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  1. Greetings to my fellow Vulcan and resident of South America! What do you study?
  2. @Blaidd Vescori Those strengths sound just like you play him. Seems pretty accurate!
  3. Sasak came up as ISFJ-A, though on the cusp of ISTJ-A. The descriptions of both sound pretty accurate for him. Personality type: “The Defender” (ISFJ-A) Role: Sentinel Strategy: Confident Individualism Individual traits: Introverted – 81% Observant – 68% Feeling – 51% Judging – 89% Assertive – 97% Strengths: Supportive Reliable and Patient Imaginative and Observant Enthusiastic Loyal and Hard-Working Good Practical Skills Weaknesses Humble and Shy Take Things Too Personally Repress Their Feelings Overload Themselves Reluctant to Change Too Altruistic
  4. I'm excited to check it out but I'm keeping my expectations low. There were elements of the trailer that I wasn't exactly thrilled about, but at the very least we're finally moving forward in the timeline so maybe they'll stop retconning and rebooting everything and actually follow canon. I am looking forward to more possible appearances from other TNG/DS9/VOY characters. It would be fun to see where they take their characters (though also potentially frustrating).
  5. I agree. Voyager's Good Shepherd (6x20) has a similar vibe that I like a lot.
  6. Voyager's Polynesian Resort
  7. I agree with Tu'Peq. The Federation is all about peaceful exploration and diplomacy. Transparency is the best way to signal that their intentions are peaceful and that they have nothing to hide. Cloaking technology would undermine the way that they want to be perceived. The Federation should study cloaking technologies in order to better detect and defend against potential aggressors, but cloaking devices shouldn't be standard equipment.
  8. For me the writer, I think I would enjoy the mess hall on Voyager and Ten Forward the most. Both have a chef or bartender that you can create a long term relationship with (you can be a "regular") and you have your colleagues and Starfleet friends to socialize with (so a much more peaceful, controlled environment). I have the feeling that Quarks would be too loud (and possibly dangerous) for me.
  9. ::Sasak stepped out of the airlock onto Starbase 118. It had been seven years since he had last been here. While the Vulcan had not visibly aged in that time, much had transpired in his life. He had taken a short-term leave of absence from the fleet to return to Vulcan to marry his betrothed but, instead, in the throes of pon farr, he had rejected T'Kii and declared his desire to mate with a male. Always the asexual Vulcan, he had surprised not only his betrothed and their families but also himself. He had remained on Vulcan after in an attempt to find a suitable mate; however, unable to find a husband, and with his next pon farr less than a year away, Sasak had decided to rejoin Starfleet in an attempt to once again surround himself with like-minded Vulcans and aliens. He had always felt out of place amongst such emotional and illogical beings, but, once returning to Vulcan, he had realized that his time in Starfleet had irreversibly changed him. He was now an outsider in both places, but in Starfleet, surrounded by greater diversity, he hoped that he would feel more at home and have the potential to find a life-long mate, or at least someone to mate with during his pon farr.:: ::Always the impeccable minimalist, Sasak was headed to his temporary quarters with his one Starfleet-issue duffel bag slung over his shoulder. As he walked down the corridor, he wondered what had become of many of his commanding officers and colleagues: Captain Riley, Cmdr. Jhen Thelev, Lt. Cmdr. Solok, Lieutenant T'Reshik, and Lt. JG Sakara Virgo.::
  10. Happy Birthday! :]

  11. Hey! Thanks...I knew I wanted to get the site's web address in somehow and it just worked out like that :)

  12. Just have to say that your last Twitter note was really amusing. Nicely done!

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