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  1. The years had been hard to deMarc, harder than he thought that he would ever have a right to be placed against him. He felt the shuttle, another boring box with pylons, shaking a bit as it blasted him through the atmosphere yet again. He didn't know what this was going to be, he didn't know what the entire experience would bring, but he knew that it would not be a fantastic thought to be late. Operations: =/\= Operations to deMarc. =/\= deMarc: =/\= deMarc. =/\= Operations: =/\= We show docking in two minutes, sir. =/\= deMarc: ::So glad that you could d that on your own:: =/\= Aye Operations. Shuttle M4487-A on final approach. =/\= Operations: =/\= You are clear to dock, space number 87 Alpha =/\= deMarc: =/\= '487-A copies all. =/\= Well, children, we are almost there. Aleks: Daddy, will Mommy be there? deMarc: I don't know son. I heard... that... she may be. Aleks: Well, we are ready, I guess. How long will you be gone? deMarc: It's been a long time, I kind of forget how long this part takes. Fran'ces'ca: Will you get your own ship? deMarc: Not any time soon, little one. Daddy had a problem, and they want to make sure that he's all better. Fran'ces'ca: What about Uncle Captain? ::He laughed a bit at that one. She always had a way that went right to the meat of the issue. And this time, she was probably talking about Ben Walker, who had gone too.:: deMarc: I don't know, Princess. I only know that I am going to drop you off with the Officer of the Wee Ones for a few days. And then I will be back. Aleks: What about Auntie Dai? deMarc: **shivering a bit** She's had a lot of problems too. She retired about two years ago, and has been... less than available. ::Daikin Nua. Now there was a name that they didn't recall all that often. It was more about a matter of secrecy, mostly to protect him, and the children. The Crimson Brotherhood were sure to notice his return, especially if T'Pen was coming back. And then there was Frazier. That... was going to be hard. H arder than he could believe, but that would have to come, like all of the rest.:: deMarc: =/\= Shuttle Rho approaching, initiating final boarding sequence. =/\= Operations: =/\= You are cleared to begin final boarding sequence. Upon touch down you are requested at the office of Security immediately. =/\= deMarc: =/\= I will be there right afer I ... =/\= Operations: =/\= The cheif was adamate sir. Immediately. Starbase 118 Operations out.=/\= deMarc: I wonder what that's about? Aleks: Maybe they just want to tell us what deck we will be on? deMarc: I don't know son. I just don't know. But I know one thing. I don't like how this is starting... Returning Officer Francis deMarc StarFleet Marine Corps
  2. Hey . . . Where did you go? Did you suddenly drop out of the ship?

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