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  1. Congrats, to everyone who participated, and especially our winners! We had an excellent group of entries this round. Good work everyone!
  2. No offense intended, perhaps the irony of both of you beating XO's/mentors?
  3. I'll look at it that way too. Wow, don't know why, but that struck me as extremely funny.
  4. 'Pends on how bad you beat him/her. Also 'pends on whether or not there's an airlock nearby.
  5. Excellent work, everybody, and especially to our winners! Congrats guys!!!
  6. I do! Extremely impressive! I don't mean to compare, but I do believe that's a tad bit faster than I got it. Well done! *Sniff sniff* I'm so proud!
  7. Don't worry about it, there's always a slight delay between the challenge ending, the actual judging, and the posting of the results. The judges have lives too, and most of them have things to do for their own characters. They'll be here. Just gives us more time to squirm.
  8. Don't you be taking my spot! Seriously though, I read all the entries a couple days back, all of them are very good. Good luck to you all! I'd hate to be judging!
  9. Don't worry, Admiral. We'll still be here.
  10. ::Grins.:: At your service. Great to see you guys getting involved in the fleet and doing so well.
  11. I've always got the problem of writing a story about 2,500 words, and then going through and adding a ton of stuff and having to trim off every word possible to get it down to 3,000. In case anyone is wondering, my last entry was exactly 3,000 words. This entry is exactly 3,000 words.
  12. ::Quietly sits back down.:: Nah, sounds good. Some time to rest our creativity.
  13. Thank you, Admiral, but I'm rather proud of how that story turned out, I'd like to keep it in. However, I would be happy to help judge next time.
  14. Hello, my name is Rick Farchess, and I used to be a Starfleet Captain. How long has it been since I was a Starfleet Captain? Good question. This may sound strange, but to be honest, I’ve got no idea. Sure, I used to keep track of the date, and remember exactly when everything...changed, but I quit after a while. That might be the first sign you’ve given up, forgetting the dates, the times. Must be, since I have no idea what the time is now. I’ve pretty well given up at this point. I know what you’re thinking; I know what everyone will think for the rest of eternity when they read this. You’re
  15. Well, I'm always in a good mood when I come here...part of that's 'cause you guys rock Anyways...back to my dark writing. And yeah, the deadline is still in effect, but it's not hard to write a story in the time still remaining, I'm just a perfection. I'll read over my story dozens of times switching out small words and testing phrases. Doesn't help, just makes me feel better.
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