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  1. Officers are expected to adhere to a code of conduct and maintain certain professional standards at all times, even off-duty. Anything with an officer involved (even if the other half was civilian, energy-being, or what-have-you) falls under Starfleet's jurisdiction. Of course, the 'Fleet could not directly punish or regulate a civilian, but the officer would likely be held responsible for both their and the civilian's half of the ..union. Cain, if you are not a veteran or a service brat, you are excused from not knowing the following: Whether enlisting or being commissioned, you sign away you
  2. Also, this is a good time to plug the excellent Voyager episode "Someone to Watch Over Me". In it, Seven of Nine explores the nature of romantic intent with her usual clinical precision. http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Love_Amid_the_Stars:_A_Romantic_Bestiary I thought that the Doctor went through so much trouble for a single, curious member of the crew was very touching. Clearly the educational course was tailored to the former Borg. (Also, note that in the episode lessons 4, 5, 7, 9, 12-21, and 24-35 are not depicted in the on-screen narrative. One is free to imagine what interesting wrinkle
  3. I am going out on a limb here, but I'm going to guess that most, if not all STDs, like headaches, don't exist anymore at this point in the future... I think you're underestimating the variety and versatile nature of diseases. Some viruses and bacteria can survive and adapt where more complex organisms would die off. (Remember that it took the Medical technology of the Federation until the middle of the twenty-fourth century to cure the common cold.) As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Inoculation against common diseases would be standard operating procedure, but the si
  4. Welcome to the fleet, Bob! Do not forget the Starbase 118 wiki - it is a valuable resource and a great place to keep track of your character's information.(Also your PNPC's y'know, once you start inventing additional characters aboard your ship.)
  5. Congratulations on your flashback! Pretty high up there for your first attempt.

  6. That is a much more interesting viewpoint than previously encountered, Species 5618. Your ideas will be adapted to serve as my own opinion. The way the Borg ignore that which they considered irrelevant always annoyed me. I suppose that is equally a commentary on modern society, where people are ignorant of their next door neighbors and whatever does not make it into the newsfeeds they scan on the internet, but people know what celebrities are doing and about whatever political factions are vocal about at the whim of the lobbyists. The Borg are also sort of a backwards approach to a concept as
  7. Where have you been, Saveron?

  8. Birthday time! Woo woo woo. I am going to party like a responsible thirty-one-year-old guy.

  9. You can do it however you like- whatever style takes your fancy. Some people do them in "sim format", others do narrative style. Whatever you feel most comfortable with and whatever serves your story best. Thanks! I think I would prefer to write regular-style. (Although practicing "sim format" might not be too bad an idea.) Hopefully I can have my story up by tonight.
  10. I am going to post my entry regardless, but I do have a question if any of y'all know: Do these stories follow normal sim format? What with the ::colons:: and people's speech noted by their name in ALL CAPS? Or are these more like regular stories, with normal paragraphs?
  11. I am watching the cartoon "Adventure Time". And preparing for over-due sleep.

  12. Congratulations on graduating Academy! Live long and prosper.

  13. I am curious: Is the first part of your name a reference to TANJ?


  14. That is a good point: Fictional characters can change just as their writers do. And the beauty of writing is that your character can come out on top of a situation more easily than you had to do in real life (or at least overcome it in a way that sounds more grand and takes less time). Ship transfer was frustrating, but not as bad as it could have been. I think this is largely because I was originally stationed with SB-118 OPS. With the departure of our original captain we stopped training maneuvers (being on a starship) and returned to Starbase. Hanging around on SB-118 was a more natural tr
  15. Okay, thank you for the clarification. Maybe I just assumed or reached a false conclusion because of a restriction mentioning "Voyager" in the information following graduation from the Academy. Any case, this was all over a year ago.
  16. The illusion of continuity is a pleasant one, but there is no practical means of ensuring an ad hoc narrative is seamless. Players are not going to be able to consistently read and post. (Unless PBEM has priority over real life.) Creating a new character is certainly easier than maintaining an older character, granted. But that only adds to the troubles of the fleet's narrative appearing fragmented. To me, the entire purpose of having a character is to explore their life and run their Starfleet career (or experience, in the case of diplomats, civilians, et al) to a satisfactory conclusion. Whe
  17. You can play any character you like, even one you haven't played for some time or a former main character, as a PNPC. The only issue is, the rank of your main character and your PNPCs must be equal to your OOC rank or lower. For example, if your old character was a Lieutenant, but your OOC rank is now Ensign, you could not play that character as a PNPC in the service of Starfleet because their rank is too high. You could, however, play them as a civilian- or you could lower their rank for any reason you find believable (perhaps they retired and, after some time away, took another commission
  18. Hail. I am currently in re-training. So far I have found the academy tutorial a helpful refresher, but I have not had much information specific to returning to my old sim character. Also, is there a forum timeline or something similar? Any primer on the continuing history of the SB 118 universe? I heard that for SB 118 purposes, "Voyager" series is considered non-canon. Is this true? Is the Star Trek reboot (AKA the new movie) considered canon? So far the information I have received has been helpful, very streamlined - no extraneous stuff.
  19. is exploring organisms created through genetic manipulation and vat-incubation.

  20. Wait, when did the change the forums on me? This place looks "off" now.

  21. You create ambient music? Truly?

  22. Shock treatment is not largely illegal now. At least, not in Florida. It is just uncommon.

  23. Nice meatballs. You must be italian.

  24. "Why? What did she tell you?"

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