heard that Captain Vetri was on the station. :: She tossed Raissia one end of the elastic-edged sheet, mostly to avoid the topic for a moment more. She gathered her *word*.:: T’Lea: So. Moonsong: I believe I have come to know you somewhat… How did it go? :: She half-glanced at the woman as they tucked one end of the sheet in.:: T’Lea: Poorly. :: There was silence that followed. T’Lea was waiting for another prying question, but oddly nothing came. When she looked up she figured out why. Raissa was giving her space to continue on her own without prompting. Stubborn, T’Lea didn’t bite.:: T’Lea: What? Moonsong: And? ::she turned the sheet around to get the right end in the right place.:: T’Lea: ::sigh:: Fine. Things were said. Then things weren’t said. ::shrugging:: She’s got the Tiger now, she doesn’t need— Ha. ::wagging a finger at her:: You almost got me there. Good one. :: She had bit off the last part that would have accused the Trill of abandoning her and their family for her career.:: Moonsong: How do you feel about that? T’Lea: It doesn’t matter what I feel, or think. She made her decision without me, which speaks volumes. Nothing I do or say is going to change that now. ::she crossed her arms:: Tell me I’m wrong. :: Defiant in stance, but desperate to hear a different side she challenged the Counselor.:: Moonsong: ::Raissa looked at her with a raised eyebrow.:: You are wrong. :: T’Lea wagged her head a little and picked up the top sheet to finish the bed. She tucked sharply and tightly, revealing her aggravation in action not words.:: T’Lea: You know, maybe you got it right. No personal life is the answer. I should have never opened myself up to anyone. Who needs the extra targdren, right? ::she looked at Raissa:: You’re better off alone. Moonsong: You are wrong again. T’Lea: Pfft, whatever. :: That was the best intelligent response she could produce in that moment. Frak, she hated it when Raissa stonewalled her and wouldn’t play her games!:: Moonsong: Did you go all logical and emotionless on her? T’Lea: Pfft… no. :: Did she buy that? T’Lea glanced at her. Of course not. A huff of frustration followed.:: T’Lea: Maybe. Moonsong: Then you are a fool. ::A quick glance told her there was enough soft things that if thrown wouldn’t be too painful. Unless T’Lea decided to smother her to death with stuffed animals.:: :: The hybrid reached for the comforter, either to straighten it out, or wrap it around the Counselor’s head.:: T’Lea: Excuse me? Moonsong: Plain and simple then. You give her what you think she wants without asking her. Putting T’Sara in your care speaks volumes when you are not being too stubborn to listen. You are narrow minded and ready for the worst without considering a different outcome. :: There was a pause in T’Lea’s denial for a moment as some of that started to sink in. The counselor was right about one thing. T’Sara. The fact that Vetri trusted her with their daughter indicated that maybe something was still there worth fighting for. But she was *not* narrow minded, she thought to herself with a slight sneer on her face.:: Moonsong: I will wager that at no point did you say to Della: “I want you back. I want to keep my marriage.” Did you even say “I love you?” :: Blocking that assault on her logic, T’Lea snapped out the comforter in anger to spread it on the bed.:: T’Lea: This from a woman that doesn’t even date. I am mildly amused at your attempt to fix a relationship, when you cannot even start one yourself. Moonsong: Yes, I am well aware that I have no personal life. My patients do not look at me as a potential friend. Do I like it? No. But dealing with people like you and helping them to be at least content with their personal life gives me something in return. :: Bullseye. T’Lea had proudly struck gold for a second, until she realized just how kind of sad the confession really was. Damn, she didn’t actually expect to feel sorry for Raissa. She toughed up and thought about going for the throat, but took a different, more honest approach.:: T’Lea: That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. You are more afraid than I am. :: Honest, not soft.:: Moonsong: No I am not. T’Lea: Grow up, Counselor. Stop hiding behind your work, and acting as if you are far more superior than the rest of us, and don’t need anybody. Take a frelling chance with some poor idiot and