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  1. We all forget from time to time...just learn and get better. 😃
  2. We have a special image team that makes signature banners for members. Once you're assigned to a ship we can make you one too. Each ship has their own theme and of course there are the duty post colors and a quote on some of them that you can choose (so be thinking!). Keep it in mind for when you graduate and we'll be happy to create one for you too. =) Welcome to 118!
  3. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great and enjoyable day with some time for yourself.

  4. "If Kali misses, fine. If it doesn’t, well, that’s part of Her bigger plan. Maybe we’ve messed up Earth so badly that it’s time to start over. Remember that old saying of Tsiolkovski’s: ‘Earth is the cradle of humankind, but you cannot live in the cradle forever.’ Kali could be a sign that it’s time to leave..." - Arthur C Clarke (Hammer of God)

  5. Glad we could help answer your questions in the live chat! Welcome to 118! =)
  6. http://www.starbase118.net/about/group-introduction/fleet-timeline/ gives a little bit of information on where we are in the grand scheme of Trek timelines. You will probably pick up quite a bit once you get to your home ship as well. If you have any specific questions, never hesitate to ask!
  7. Glad you're having a blast. And just think - this is only the beginning! =)
  8. We have a Fleet Placement Officer who uses your Placement Questionnaire, which you will fill out towards the end of your training class, to place you on the ship that most closely meets your stated wishes. There is a method to the madness; just hang on and you'll see. =)
  9. Good luck out there (in the real world!) ...we'll miss you!

  10. Ah, then welcome back to you as well =) I know you'll both have a blast, I know I do!
  11. Welcome back Mister Valentino, and welcome Mister Par! =)
  12. There are quite a few members throughout the Fleet who are not native English speakers who have had the same idea as you - and in my experience, it has had some very positive results. I know we have at least three such officers aboard Starbase 118 Ops, as well as a very international crew overall. Everyone here is pretty easy to get along with. If we know what you mean, there's nothing to worry about, and if we don't know, we ask. As long as you don't mind the questions, then I think joining is a great idea. I look forward to seeing you in the Fleet!
  13. A lot of writers feel more comfortable writing in a fiction/narrative format, however, Starbase 118 is not just a group of writers. On the contrary, we have many members who find the task of actually writing a story (in fiction/narrative format) a little bit overwhelming. Even more writers here would claim that they are anything but 'writers' as well. While we do have some of the most amazing writers (in the world, IMO) throughout our fleet, it is important that we enable participation from anyone who enjoys Star Trek and the world that has been created within that realm. To that end, I would classify this group as a Star Trek group more than a Writing group. Sure, text is the method we use to involve ourselves in the games (ships) here, but to facilitate ease of participation on both the writers and readers sides, script format is almost a necessity. By simming in this format and leaving openings where others can specifically jump in, we give clear and concise definition to actions, thoughts, and speech, which enables those who are either from a country where English is not the main language or those who simply don't feel able to write in narrative format (with any certainty of grammatical correctness) a chance to participate in the proliferation of the Star Trek universe. You can write a full scene without ever speaking or really acting for another character. Our individual characters are a deep sense of pride for many people here. Indeed, some of them have been around for years and years, and some writers have gone to great lengths to build up certain aspects of personality or individualism. No one wants to really join so that they can read up on a character who has been around for ten years (in order to accurately sim them in a scene), so instead we go on the distinction that each individual is the only person to write for a character. That's not to say that you can't write reactions to what you already do know that character will do though. Many of us get together OOC via YM or other methods and talk behind the scenes to iron some things out that go in our sims for this exact purpose. Aside from that, it will only take you a few months to really learn some of the more common aspects of the characters around you and all the pieces fall into place. =)
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