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  1. Hell, that is too much. every herd the phase less is more. well I have less. one of the reasons I am son popular with the ladies.... mmmm.... I am sure that did not put me in a good light.
  2. Alterative ending??? What is this some kind of DVD offer?
  3. mmmm... I believe I will have a crack at this one, seeing as I am still waiting to be placed on a vessel.
  4. Somewhere in the alpha quadrant, against the backdrop of a purple florescent unnamed nebular, three ships sat seemingly dormant, in what can only be described as an eerie conference. In all the twilight of time and all the vast tract of unenclosed wild known as deep space it would have been difficult to imagine the three ships in question being together with not so much of a hint of aggression. The face of Space by its mere completion seemed to add calm to the conference, for although each tactical officer waited in anticipation no shields were raised and no weapons were charged. From afar the
  5. yer, in college if we go over the word limit by more than ten percent we are only marked out of half. So I guess editing is the word of the day.
  6. 14 I am writing one and its only a page and a half so far, not even sure if it will be done by may 5
  7. not a big Janeway fan i guess.
  8. it was pretty much somed up it the last ep of DS9 were Admiral Ross says "the Dominion will make us fight for every inch of ground." I would be leaning towards the Dominion but I think it comes down think who every has home advantage will win. I just can not see the Dominion lossing if they are fighting in the Gamme quarderant. The Federation only beat the forces that where in the Alpha Q.
  9. I have that ep and Dax tells the captain to offload the civs onto the station. As for Galaxy class ships, although i dont like the look they are without dought soild, reliable ships and good in combat. With is my all new ships are messered against the Galaxy class in terms of power.
  10. No no no, Sisko is the best Tactically wise. Fortune favours the brave was a class example of how good he is. send in the fighers, draw out the cardies, sees the trap, goes for it, FANTASTIC!! I would have to agree though that Riker is good tactially almost as good as Picard, but didn't think much of Kirk.
  11. I would have to say the destuction of the Defiant stunned me. But the best in my view was when the ENT-C does back into battle knowing it is doomed, although you don't get to see it be destroyed, it is a great scene.
  12. I can't believe it's been cancelled, I was just getting into it. I was starting to think that it was a great show.
  13. My alturnative crew. CO: Captain Rudolph Ransom FO: Lt. Thomas Riker Second Officer: Lt. Natasha Yar Helm: Commander Deanna Troi Security: Major-Genaral Quark Science: Lt. Commander Porthos Medical: Commander Worf Sexual Analyst: Lt.commander Dax CEO: Doctor (Voyager's EMH)
  14. I only liked the future janeway. If we are talking about female captains, then lets remember Commander Dax when she took command of the USS Defiant in series 6 of DS9. She would have made an excellent Captain. As it stands I like Sisko the best with Picard in a close second.
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