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  1. It is not mentioned that when somebody else is opening a thread for entrant should sign/denote it as finished with the horizontal arrow post icon when opening. I re-posted story signing it as finished. You can delete first thread - the not denoted one! Taken care of. Good luck Mr. Lawn
  2. Opening Topic for Mr. Rhul's entry.
  3. The glow of red reflected through the department eerily, sending chills down her spine. Though the alarm had been silenced, the deafening roar of the battle still raged. Around her, there was no hesitation as everyone rushed to their jobs, piecing together the dying ship in an attempt to keep her alive just long enough to evacuate. The world was spinning, and though she tried to keep her hands steady, they were refusing to cooperate in the growing darkness. Coolant leaks were popping up around her, and the air was filling with the thick clouds of disaster. The system was going into overload, a
  4. I have no power, nor real direction, but if you tell me what I need to do, I will do it to the best of my ability...=)
  5. Hey, three heads are always better than two! =)
  6. I know I'll regret this, but... Here's one! And two. ::Raises hand::
  7. I'd have to agree. Lets get it going again under the rules that now exists so that it doesn't fade away while we worry about the red tape. Something is better than nothing I think in this situation. Maybe as things progress, we can modify and revert rules as needed, and of course I offer any help I can give with the contest, setup, or management...just give the word.
  8. Well, it isn't for everyone... Maybe it shouldn't be such a competitive thing? Maybe just let the ships XO's or something pick a sim each month to showcase on the forums? I dunno... Someone get the defibrillator and we will just shock the thing back to life.
  9. In the attempt to make things fair, things always get more convoluted and complex. I would like to just say in good faith that those of us who lurk on these forums are always going to vote and participate fairly, even if it doesn't always look that way, but the fact is, there is no way to prove this. I am not really worried how we get this back up and going, but I think that we need to. Part of the reason that SB118 looked better than any other RPG out there to me was because of the community that I saw behind it. The community is what makes a group for many people, and if little things like t
  10. I think it has something to do with the fact that some ships have a huge presence on the forums, while others don't. Perhaps we need a better way of voting? I have seen a couple of ideas pass by, but it seems that the discussion has come to a halt...unless I am out of the loop, which is possible as well.
  11. I spend entirely too much time avoiding work on these forums...so, if there is no one with more experience willing, I will volunteer if someone would be so kind as to train me in what I am supposed to do. I think this is a great part of the SB118 group...and I know there are others out there that do not want to see it die.
  12. So...what does a girl have to do around here to get this contest kicking again? O.o
  13. Waiting for a judge to appear? or Waiting for a judge to decide? or wha?
  14. Kali has been waiting - watching - and yearning to join... Who do I have ta talk to ta get this party started? (again)
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