let them in. Geez. You call me narrow minded? At least I’m *trying*. I mean, for frak’s sake, start having fun and maybe, I dunno, maybe then people will see you as more than just a boring sounding board. Take a risk. :: She indicated the frilly pink comforter to straighten it out the other end.:: Moonsong: ::Raissa followed instructions. T’Lea battering at her painfully? Check.:: You think that is what I do? T’Lea: I know exactly why I do what I do. To protect myself from getting hurt again. I already spilled my guts to Della on the flight deck once, and her response was “see ya”. So forgive me for not wanting to go there again so soon. I know my reasons and motivations. Can you say the same about yourself? Moonsong: Yes I can. After all, I do endure your rather vicious emotional attacks on me because I dare to ask the questions you do not want to hear. :: It was true, Raissa was a convenient punching bag -- an outlet to spew her venom safely without the risk of repercussions to her career, but she also thought highly of the woman, and that was why she held back the true fury of her attacks. But Raissa didn’t need to know that.:: T’Lea: And I dare to question who is doing the questioning! You’re a telepath, ::shrug:: exercise your mental walls if I offend you that much. Or are you too busy hiding from yourself to deal with me? ::Raissa straightened her shoulders and crossed her arms as she looked up at the taller woman who could probably break her in half. She punched a Gorn after all while she was miffed. And if she opened up she would just give the woman more ammunition. Her job sucked.:: Moonsong: I block most thoughts, but I cannot block emotion. I know when someone is being intentionally hurtful. Useful in the job, but not elsewhere. I do have friends I spend time with. One is in a coma right now. I did have a boyfriend. We broke up when my new telepathic ability put him into sickbay with neurological damage after a kiss. Then I almost had a relationship with a Deltan, but he dumped me after he was reassigned. Lately I have been too busy with patients to troll the ship for a telepathic male that ‘might’ be interested in ending my lonely nights. I considered a vow of celibacy which my friends thought was ridiculous. ::There. More than enough for her to do damage with. Opening up was probably not the right move, but it was necessary to prevent T’Lea from completely losing focus.:: Moonsong: There. Now you should have more than enough information to rip into me with. :: Finally, something that T’Lea could sink her teeth into, but not in the way Raissa probably thought. T’Lea was a very good bully, and a pretty decent master of manipulation, twisting words and twisting arms to get what she wanted. While in the past she would have absolutely shredded the woman’s candor and used it against her to demoralize and humiliate her… well, lucky for Raissa this wasn’t the past.:: :: The hybrid slightly tilted her head inquisitively.:: T’Lea: You think that little of me. Moonsong: Yes. That is what you do. When you hurt, you lash out. ::pause.:: But you do not know anything about me therefore your vitriol is unfocused. :: But T’Lea *did* know. She knew more now than ever, and oddly there were some things in Raissa’s past that had similarities with her own. Obviously, Raissa had expected T’Lea to use it against her, but that hadn’t been her intention at all. She was just really terrible at making friends, and Raissa clearly wanted to keep things on a doctor/patient basis.:: T’Lea: Fine. I’m a drenhole. Anything else useful to save a marriage? Moonsong: Bottom line? You love her. Tell her. Just because the two of you are apart that does not mean your marriage is over. You do not want that. Neither does she. Stop being stubborn. Lay it out there until she clearly says the words “This marriage is over”. Stop trying to put them in her mouth. Stop assuming pain before it happens. :: She confront the Counselor almost toe-to-toe. Anything could have happened in those few seconds that passed, a fist thrown to the face, royal toss out of the door, but this happened…:: T’Lea: Agreed. ::pause:: But only if you do the same. :: She was of course referring to the “stop assuming pain before it happens.” Moonsong’s vow of celibacy almost paralleled T’Lea’s retreat from emotion. At least, in T’Lea’s mind it was