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  1. ((USS Excalibur-A, Main Engineering)) :: Murphy was not her friend. Neither was irony. Apparently, this was manifesting as a lot of things going wrong, all of which was definitely forcing engineering to work like mad. It made it worse that she had to keep in the corner of her mind whether one of the engineers was causing any of the problems. The only blessing so far was she'd not found anyone responsible. Oh, and that the ship was still semi-functioning and in one piece.. there was that too. While she waited for a response from the bridge, hoping that Livingston or someone up there sti
  2. ((Folds' Quarters, Starbase 118 Habitat Ring)) ::He had only seen his new home on a map of the station's layout, and a generic picture of an empty, apartment-style quarters he had pulled up, quickly, in one of his few free moments between receiving his assignment and checking in. When the doors opened, they revealed a stark, empty, grey room -- not entirely unlike what any other small, one-person apartment might look like in between residents.:: ::Folds stepped inside and poked his head around. His duffel bag and trunk had already been delivered here, and sat next to a small table in the mid
  3. OMG this is exciting! So many strong sims!
  4. ((Celes II, Ruin of Abandoned Machinery Storage Warehouse)) ::Consciousness came slowly, and with some reluctance. She swam in and out of it without being sure she was doing so. The sensation of the biobed, the odd tingling in her extremities, snatches of speech--these were all she caught of the waking world before drifting under again. Small wonder, perhaps, that she felt no urgency to surface.:: ::Eventually, though, her mind moored itself more firmly to the docks of consciousness. She took in the sensations, and after a few blurry moments of reaching for the memory trail to connect them
  5. ((Celes II, Ruin of Abandoned Machinery Storage Warehouse)) ::The final bout of The Clashing was about to start; the bout in which, unlike in previous fights, all four finalists were placed in together to fight it out:: ::The fight was to take place in a large chamber, around fifty metres to a side. Unlike the rest of the warehouse, this area had not been cleared of machinery. Instead, equipment and junk from other areas had been moved in to further clutter it up. There were therefore various terrains created; piles of wreckage, clear aisles between large machines, random obstacle courses o
  6. Yay! regarding 2. Regarding 1, here's what I'm referring to. I did a single narrative in three parts, posted several days apart, each one picking up where the last one left off, labeled parts 1, 2, and 3. I like them enough to overcome my aversion to vanity and submit them, but they work better as a single sim rather than as 3 separate ones. Not to mention it would be weird to have them competing against each other. So what I'm asking is, is it alright to submit them as one?
  7. Is it alright to aggregate a sim before submission? I guess this is actually two questions: 1. Is it alright to submit a sim as a single entry, that was initially posted in several pieces (assuming they all were posted in the relevant timeframe?) and, 2. Is it alright to submit a sim that was posted with open tags, but filling in the tags with the responses that were posted in a different post?
  8. ((Kevin Breeman's Bedroom, Breeman Residence - Earth - Several Weeks After our Current Time on SB118)) ::Patri hugged her knees as she sat on the bed. Seated in the chair near Kevin's desk Jan watched her quietly as they discussed what had happened on what turned out to be Odyssey Station, located far outside of the Milky Way Galaxy.:: Patri: I don't know. I... Just didn't want to have to deal with them anymore. ::Jan nodded thoughtfully and smiled.:: Jan Breeman: That's understandable. I think you've had a very unique experience with computers. Computers aren't monsters. I'm sure you'
  9. Ahh, the joy of overlapping geekinesses. :)

  10. Aww, see, here I was hoping for drama! :)

  11. Yep, I was Nick's Squire. I'm very curious about the story of how you made that connection.

  12. ((USS Victory, Deck 9, Gymnasium)) ::Deck 9 was often called the 'security deck', due to its housing of the brig, the security office, and the quarters of nearly all the security personnel. As a result, it came complete with its own Gymnasium, but it wasn't a particularly large one. Katy was not the first head of Security to find the facilities inadequate; on her previous post, the Eagle, the entirety of Cargo Bay 3 had been converted into gym space. Katy had chosen a different solution; the adjoining men's lavatory had been removed and it's counterpart across the hall turned into a unisex
  13. (( Ash MacKenna's FO Quarters, Deck two, USS Victory )) ::Ash didn't have many things to move into her new quarters, but what she did have, she wanted to get put away. The two small crates had been transported before she actually arrived, so when she walked into the room, they nearly tripped her. The doors had parted and opened to more room than she could possibly use. It would take some getting used to.:: ::Setting down the small duffle bag, the red head moved from the living area to the bedroom. There, she carefully sat her two 'guardians' on the top of the dresser. For a moment, she allowed
  14. Because I missed it! It's been years and years since I played here, I figured now was a good time to start again. And I just found the site for my old ship! http://www.starbase118.net/fleet/freedom/ Oh, how I miss that crew. Only two of my sims in the logs (I played Lt. Ivrel), alas for my poor ego. But ah, the nostalgia!
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