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  1. And as I expected I didn't had enough time to finnish my writing challange. Sorry
  2. Welcome to the forums, Bareil, I hope you have a great time around here. As for my story, I'm still writing but it's sett on hold as I have still some school projects to finnish, which needs my direct attention that the contest sim. Even know I like writing, school is my nmbr one priorety. It's the 11th know and I don't think I will make the deadline, but in the meantime you guys can read the stuff that I had made in the meantime have funn with the rest of my story.
  3. :: The three kids grinned a little, now the team was fully complete it was time for some skating. The five youngsters skated the whole morning, around lunchtime the five stopped with skating and decided to get some lunch before they whould starv from hunger. :: ROCKET: Anyone for the Kelis? :: The four kids looked at him. :: ASHLEE: Naaah, I don’t feel much for that kind of food today. :: The others nodded yes. As they where talking they moved their way out of the skatepark that they have been skating in. As they passed trough the exit they decided to go to the Bunker, it was a local restauran
  4. Well I was only kidding, but I hope I can finish it, but I don't think I have enough time for it, I also gotta make like three schoolprojects.
  5. Well I could make the end a "to be continued" marking in it.
  6. *cough*Already went over that, I think.
  7. Very true, but you can short down good stories.
  8. Well I'm still working on it and as we speak it reached 15 and a half pages.
  9. I think that would be a great idea Idril. Hope you have some time as it's already over the 14 pages long in my word file.
  10. k, thanks. I hope I can get some time this week as I'm kinda tired from work and than I need some fanta to get the words out of my head.
  11. Wolf a question, do you mind I post it in bits? Cause I'm still writing it.
  12. :: Violet than turned around and waited for her sister to move her way to her. :: VIOLET: It always is, sis. :: Vesta grabbed the pad from the table as soon as she reached it. She smiled to her sister and gave it a quick read. :: VESTA: We must go act quickly, we can’t afford to loose any seconds. :: Violet looked at her sister. :: VIOLET: Don’t worry we have like four days. VESTA: Yes I know we have, but if something goes wrong with the preperations? :: Violet looked at her sister, she knew that they could make a mistake with making the potion, she knew from experience that they had made seve
  13. I know Idril, but I'm typing it in word. And it's all the time little bits. But I'm not even halfway, but your right. ooc: I'm sorry if my post contains some grammer errors but I don't have a english spell check in my word. Only a dutch spell check. As I'm typing it in word it already is showing that it is filled with grammer errors but that's normal as it only knows dutch words and of course the english words are fault because he only uses dutch for it. I'll try to get on yahoo but *ahum* my moms pc doesn't allow it. But to get back on my post. I'll try Idril.
  14. :: Vesta nodded to her while she tooks a sip from her coffee. She didn’t like to be ignored but there where times that she had to get used to it. After Vesta finished her drinking her coffee, she placed it on the little table which was in front of her and stood up again, she walked to her sister and saw that she finished reading the ritual and everything that belonged with it. Violet turned her head towards her sister and nodded. :: VIOLET: You know we need to get some ingredients for this ritual. We have some but most part we need to get from the Place and than there are some items that just
  15. :: After some seconds she lowerd the cup of coffee and walked to Simon. :: VIOLET: Do you need have any plans for today? :: Simon smiled to her. :: ROCKET: Well yes I do, I’m gonna skate with some friends of mine. :: Violet nodded and grabbed a pad from the table. :: VIOLET: Okay, anything else? :: Simon looked up to her. :: ROCKET: Nope. :: He turned around and picked up his skateboard and wanted to walk to the door. :: VIOLET: Simon can you please get something from “The place”? :: Simon turned around and nodded yes to her. Aunt Violet smiled in return to the boy while he walked further to t
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