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  1. Good luck out there (in the real world!) ...we'll miss you!

  2. ((Starbase 118 - Deck 775)) ::It was late when Kaedyn Zehn reluctantly left his office and returned to his empty quarters. With Eliaan away again on the Victory, he felt acutely lonely. That his partner could frequently be called away for duty was something Kaedyn had accepted and had not thought much about before he was joined but he was more aware of Eliaan’s absence now. In a cruel irony, now that he had the memories of all those other people swimming around in his head he felt more alone than when he was just one person and one set of memories.:: ::He stood in the middle of their quarte
  3. ((Transporter Room - USS Apollo)) :: The air that Liam breathed in as he materialized in the transporter room of the Apollo was as fresh as an ocean breeze when compared to the dank, stale atmosphere of the Canduc. He had only spend a total of a few hours on the ship, but it was more than enough of that type of environment to last him for a long time. Most of the crew fled out of the room made their way out and to the turbolift. Liam allowed himself to fall behind them, catching the next lift and taking it up to deck three. A short walk down the hall and he found himself in front of his own do
  4. ((Somewhere on the Surface of Thracia II)) ::A stiff wind blew through the baring trees, shedding more of the dying leaves from the brittle branches and bringing with it a chill that permeated the air surrounding the silently moving predator. With darkness falling, it would have been difficult to see the black hair billowing behind her head like smoke from a growing blaze, unless of course you knew just what you were looking for. To the prey she stalked, her silent movements went unnoticed as it continued to gather what it would need to survive the coming winter.:: ::With speed and agility tha
  5. I think, if you wanted to develop something like this for our time, you should probably start from scratch. There is so much here that makes me stop and shake my head, though I totally believe it's cool that someone thought to write it up and sell it at a convention. Back in the golden age of conventions before we had the internet en force, we actually had to gather in one physical area to share our crazy love of Star Trek... I am going out on a limb here, but I'm going to guess that most, if not all STDs, like headaches, don't exist anymore at this point in the future... I think that this
  6. Welcome! I'm glad that you found us. And from NC too...Marion - only two hours away from me in the big G.
  7. That's a great idea! Lazer tag in the cooridors of a starship...awesome!
  8. Kali Nicholotti

    JAN/FEB The Masks of Duty

    Katrina glanced over her appearance in the strangely plain mirror and adjusted the clip in her hair so that two long tendrils fell to either side of her face without obscuring it. Dressed in her best, the reporter was preparing for what might just be one of the most exciting days of her life. As part of a special program, she had been chosen along with nine other up-and-coming journalists, to participate in an in-depth look at just how things were done on a ship in today's Starfleet. The project was half a recruitment ploy and half an effort to bring those out on exploration missions closer to
  9. There are quite a few members throughout the Fleet who are not native English speakers who have had the same idea as you - and in my experience, it has had some very positive results. I know we have at least three such officers aboard Starbase 118 Ops, as well as a very international crew overall. Everyone here is pretty easy to get along with. If we know what you mean, there's nothing to worry about, and if we don't know, we ask. As long as you don't mind the questions, then I think joining is a great idea. I look forward to seeing you in the Fleet!
  10. ((Chief Medical Officer's Office - Deck 500)) ::Life, Eliaan Deron had learned the hard way, had a habit of going in a direction you could never have dreamt. When he thought back to his first day at Starfleet Academy, he had never imagined that this was what fate had in store for him. He would never have expected to fall in love with a Napean doctor on a mercy mission only to have him die; he would not have thought he'd end up serving under his friend Kali Nicholotti who he had trained with; he never expected to fall in love with Kaedyn Tann; never expected to leave Starfleet after the death o
  11. I kinda like this take. I could see a series out of it.... http://www.stphoenix.com/
  12. I read that today too. The bit about Farmville made me grin... ::Hides the padd she was playing Farmville on...::
  13. Hehehe, I grew up there (Florida - near Kennedy Space Center no less)...but alas, am no longer in the Sunshine State. Welcome to Starbase 118, guys. =)
  14. We have an image team that does just that! Once you are assigned to a ship and a position, we can build you an avatar and a signature banner. However, if you are talking about the image you have as your forum avatar now, that particular pic might be difficult to put into a uniform because of the sepia shading (and to a lesser extent, the angle). We can always give it a try, or you can choose a famous person to serve as the 'face' of your character. Feel free to PM with with any details once you graduate and have an assignment. Avatars generally take about a week to complete. =) And hey, welcom
  15. I think one of our STO graphics artists might be able to find something to fit your avatar if you want to let them have a go at it. I think it would fit the face you have created. =)
  16. I have Pandora, with a station built around James Horner and Hanz Zimmer (with some John Williams too). Most of the time it has a steady stream of epic music that tends to be quite motivational for me. There's some Trek (mostly from the new movie) as well as a lot of Titanic, which I love, and The Last of the Mohicans, Vantage Point (love the main theme!) and more. A while ago I had a CD I think was called Symphonic Star Trek. It provided a lot of great music (the downside being there are also sound effects in there...) but I used to sim to it a lot. =)
  17. There was, at one time, a Starbase 118 fleet inside STO. We did a lot of build up leading to the release of the game, including an interview on hailing frequencies! =) I'm in the same boat as Tracey though; the game simply lost my interest after a few weeks. I think it was more like a few months for me, but I have pretty much forgotten about it. I'm not sure if there are any left from the original fleet in the game, but it might be worth looking up for those who are interested.
  18. ((Noosphere - Thracia 2)) ::The noise of all these new minds can be unbearable, like a collection of lost souls on one of those pilgrimages down below. One of the space-fairing vessels leaves and I slowly run my fingers across its inhabitants. The skin rubs up against one last mind. It's a strange mind, somewhat lonely, somewhat connected. There's a cold distance and a child-like curiosity inside and.... maybe I would have made this place home in another life. But the mind slowly disappears. There's a last glimmer as the space around it folds and I whisper into the newly-formed void.:: ::Remem
  19. ((Security Office - Starbase 118)) ::A blink. That's all it takes and Rowls isn't sure where he is for just that fraction of a second. A blink and he's compromising the safety of other members of his team. The involuntary act lasts exactly one hundred milliseconds. Rowls doesn't know that of course but if he were to ask the computer that's about how much time it would indicate.:: ::In the marines any sergeant catching him doing that would have given him a drilling from hell. Blinking so deliberately? No marine would ever do that! And no Marine would ever qualify to join Starfleet proper. But h
  20. (OOC - I have filled in any open tags in this sim to make it flow. I have included the signatures of all writers at the end of the sim.) ((Jen Malcolm's quarters)) ::Jen had changed into a fresh uniform, and was looking forward to meeting the new medical staff that had come aboard from SB 118. As she walked down the hallway her commbadge chirped, something that always promised excitement:: Nicholotti: =/\= Sickbay to Doctor Malcolm. =/\= Malcolm: =/\= Malcolm here =/\= Nicholotti: =/\= I need you in sickbay as soon as you can be here. =/\= ::She recognized Nicholotti's voice and was a bit conc
  21. Slavery. The term had existed long before the Cardassians had shown up, and it would probably exist long after. Still, never had she thought she would live to see such dismal times. At fifteen, she should have been out playing or enjoying life, but since the occupation began two years ago, all the childhood hopes and dreams had long since died. Humanity had reached an all time low. There had been a time where nothing could cage the human spirit, but those days, like the dreams of a child, had drifted off into the twisting nether that now encompassed the planet. Never before had she shunned tec
  22. Nope, this is the place you go. Because yours was posted twice, I just moved the duplicate away as to not clutter up the boards. =)
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