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  1. ((ICU - Sickbay - USS Constitution-) ::The doors swished open and Ensign Sariel Locke entered the ICU of Sick Bay on the USS Constitution-B. Captain Cura Assanti had undergone extensive surgury to her abdomen after receiving a stab wound by a sword. As Ensign Locke entered, Cura's head turned as she lay on the bio bed.:: Assanti: ::smiling:: Sariel? Are you ok? Locke: ::Sariel walked over to Cura smiling:: Nothing but a few bumps. How are you? Assanti: I'm fine. Just a stab wound that did some nasy things inside is all. Otherwise I'd be up and about. Locke: Good... ::Sariel glanced up at the readouts on the wall, he was no doctor but nothing appeared to be outside of the normal ranges.:: Well looks like we survived shore leave. Assanti: Sar,:: glances downward and sighs as she wondered if she should say anything.:: We will have to be a bit more careful. Locke: ::Sariel shrugged:: Well next time you pick a planet where no one is trying to kill us. ::He smiled at Cura.:: Assanti: No I do mean you and I and I do mean what we've started. ::brow furrowing a bit.:: The Admiral wasn't too pleased with- :: Cura stopped talking then. She knew where this would go and didn't want to go there. She really did not want to say what needed to be said. Perhaps now wasn't the time. Cura looked into Sariels eyes and all that she had to say seemed to leave her. She didn't want to stop what they had started.:: Locke: Oh... ::Sariel took a step back, he looked down. He felt foolish joking around while Cura was trying to be serious.:: I don't care what the Admiral thinks, what do you think? Assanti: I don't know. :;sighs:: I've never been here before and I don't see my way. Rear Admiral Rocar's been here before and he knows what's best. Can I totally ignore what he's said and do the exact opposite of his advice? I don't see how that will get me anywhere. Locke: Ah, the Career aspect. ::Sariel looked at the console above Cura's bed, then down again. His voice remained steady.:: So the Admiral says jump and you jump then. Assanti: I know I should not let others dictate our lives, Sariel but Locke: ::Sariel's eyes met Cura's for a moment, they simmered with anger and frustration. Despite his anger, Sariel's voice showed none of his frustrations.:: ...but a flag officer told you to end it and so that's it. Assanti: See I knew this would happen. ::Cura turned away from his gaze.:: Sariel, I'm a Captain now. I must follow orders of my superiors...my life is dedicated to this ship, its crew and you are an officer within that crew. If I had to make a decision to send you out into a situation that could cause you ultimate death, I ...I don't think I'd be able to do that and still have a relationship with you! Locke: I would expect you to send me anyway. ::Sariel blinked in surprise and annoyance.:: What else could you do? Assanti: I'd send someone else and that could very well put our ship and crew in danger. Rear Admrial Rocar was right. I have too much responsibility to go fooling around with it! Locke: So what Cura? You're done? ::Sariel choked on the words. He took a moment to pull himself together... it had hardly began, what was he loosing really?:: Assanti:i I didn't say that, Sar. I know this is not what you want and I don't want it either but can we really complicate things and not worry about the consequences? Locke: I think I have a firm grasp on the consequenses, Cura. So up and down in a few hours... at least it has an interesting symetry to it. Assanti: In just a few hours..no, I'll give ourselves more credit. It took a few months, right? The first mission on the Indria when you joined us. I didn't know right away but I sensed you looking at me....touching me...and then when we went swiming. I wanted to run away cause I thought it was wrong. I sort of knew this would be a problem I was afraid. But when I'm with you, I know it's not wrong. ::Cura grabbed Sar's hand.:: I don't want to say what I asked Paul to have you come in to say. So I won't say it. But if we are to continue seeing one another it will have to be behind closed doors Locke: ::Sariel took a long moment, his mind buzzed with so many options.:: Is that even an option Cura? Assanti; No one will accept this...A Captain...and a Junior Officer? An Ensign no less. Althought I had plans on upranking you, the difference in ranks is substantial ::shaking her head.:; It's ground no one has dared to travel upon, Sar. And there are sound reasons for that. Whether we do things in the open or in secret it will force us to live a lie. I don't know if you want to do that. Locke: I don't... ::Sariel looked away leaning against Cura's bed with his eyes in the corner of the room:: I won't hide whatever this was, just so I can have it in the future. It's not fair to either of us, and it doesn't solve that you feel you couldn't send me into danger. Assanti: If you were to walk in my shoes you'd find it very difficult. I did it before with Tash and he was actually gone for a whole week..dead, Sar. You don't know how torn