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  1. Some amazingly hilarious quotes from Ensign Dara! Dara: I can't predict who Q will send from my past. Worst case I can think of is that we'll run into my mum and all get grounded. Rahman: I hope there's enough room in that classroom. oO Did she just unintentionally made a 'yo mama is so fat'-joke? Oo Dara: We're her to fight exes and bullies and play real life stratego on the moon. Blueheart: Yeah, we’re off to see the cheerleaders. Dara: ::mumbeling while rolling his eyes:: Give me a Q. What does that spell? Q! oO Join starfleet, they said. It'll be fun, they said. No one said I'll rel
  2. ((Yamaguchi-Bridge)) ::In all the confusion, Mary closed her eyes to stop the world around her. She smiled when the first thing that came to her mind was Adam Haase.:: ((Flashback - SD 239207.15)) ((USS Atlantis - Hallway en route to Shuttlebay)) ::Adam walked through the hallways where he’d spent the last six months of his life. It was his home, his shelter, his resting place. It was his sanctuary from the outside world - a place where nothing could really happen to him. It felt as if he was being torn from a friend, one who had protected him, and now in its time of need Adam was abandoni
  3. ((DS26 - Deck 11 Arboretum)) ::Varaan walked in to the arboretum, resplendent in his dress whites. Even without the enhanced hearing provided by his E.A.R.S, he could tell from the sound of music and conversation that the promotions ceremony was just on the other side of a row of large ferns. Varaan made no move to circumnavigate the foliage and "join the party" just yet. It wasn't that he was apprehensive. Vulcans didn't get apprehensive. But he was cautious. Despite knowing Marcus already, and seemingly making some headway with Blueheart, and a fairly uneventful dinner with Anora and Conti,
  4. ((Captain’s Ready Room, USS Atlantis)) :: Sliding open the top drawer of the desk, he drew from its chamber, a yellow-paged journal bound in red vellum, the skin soft and supple after years of handling with love and tenderness. Tonight however, love would be left out of the equation. He had the rest of the room bathed in darkness before lighting a single ivory-white candle, standing apathetically in a brass candle-stand. Shadows danced across the room. Shadows fell upon his face. His eyes glowed like nebulae. A fragile thin wisp of smoke snaked through the still air like a somnolent serpent, w
  5. ((Valdivia's quarters, USS Darwin-A)) :: Months had already passed since he had returned to Starfleet, and he had yet to call Blueheart. With all he had helped with his return, he felt bad for having vanished once he became an ensign. But he had been on two ships in less than two months, moving mid-mission. He had barely had any time. :: Valdivia: Computer, open a subspace comm link with Captain Raj Blueheart, USS Atlantis. :: The two of them had served together for several years, before Valdivia had left Starfleet and Blueheart had been promoted and given a command. The two of them still shar
  6. ((USS Atlantis - Cargo Bay 1)) ::The transporter beam shimmer died away slowly. HE looked around. Familiar, but not recent. There were a small group of other civilians clustered around him...scientists, doctors, laborers, technicians. They were all chittering, anxious, worried, wondering what was going to happen next. The artificial lighting in here was similar to what HE was used to from the installation below. HE could blend in with the crowd. That was a good thing. But protocol being what it was, a security detail arrived in the cargo bay within seconds. They were trying to quiet the crowd,
  7. This is beyond amazing! Very impressive work, commander! Very impressive indeed!!
  8. ((Captain’s Ready Room, USS Atlantis)) ::When he looked up through tear-stained eyes, he saw the red coat draped over one arm of a wooden chair in the corner behind his desk. Blinking back rogue tears, he stared at it for the longest time, his mind spiraling back to a time almost long forgotten.. :: ((Flashback – stardate 239109.21)) ((Dungeon, Castle of Horrors – DS26)) ::By the time the four of them stepped off the last step of the slimy and cold stone spiral staircase that led them below into the bowels of the castle, Raj felt different. A shiver ran down his spine and he hugged himself – a
  9. (OOC: These posts follow the death of Captain Blueheart's long-time partner, Lt Emerson Ravenscroft, KIA. 'The Letter' is the note that Blueheart places into Emerson's breast pocket when he visits the morgue. 'The Postcard' is an alternate tale, that somewhere in the myriad alternate timelines, Raj and Emerson are together and, forever.) THE LETTER :: .. .. withdrawing a small, folded piece of paper from the breast pocket of his uniform jacket, he stared at it for several seconds, rubbing his thumb across the surface in circles, before gingerly inserting it into a pocket on Emerson’s uniform
  10. ((Holodeck 2, USS Atlantis)) LIANI: One dance then- and you’re free to go. :: Liani fervently hoped that the Captain would just laugh this off and the two would part amicably- instead his eyes seemed to take a feral glint as he replied. :: BLUEHEART: Okay, but only on one condition. :: Liani stilled her antenna- they were all but one hair away from drooping- and now was not a drooping time. She forced them by sheer will into a stance of upbeat cheerfulness, rabid upbeat cheerfulness. :: oO How bad could his one condition be. Oo LIANI: And that would be…? BLUEHEART: Kill the penguin
  11. When I posted the Flashback Week Challenge on the Atlantis OOC list, it prompted many flashback sims from the crew, so I think LtCmdr Akeelah's suggestion of holding a themed, monthly writing prompt on the ships, may be worth considering As for the Writing Challenge coming to an end, what I remember most fondly about it is when two Atlanteans won the challenge twice in a row! That was a proud moment for me to have such gifted writers sharing their talents with the rest of us in the group! My heartfelt gratitude to Captain Manno and his team who have tirelessly led this campaign all through th
  12. Congratulations, everyone! Well done!
  13. ((Science Lab 3, USS Atlantis - 2391)) ::Barbara Tarch didn't know where she fit in. Was she chasing after her baby daughter, or abandoning her in Sickbay? Was she trying to find a solution to the time rift, or standing idly by? Was she moving forward in time, or trying to move back? Was she coming? Was she going? And where had she been...?:: TARCH: Look, I just want to get this thing solved. So we can all go back to wherever we're supposed to be, and get on with our lives. SOVAK: You believe the Pike will escape from the rift into its own original time? TARCH: I believe I'm not supposed t
  14. ((Temporal Rift)) ::Lieutenant Commander Franklin Delavigne – Frank to his friends – sat in the fathomless waste of the rift in time, petting the head of an infant no more than a few days old.:: DELAVIGNE: There, there, Elizabeth. Don’t cry. I will find you some food if we can ever get out of here. ::Her name wasn’t Elizabeth. It was Debra or Diana or something. But that didn’t matter. He mother had been here, sometimes she was full of spite and hormones, sometimes she was lying down, covered in the mess of birth, cooing and nursing the child. Sometimes the baby was born, sometime
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