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  1. This story also took second place in the Ongoing World's First Person Fortnight competition. Read more here: http://ongoingworlds.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/competition-winner-announced/ Good work!
  2. I really do think that the date is dependent on when the sim is submitted to the contest, not when it arrives in your email box (or group list).
  3. Serendipity is actually round 14, as it was submitted after the 22nd.
  4. The word count guideline for this particular competition comes from Ongoing Worlds rather than being our own creation. And to those who are considering entering, you don't have to write 5000 words, that's just the upper limit cap. (But I agree, that's quite a number of words/pages) =)
  5. ((SB118, Sickbay)) Walker: No! You don't understand! ::MacLaren managed to grab him before he fell to the floor. She managed to push him toward the biobed. Wrapping one of his arms around her neck, she struggled to deal with the nearly dead weight of a strong man, she kept repeating the same words:: MacLaren: Commander, can ye hear me? Commander, you are not alone. You are not alone with it. Don't look at it; rest your mind. ::She administered the same sedative that had worked well on Dubeau.:: MacLaren: Sleep now, Commander. :: He understood the order. There seemed to be something he remem
  6. ((Somewhere...)) ::In the darkness of where ever he was, Eliaan felt at least relieved to be alive. The pain, the overwhelming pain, that he had felt in the corridor was gone but the memory of it stayed with him as if he had been granted a temporary reprieve instead of a full pardon. As the darkness cleared a little, it was clear that he was no longer on the Starbase. It was familiar though, very familiar indeed.:: ::The large room in which he found himself was empty of furniture but filled with memories; he was in the drawing room of his grandparent's home on Betazed. The pleasure and wonder
  7. Is round 11 meant to be locked? We cannot vote on it until it's unlocked. =)
  8. ((Starfleet Academy, San Francisco California, Earth)) The seats in the auditorium style classroom filled slowly as the clock on his desk ticked the seconds away. He watched it, almost preoccupied with the forward movement of the hands as those seconds disappeared into the void of nothingness. The occasional student approached the desk and placed a padd there, stopping for some kind of acknowledgement. Ultimately, they continued on to a seat when they got none. Soon, the seats were nearly full, yet his eyes did not stray from the clock. An uneasy silence settled on the room, where his students
  9. After some of my own digging, which led me to the same information you already have, I can only share what I know. To my knowledge, (and those who have been around longer please correct me if I'm wrong) there is nothing against posting sims with open tags, however, it seems to me that there are a couple of reasons why you don't see this done often. First, a sim with a chunk of open tags/dialogue simply is not as powerful or emotionally invoking as a sim that is complete from start to finish. Secondly, sims just look better and are more complete when there are no open tags in them. They are eas
  10. Even today, religion is a hot topic. I live in the deep south and I can say that even the mention of things like 'Godzilla' are shunned (because it has the word God in it). I'd wager to say that despite wanting to portray total equality across the board, there were still some major limitations well past the original series and into TNG and beyond. I actually wrote up a Writer's Workshop article about this occurrence not too long ago. If anyone's interested, you can find it here: http://www.starbase118.net/blog/2012/03/29/reality-buried-deep-within-science-fiction/
  11. Which was a very good way of showing total respect and freedom of religion, as well as equality, without alienating the ideals of the viewers at the time. =)
  12. ((SB118 - Brek's Quarters)) ::Brek stood in front of his replicator, wondering what to have for breakfast. He had hoped that by putting his uniform on, he would feel `normal' again, but his appetite remained elusive. :: oO I ate so much last night... maybe I should stick to diet food today. What about the white thing that's supposed to be good for the microorganisms in the gut, but that looks like fresh guano? How do Human call it? Oo ::He ordered yogurt from the replicator and was sniffing suspiciously at it when there was not only a beep at the door, but also an insistent knock. The day was
  13. Glad you're having a blast. And just think - this is only the beginning! =)
  14. ((Personal Quarters)) ::Kaedyn Zehn looked at himself in the mirror with a concerned frown. In his newly replicated uniform, with its black turtle neck on which his new rank was pinned, he felt even less like the old Kaedyn he had been before Joining than ever. This, he knew, was healthy since he no longer was the old Kaedyn but it was still disconcerting. The logic of an intelligence service highlighting it's officers with a distinct uniform colour was lost on him but perhaps it was a way of Starfleet Intelligence demonstrating how mainstream it was in comparison with the shadowy, nefarious i
  15. I think a big reason for that is due to the time in which this was written. It was a pretty big task to try to incorporate the idea of true religious freedom without alienating the viewers and fans in these times who still held to traditions that we see fading today. The idea of women on the bridge, multi-national crews, and a society where all were equal was a big enough chunk to bite off without attempting to take on religion. So, I see the writers simply throwing out religious implications related to humans and making their statement of equality by saying alien religious beliefs should be r
  16. (( First Officer's Office - USS Apollo)) :: Liam had lost track of how much time he had spent in his office, though his chronometer had kept perfect time and indicated that it had been about forty-five minutes. He looked at the monitor in front of him, taking stock of how far he had gotten with the message he had prepared for the family of Daniel Brandon.:: :: Nowhere.:: :: There were, at times, words on the screen in front of him, but none of them seemed appropriate, and none of them seemed to stay there for long. Of course, there would be a note made in the Apollo's official logs, and Starfl
  17. ::There was a cakey kind of taste in the air as her friends mingled around her; green swirls of light in her blackened world. Nessa was giggling as Levi slipped on some spilt beer and sprawled on the floor. The green swirl flashed with red, then blue and back to green as he picked himself up, brushed himself off, and went to the bar to collect another drink. Nights like this were rare, and they were getting rarer as the group got older. Nobody muchly cares what a group of kids get up to in the big city during the night, but as you approach adulthood certain things are expected of you, it seeme
  18. Training classes usually start each Monday, so that's when you should expect to hear something on that front. In the meantime, feel free to dive in any of the conversations here, ask any questions you might have, and feel free to explore the cadet resources around the main site. And welcome! =)
  19. Welcome! You're in good company. I know a few aviation enthusiasts in the Fleet, myself being one. I don't fly, but I spend plenty of time oogling over pretty much anything with wings. ^.^
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