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  1. is on extended LOA but is never really too far away!

  2. Random Reviews (not in any order) Jhen Thelev: Each to Their Own Awesome story with exceptional character interactions, dialogue and a reasonably-fulfilling ending. With the three characters on a quest for revenge, stolen latinum and an "artifact", Thelev explores the idea of what drives people to do what they do, and to tolerate whatever they must to achieve their goals. Ferengis are always a fun group to read about, especially when we discover the driving force behind each of them, and especially when we can break-through the supposedly unbreakable shell around their emotions and feelings. Jackford Kolk: Heirloom I loved this story, but with a selfish caveat: Mr. Kolk's offering here features polished story elements and a fine interlacing of the the flashback scenes. Character discovery is well planned and the descriptions and dialog are superb. The only issue is my personal desire for an expounded resolution, an ending that I can justify feeling good or bad about: I can understand the author's desire to end with mystery of the "unknown" nature of the 'heirloom', but its ending left me empty. We went throught this amazing journey of time, memories and emotions, but when we get to the summit, and as the young officer fulfills the older man's promise to the dying woman, I'm left with an abrupt ending where I really wanted some sort of explanation of what is in the box that makes it a heirloom, and to understand why such a promise became a quest to a total stranger.
  3. Hi.. I've created a thread on the Character Creation and Development section of the Forums that might be helpful for writers needing new character names, words, objects and locations. Check it out! http://www.starbase118.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2691 Happy SIMming!!!
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