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  2. Profile and SigBan needed!

  3. Has dropped out of the running for this month's writing challenge

  4. Yeah. I've created one character I'm hoping to use for general purpose writing just by being in this group. Lots of intense creative development abounds here.
  5. Wanted a place to throw around writing ideas and I liked Star Trek. It's been great so far.
  6. I found this community while looking for more creative outlets. I'm a member of http://piptalk.com 's online poetry/writing comunity but at that place I tend to write mostly abstract stuff. I love Star Trek and I have enjoyed doing story-writing games online in the past. So I thought I'd try you guys out. I appreciate the amount of effort you put into encouraging correct grammar (my application used the passive voice by mistake in the wrapup of the story ) and serious thought in applications. This gave me the idea that you guys must take this very seriously.
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