comparable.:: Moonsong: ::Raissa blinked. That was not what she expected.:: What? :: The door chimes sounded at that moment, and T’Lea called around Raissa to grant access. As the doors opened two delivery men entered with a large cargo container. As the crates were moved in, Raissa slipped closer to the door.:: T’Lea: Over here with that please. :: Apparently Raissa had tamed the tiger, and saved the delivery guys who were twenty minutes late now.:: :: As the crate was set down and T’Lea signed the receipt she glanced at the Counselor making her exit.:: T’Lea: Hey. The Deltan you mentioned. His last name wasn’t Adarnis was it? Moonsong: No… Belasi... T’Lea: Good. That would have been awkward. Moonsong: I suppose so… ::Why, she didn’t know. Raissa decided now was the time to flee. She was confused by the emotions that T’Lea was projecting. She paused. Did opening up make her less the ‘enemy’? She wasn’t sure. Would they become friends? Again, she didn’t know. The friends she had had ignored the doctor/patient rules and included her in their life and got her to open up since that wasn’t something she did easily. At the moment retreat now seemed the best plan. Next time, it would be here office.:: END =/\==/\==/\==/\==/\==/\==/\= Lt. Commander Raissa Moonsong Chief of Counseling / Attache IEC USS Invicta =/\==/\=G239107RM0 =/\==/\= & Lieutenant Commander T’Lea History & Archaeology Specialist USS Invicta Author ID I238301T10
  9. ((Jolara’s Quarters, USS Invicta)) :: Rune stepped out of the shower still feeling like she’d just been hit by a torpedo. The images Lt Reese had shown her kept flashing through her head. To say she was on an emotional roller coaster would have been putting it mildly. She was torn between being borderline glad he was dead and enraged someone had done it before she could get any real answers, not to mention they did it in a way that made it look like she had gone ballistic and done it. :: :: The fact that Laro had stepped in and destroyed the investigation before it even really got started both shocked the hell out of her and worried her more than she could say. :: :: She was only half dressed when the door chime sounded. Grabbing a loose fitting t-shirt, she pulled it on while moving toward the door half wondering if station security had changed their minds and decided to pursue the investigation without the body or physical evidence. :: :: The face she saw when the door opened made her almost wish it had been security. :: Jolara: T’Lea… not really who I was expecting.. T’Lea: Me either. May I come in? :: Rune stepped aside, one hand waving T’Lea in and the other brushing her hair back. :: Jolara: Sure. Come on in. :: While stepping through the doorway, T’Lea surveyed the lay of the land, meaning she eyeballed Rune for any changes since her meeting with “the father” of her child, or any hints of what might have happened. She seemed disheveled, and sweaty, or had she just taken a shower?:: T’Lea: So, how was your day? Jolara: ::raising an eyebrow:: Totally crappy. ::sarcastically:: I am touched you care. :: T'Lea let herself fall to the sofa and stretched out on it like she owned the place.:: T'Lea: Pfft.. the only thing I care about is that my handler isn't getting thrown into some hellhole gulag. Let's be honest, your replacement Intel officer won't play as loosely with the rules, or tolerate me as well you do. :: Rune sank into the chair beside the sofa. She really wasn’t in the mood for their usual back and forth prodding. She closed her eyes, rubbed her forehead, then looked at T’Lea. :: Jolara: hmph… Now, why would I be getting thrown into some hellhole gulag when I have you here to torture me. :: Her sense of humor was still alive and well, that was at least something, thought T’Lea as she relaxed an arm across the back of the sofa.:: T'Lea: I heard a dead body turned up on the station. ::she slanted a look:: I don't need to know the details, mostly because I don't want to become complicit, but you're here and not in the brig so something went right. :: Rune let out a short, not so amused laugh. News certainly travels fast. Everyone on the ship would probably know before the end of the day. :: Jolara: I doubt you would believe me even if I told you. No one else does. T’Lea: Try me. Jolara: I did not do it. T’Lea: It’s a rather interesting coincidence then. Jolara: Like I