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  1. This is my results on the test You are Will Riker Will Riker -------------------> 65% Worf ------------------------> 65% James T. Kirk (captain) -----> 60% Jean Luc Picard -------------> 60% "At times you are self-centered but you have many friends. You love many women, but the right woman could get you to settle down." Well, kinda of what I thought my self as Terpes. Personally, I always liked Data.
  2. (( Bajor - resistance base )) :: The camp has been relatively quiet for some weeks. It seemed that the Cardassians were taking back afther their last battles losts and it seemed that the resistance work was being useful after all. The young Karíl Madrú was in charge of one of the proximity sensors to avoid being surprised and that could seem so much responsibility for a young man like Karil but the sensors were overlapped one to another, to avoid anything strange to happen as an energy failure on one of them. He's doing his turn as bothering as many times since the last one, when the alarm was
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