apart I was to have given the order that sent him there. Don't ask me to do that again! Locke: Cura... I was willing to give this a try. I don't want to play cloak and shadow to see you. If we are going to do this we are going to do it in the open. ::Sariel turned to look at Cura:: I'm okay with the risks of that. I signed up for this job knowing that sometimes I would be risking my life, can you be okay with that? Assanti: Easy for you to say! You have nothing to loose inthis but me...your pride::sighs.:: I...I don't know. ::turning and looking away as tears welled up in her eyes.:: I was actually finding it difficultl down there just now to even consider splitting us up. The thought of any separation gave me a [...] panick attack!! :: Cura slapped her hand again the bio bed.:: You want me to be okay with it? Right. Oh it's just Ensign Locke, my lover and I should just sent him out there into harms way and not CARE that he could get killed? Right! Oh yeah, that's easy! :: Her words were dripping with sarcasmn now.:: :: Cura had asked this to herself mostly.Could she be okay with possibly sending Sariel into dangerous situations? It was then that Cura realized that she would probably have to adopt another way of dealing with her life, one that included being two, totally different people. She had battled nearly her whole career to try and change John Stone's ways of being no nonsense while on duty and more emotional and engaging off duty, but now she really understood WHY John had adopted that pattern. But this didn't make sense either, because it was wrong to try to be two totally different personalities. Not only that but it would drive her insane! Shaking her head, Cura sighed with frustration. With these thoughts running through her mind, she tilted her head slightly:: Locke: I'm not afraid of what people think. So it's up to you. ::Sariel pushed off from his leaning position on the bed and headed towards the door.:: Assanti: Sar...Wait! :;turning away and sighing.:: Okay. I'm new at this. Alright? I need some time to think this through. You don't understand. ::crying:: I feel like a [...]ed tug of war rope! You pulling me this way, Tash pulling me another and Rocar might as well of tied knots in the [...] rope! ::covering her face and crying.:: Locke: I'm going to go clean up and get a drink. ::Sariel looked back at Cura, his face for the first time breaking the mask and showing real concern and sadness.:: Feel better Cura, if you need me I'll be around. We can talk more when your feeling better. Assanti: ::slamming her fist into the bio bed again, Cura cursed.:: Dammit! =/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\=/\= Captain Cura Assanti Commanding Officer USS Constitution- NCC 9012-B and Ensign Sariel Locke Chief Science Officer USS Constitution NCC-9012-B
  2. Rules aside, I've personally always shied away from self-nominating - though I have no problem with others doing it I also agree with Jhen, there's not a whole lot you can do if people simply aren't using the forums. That said, however, I'm thinking of trying a few gentle nudges to try and get more Indria simms nominated - even if I have to do it myself
  3. The Indria posse have been gently prodded as well
  4. There where some fine entries in this challenge, and I think everyone did some great work. Thanks to the judges for their time and effort, and many congrats to Delinda!
  5. Smoke filled the bridge as the Captain Thomas struggled back into his seat. Wiping blood from his eyes, he shot a glance at his tactical officer as she dragged herself back up to her station. "Status?" A couple of tension filled seconds passed before the woman looked up at him, her face grim. "Borg vessel is still advancing, Captain. We’ve done some damage, but the thing just seems to be shrugging it off." A dark chuckle escaped the his lips as he looked back toward the viewscreen, taking the sight of the massive vessel cruising along, oblivious to the explosions blossoming on its surface as beams of destructive energy lanced out of it toward the Starfleet ships that swarmed around. "Fine. We'll just have to be more convincing. T’kor, run us close along its hull, I want us as close as we can safely get. Hellas, stand by with everything we’ve got. We’re not getting paid to take ordnance home with us." A chorus of acknowledgments rang out as the deck seemed to vibrate with the build-up of the engines. Another glance at the screen showed the sheer wall of the enemy’s hull closing very, very fast. Turning his attention to the console by his side, he thought fast, trying to decipher the confused jumble of data it showed into a clear picture of the battle. "Captain!" The panicked shout of one of the bridge crewmen snapped his head back up, his eyes taking in the sight of what looked like half of a Nebula’s saucer section cartwheeling toward them, lights still flickering as flame belched from the huge rents in its surface. “T’kor!” he barked, “Evasive-“ His order was cut short as the unflappable Vulcan at the controls pre-empted his instructions, her fingers