said, no one else believes me either. :: T’Lea smile was sharp and mocking.:: T’Lea: Did I say that? No. Besides if you had killed him, you’d be acting different. See, you have a conscience; I’d like to think it would bother you. What happened then? Jolara: ::shrugging as if it didn’t bother her:: Someone high up in the Al-Leyan Council decided to take the body and all the evidence. T’Lea: That was nice of them. Any idea who would want to do that? Jolara: My mentor, Laro Susell… why, I do not really know. :: At that moment, the baby kicked hard and Rune flinched. :: T’Lea: Stop it. I know that look and you are not having that baby in front of me. :: Rune’s face scrunched as she shot T’Lea a look. She took a breath and released it, trying to relax and ease the pain she felt. :: Jolara: Do not worry. It is too soon. T’Lea: Sounds to me like your mentor got rid of a loose end. You got too close, and Laro sent you a bloody message. What are you going to do now? :: Rune shook her head as she adjusted her position in the chair trying to get comfortable. :: Jolara: She has done terrible things but… ::taking another breath as she felt another kick:: I do not know. I saw her earlier. She seemed… different… ::another pain:: somehow. :: The hybrid frowned suspiciously at Rune.:: T’Lea: Are those contractions? Jolara: ::frowning and shaking her head again:: It is nothing. Anyhow... she said it was not safe for me to return home and I should return to the ship. T’Lea: Isn’t that a drastic change from trying to kidnap you and drag your [...] back home? Or am I missing something? Jolara: ::nodding:: It is a complete 180 as humans say. I still do not trust her and never will, but I did get the sense that something has happened. T’Lea: You never told me how the meeting went with the father of your child, whatshisname. Did he say anything useful? :: Rune looked down with a shake of her head. Her mind was starting to spin and she was becoming increasingly physically uncomfortable which made it more difficult to focus on what they were talking about. :: Jolara: Tra’li Ramni. Not really. He seemed surprised when I told him why I was there. Said it was not him, that it was impossible. ::making a face, her hand absently touched her stomach:: Something about having a solid alibi. Being in a hospital recovering. T’Lea: You do know there are other ways to become pregnant. He didn’t have to be there in person. His alibi may be true. Did he say anything else? Jolara: I do not know what to believe anymore. Before I could question him further, he told me to return to my ship immediately and stay here. Then he took off. T’Lea: And then you killed him. :: She said casually trying to catch Rune off guard. It didn’t work.:: Jolara: I chased after him, which was probably stupid now looking back and why I am not feeling very well right now. T’Lea: Well, obviously he knew something. You should look into his alibi. Find out why he was in the hospital. Talk to his doctors. Talk to the people closest to him. That kind of thing. :: She got up to stretch and make her way to the exit.:: T’Lea: Or let it go, have your baby, and get on with life. Jolara: ::quietly:: I do not know if I can let it go. T’Lea: Understandable, they impregnated you for a reason. I don’t know if it was to keep you in line, or if the child is “special”, but either way you’re going to have a fight on your hands eventually. ::frowning:: Are you sure you all right? You look pale. :: Rune looked up at the Romu-Vulc and blinked. The room seemed to spin for a moment along with an intense pain in her lower back and abdomen, and down her legs. Holding her stomach, she leaned forward and sucked in a breath. :: Jolara: ::slowly shaking her head:: Something is wrong. :: An annoyed scowl crossed T’Lea’s Vulcan brow.:: T’Lea: Why am I not surprised. It’s the baby isn’t it? It’s coming. Jolara: ::a little scared:: Can not be... T’Lea: Yeah? Well, you don’t get to decide these things. Trust me. I know. Come on. You’re going to sickbay. :: Rune started to stand but another wave sent her off balance. She reached out, grabbing the first thing she could find which was T’Lea’s arm. :: Jolara: It is too soon. You have to make it stop! T’Lea: Hush! Now you listen to me you annoying little AI-Leyan. I am *not* delivering a baby today, do you understand? I do not need to be involved with your body parts ever, EVER, *EVER* again. Got it! Now move your pregnant [...] to the turbolift. Jolara: I can not! :: She grabbed Rune and ushered her swiftly out of the door and toward the turbolift.:: T’Lea: ::com. tap:: =/\= T’Lea to Sickbay. I have a medical emergency in route to sickbay. It’s Commander Jolara and her baby.