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  1. Well, howdy and welcome Cadet Vesole, always nice to have more counselors showing up. Keeps the workload light, hehehe. I hope you enjoy training and then really love the experience of belonging to such a great group of dedicated people and their characters as well. Well met and good journeys Cadet Par Salen Counselor Currently pioneering telepathic holography..hehe small joke
  2. Well, I am currently in the academy and I know that it's hard waiting to hear when things will get rolling. They have to finish my class before they can start another I think. I would suggest reading all you can in the cadet sections and read the forums if you are able. Starbase118 wiki is invaluable and well done. I hope you find any of that helpful, best of luck my friend. Cadet Par Salen Counselor
  3. Par

    New trainees

    Thank you very much, Mr. Whale I appreciate it .
  4. Par

    New trainees

    Anyone know when the next cadet class is scheduled ? I thought I heard today but haven't seen anything posted on here.
  5. Par

    New trainees

    Ahh Commander Thelev ! I really liked him. I wish I been able to sim more with him. He came onto the Tiger and had to hit the ground running lol. Maybe I might get to wave In Lt Essen's direction one day..I really wished I had just stuck around. This is such a great group of people.
  6. Par

    New trainees

    And thank you as well Lt. Essen . I hope my compatriot in training and myself aren't known for infamy lol.
  7. Par

    New trainees

    Thank you Commander Unum and Major Whale. Yep it's Par Salen sir. I was briefly and proudly serving as ships counselor on one of the earlier USS Tiger incarnations under the awesome ,now Fleet Captain Riley !
  8. Par

    New trainees

    Thank you very much. I am very excited to be back .
  9. Par

    New trainees

    Thanks Michael and Cmdr. Nicholotti ! I can't wait to get started again. I am returning after a long break but am excited to be a part of this excellent adventure once more !
  10. Par

    New trainees

    Hello Michael, My name is Par. I was wondering If you were told training started Monday ? Maybe we might be in the same class Par Salen
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