dancing over the controls, snapping the ship into a roll that had the wreckage missing the shields by scant meters. “Nice save.” Hellas’ compliment was ragged with relief and adrenaline, but T’kor simply ignored it as she would any other irrelevance. Straightening himself in his seat, Thomas tried to ignore the stench of burnt circuits that filled the air. The next time Hellas spoke, she was calmer, but not by much. “Pattern set, ready to fire.” “Pour it on!” Somehow, T’kor’s deft touch kept the ship from harm as it shot across the Borg’s hull, the lights dimming as red-lined weapons systems pumped untold isotons of energy into their target. Within seconds they were away again, dodging past another vessel that was beginning its own run. Looking at the combat display once more nearly brought tears to Thomas’ eyes. Another two ships gone since last he’d looked. Grimly, he shoved the feeling aside. Loosing his focus could only result in more casualties. Avenge now, mourn later. Forcing himself to think clearly, he noted the identification of the nearest Starfleet ship and a smile crossed his lips. “Give me a channel to the Thunderchild.” Seconds later, the face of the other ship’s Captain appeared in the corner of the viewscreen. “Heck of a fight, ain’t it, Lex?” “Sure is,” Thomas replied, “Fancy a tag team?” The look of feral anticipation that appeared on the tiny Japanese woman’s face was all the answer he needed. “Good to see you’re as cute and fluffy as ever, Yoshi.” The other Captain’s reply was lost in a wash of static as a beam from the Borg ship ripped between the two vessels, which was probably a good thing, he thought to himself. The rest of her words came thorough clear, though. “Echo-seven?” “Works for me. Hellas?” The tactical officer just nodded, keying the attack pattern into her system. “See you on the other side, Lex.” Thomas nodded and cut the connection. “Take us back in.” Almost perfectly synchronized, the pair of Akiras dove toward their target, weaving between debris and enemy fire as they went. Soon enough, however, their luck ran out, and Thomas found himself on the deck once more as the ship bucked violently under a solid impact. The EMH materialized, but he ignored it, trusting the hologram to do its job. With a crackle of interference, the XO’s voice came over the comm., confusing the Captain for a moment until he remembered sending the Tellarite down to Engineering. “Boss, that hit destabilized the warp core. We don’t eject it in the next couple of minutes, we’re gonna be vapor!” He could feel the change in the deck plating, the ship was losing its strength. Struggling to his feet, he made a decision. “Negative. I’m going to use it. Someone give me ship-wide.” The chime of the comm being opened seemed grotesquely out of place, but it was just another detail to be ignored. “All hands, this is the Captain.” Pausing for a moment, he gathered the strength to say the words he’d hoped never to utter. “Abandon ship.” Taking his seat once again, he closed the comm. Himself before addressing what was left of his bridge crew. “T’kor, set a collision course with the Borg cube, and get out of here. Donna, give me weapons control.” The bridge was silent for a second, then the T’kor turned back to her console. “A straight course is unlikely to succeed, Captain. It will need constant adjustment.” “You never could shoot straight, boss.” Hellas chimed in. Looking around him, he saw the same look of determination on the faces of every crewman in sight, even the young Ensign helping the EMH, muttering a fervent prayer as he did so. With a sigh, he settled back in his seat. “Remind me to court-martial you all when we get to Hell.” In the last few seconds before impact, he thought back over all that he had been through with this crew, and decided he couldn’t think of better company to die in. A last thought ran through his head as the prow of the ship slammed into its target. Yoshi… In an instant that seemed an eternity, the USS Indria died in fire.
  6. Me too, according to MS Word, anyway... If I could ask a favor... Could someone open up a thread for me to post my entry? Title is Final Flight, and it's all done - just needs posting.
  7. Nothing that blatant I'm thinking it'll probably be safer to re-write it. Shouldn't be a hassle.
  8. Just a quick follow-up to Iolo's question about mentioning canon characters... I've got something done, but on re-reading it realised that there are a number of references to stuff from the series (Nemesis, actually). If someone could tell me if this is acceptable or not, I'll know if I have to re-write the whole darn thing
  9. The wait adds drama. Or at least that's the excuse I use when I'm late... Congrats Jack
  10. I can think of worse ones to be stuck with, Salak. I've got a few ideas for this challenge, I just need to narrow it down to one and actually start writing
  11. Sounds like a darn fine idea to me...
  12. I agree, I was trying to work out how to post it up here myself Very nicely done, Tash.
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