=/\= Blueheart/Rosalee/Kaj: =/\= response ((Turbolift)) :: T’Lea hoisted the woman in and leaned her up against the wall. She glared at her over her shoulder.:: T’Lea: Don’t you dare drop it here. :: Rune held onto the rail with one hand and her stomach with the other. She gripped the rail tighter as another wave of pain stabbed through her. :: Jolara: I do not want to drop him at all! Computer: Please state- T’Lea: Deck six NOW! :: The turbolift took off to its destination:: Jolara: ::suddenly calm and breathing through the pain:: T’Lea… He is... not going to... wait. T’Lea: I am giving you a direct order, do NOT have that baby damnit! Jolara: Am very serious. T’Lea: So am I! ((Fast Forward)) :: When the lift doors opened, Rune was lying on the floor drenched in sweat and completely exhausted. She could hear a tiny cry and movement just out of her field of vision. :: Jolara: Is he.. okay? :: This had been the second child T’Lea had delivered in her life. The first had been Admiral Toni Turner’s, and that child too had been male. Apparently, T’Lea had a knack for delivering boys.:: :: The hybrid had taken off her jacket and the wriggly little newborn was swaddled therein. T’Lea, the hardcore [...], had him cradled close, checking him over like a mama lion.:: T’Lea: He’s gorgeous. ::at the baby:: Your mommy is a big stupid head, but you’ll be just fine. :: She moved to hand the child over.:: T’Lea: All yours. You owe me. A *lot*. :: Rune carefully cradled her new son against her. Tears filled her eyes as soon as she saw his little face. Her eyes flicked up to T’Lea and the back again. Seeing Rune like that made the hybrid uncomfortable, and she squirmed a little in her own skin.:: Jolara: ::her voice shaking:: Just two more things… T’Lea: Ugh. Really? Haven’t I done enough already? :: She couldn’t have sounded more put-off if she’d tried. Really, she was just covering up her own emotions, and the memories of holding her own newborn. T’Lea just stared at her waiting for whatever Rune wanted to be announced.:: Jolara: Do not let them take him from me. :: Right. *That*, thought T’Lea. Something told the hybrid that once Rune settled into the mom role, she wouldn’t be need her help to protect the child. But the Romu-vulc shrugged a loose response that kind of indicated help was there if needed.:: T’Lea: You’re so damn needy. Anything else, your highness? Jolara: ::managing a weak smile:: Do not ever touch me like that again. :: Turning back as the medics swarmed the turbolift, T’Lea slanted a look at the AI-Leyan, and then just shook her head and rolled her eyes. Bad joke received.:: ….end…. Lieutenant Commander T’Lea History & Archaeology Specialist USS Invicta Author ID I238301T10 -and- Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara Intelligence Officer - USS Invicta Writer ID: A238909RJ0
  10. Jolara: ::suddenly calm and breathing through the pain:: T’Lea… He is... not going to... wait.T’Lea: I am giving you a direct order, do NOT have that baby damnit!Jolara: Am very serious.T’Lea: So am I! It's probably a good thing T'Lea didn't go into medicine...
  11. Who doesn't love a good ol' Starfleet v. Starfleet brawl?
  12. Yes. "Oh, did you have plans, ensign?" Del, Haresh, Belasi, and Thomas send their condolences to Ryan.
  13. Who says you're not going to get that chance soon? Rahman's just been asked to get a museum ship back up and running in a month, and T'Lea is a historian, isn't she?
  14. All new members go through our training academy to learn how to play and write posts, but once you graduate, you can choose an enlisted rank (even crewman) and write in your character's bio to say he or she didn't actually attend the full four-year Starfleet Academy officer training program. If you choose for your character to be enlisted, a warrant officer, or even a civilian with no in character rank, you the writer will still maintain an out of character rank to go with your membership that starts at ensign and goes up along the line officer to flag officer ranks hierarchy.
