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  1. Happy Birthday Gee! You are really missed on the crew. Hope things are going well for you. :)

  2. Congrats guys:) wish i had been able to join this time:) good stories all!
  3. Nax sighed as he filed another report away. The annual reports form the remote Observational post were always hectic, but this time they were down two mangers and the reports kept piling up. “ Hope things calm down soon. “ he thought as he reached for another report. Before he cold look at it though, his door chime went off. ‘ Yes? ‘ he called, wandering who was going to be increasing his workload now. His door opened to reveal a familiar and welcome face. ‘ Greetings Nax, ‘ said Marrow as she entered the room. ‘ I hear things are pretty busy around here right now. ‘ ‘ Marrow, you’re a sight
  4. Can I get someone to start a topic called Observational Report with the finished icon? I'll post to it later tonight. Thanks!
  5. Probably takes more then 3 days, especially with the holiday, to get things organized;) After all the last one started mid Nov. Give them a few days to get stuff ready:)
  6. Well, I joined becase i was looking for something new to do:) i had done PBEM years ago and thought i might like to try again. When i did a google serach, this site seem to stand out as the most intersting looking one out of the ones i checked:)
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