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  1. I wish you a very happy birfday Mr. Whale -- T'Lea, however, is indifferent on the subject. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy B'Day, Whale!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sir!

    1. Segolene LeMarnix

      Segolene LeMarnix

      Wow, this is interesting - happy 4 years in the Fleet! ;)

  5. Whale

    New trainees

    I believe it's still; scheduled for today, but due to everyone's "day job" schedules, it usually doesn't get rolling until late evening.
  6. Whale

    New trainees

    I certainly recognize the name Michael Valentino, though I don't believe we ever simmed on the same ship. As for Par... would that be Par Salen? Again another name I know (somehow), but never served with. Regardless, welcome back to both of you.
  7. I expect people on your ship are still settling in -- Commander Tel-ar only recently took over as commanding officer. Your best bet would be to send Lt.Cmdr. Lawn a direct email and ask for a little help getting into things.

  8. OOC means Out Of Character, so an OOC rank refers to the writer's rank, rather than the character's rank. In my case, they're exactly same, but for someone like Radi they're different because he's writing an enlisted character. Hi In Character (IC) rank is Chief Petty Officer, but his OOC rank is Lieutenant, which mean he can create PNPCs that are Lieutenants, but not Commanders. I don't know whether that's clarified things or made them more confusing
  9. is right every time, 60% of the time.

  10. I'm not really new -- I joined in December 2008 -- but I thought I'd toss in another perspective, since I expect we all have slightly different answers to your questions. 1. I spending time reading sims every day, but usually only sim 3-4 times a week myself. I would say on an average week, between reading and writing I spend something like 10 hours a week. That being said, I'm also currently writing 3 characters, which new players rarely do. When I first started out, it was probably closer to 6 hours a week. I clearly wasn't as dedicated as Tressa 2. It really depends on the week. Sometimes you'll have a week where there are only 2 or 3 sims a day, so most of my time is spent writing. Then other weeks, you'll get a dozen or more sims in a day, so on average you spend more time reading than writing. 3. I'm not a huge Trek fan and would classify my Trek knowledge as average. I do some research on things that important to the plot or timelines, but not a lot. The most research I do is medical research, as one of the characters I write for is a doctor. 4. I was writing quite a bit before joining, but found this to be a good way to keep the creative juices flowing when I'm having trouble with one of my other projects.
  11. Some people got to kill their commanding officers?!? Man, I didn't even get to SHOOT anyone, let alone KILL anyone
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