  15. I for one am glad they're willing to "redefine the style." Of course TOS will always have a place in our hearts as the original Star Trek, but we shouldn't be chained to 1960s production values. If the HD remastering project showed that fans (or at least most fans) can accept new visual effects for the starship exteriors and so forth, why shouldn't we be able to just suspend our disbelief and let them show us the "HD" version of what the interior of Starfleet ships and facilities looked like or likewise with the costuming, make up, and so forth. If more money and production capability had been available back then, we know things like the Gorn or the Horta would have looked different. When we go to see a play or show on Broadway, we understand that the sets on stage don't look as "real" as they would in real life. When they make movie adaptations of plays and musicals, do they then say we can't film in real locations or with sets that look like actual rooms instead of just a back wall? Of course not. Ultimately, we understand as an audience that the set dressing is just in service to the story. We know that "in real life" starships wouldn't be so easily seen and lit up as they are in the darkness of space (nor would they be so close as they are depicted in the battle scenes of DS9). This is why when fans argue about how big a ship is and try to use "onscreen evidence," it's pointless because even the VFX artists admit they scale up the hero ships to make them more prominent in scenes (even those of the same class such as Martok's bird-of-prey in relation to the other BOPs). The visuals are for the story. They're not meant to be taken literally. So if they want to redefine what the 2250s and 2260s look like, that's fine to me, just as a modern sequel or prequel to a video game made twenty years ago doesn't need to be beholden to the original's resolution/graphics quality. If they show TOS-era ships that look more detailed than the ones we saw in TOS, that's just like how the original A Night to Remember (1958) and Titanic (1997) both were showing the same ship from 1912, just with the different production values and capabilities of their times. (More pictures here)
  16. When I first came to StarBase 118, I was also new to 118's style of leaving open tags within conversations. I had previously roleplayed in a group many years ago where each writer basically was given freedom to write for all the characters and go chapter by chapter. You'll get trained into how we do it at 118 during the academy, and after having been a part of this group now for six years, I have to say that the style has opened up a very interesting way of storytelling that wasn't possible in the previous style I had known. I'm not saying one style is necessarily better than another, but for instance, I recently uploaded a "completed" scene to our wiki and usually, I would do so by just patching in the responses from the other player. For example, this is a scene where the narration is from my character's POV, and I have uploaded it to the wiki in its "completed" form by stitching together the responses and narration from the other writer to make one long post when in fact this actually took place over a month of posts back and forth of tagging each other: Dr. Del Vedova & LtCmdr Rahman: Secret Admirer In another scene, however, I felt each person's narration from their character's perspective was what really made the scene so memorable, so I made a table where you can basically read the entire scene side by side from each character's POV: Kells, Del Vedova, Rahman, and Saveron: "Dinner Party" What really makes StarBase 118's form of storytelling so fun for me is getting to read the story and various scenes this way. When each person writes, we are often revisiting previous scenes someone else wrote but now from the perspective of their character. No one person then actually has the definitive "version" of the scene, and to truly get the most of the story and the scene requires reading all of the characters' perspectives, which ultimately makes the story and greater world of the StarBase 118 universe feel very enriching and alive.
  17. Well, Rahman might not be a space pirate, but she did play one before...
  18. Saw it earlier today! Spoilers below, but I also enjoyed it, even with its flaws here and there. All in all, a fun film and a great 50th anniversary celebration.
  19. Apparently based off of an old proposed redesign of the Enterprise in the 70s for what would have been the first TOS movie, Star Trek: Planet of the Titans. The similarities with some of the other concept art, especially the asteroid space dock can't be coincidental: But they've also now said the design isn't "final." Hmm... well, regardless of how I personally feel about the design, it is exciting to be talking about a new Trek movie that just came out (with a sequel already announced) and a new TV series in development!
  20. NCC-1031 And for those who've seen the new movie... So pre-TOS/early 23rd century?
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