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  1. I do want to point out, though, that joint posts are not allowed in the Academy. You will be able to dive into those once you graduate and are placed on your permanent vessel.
  2. I wonder how nice it is on Risa this time of year...

  3. Welcome to the community! I think you will do well during training, and don't worry our training officers are some of the most patient and understanding people in the galaxy. Just hang in there and follow their lead and you will be fine. Good luck!
  4. There is nothing worse than defusing a hostage siutation...only to get shot by one of your own people.

  5. There were instructions in your Approval email on how to join the Yahoo! group.
  6. Great, glad we got that sorted out.
  7. Your training class started today and you were added to the academy list. Check your spam folder, as you should have received a Roll Call email from me.
  8. Away team just headed to the surface...so far, life is good.

  9. En route to Quatal Minor!

  10. I do have your application, and your class will start Monday, December 10th.
  11. Got my vote on today! Remember to get out and rock the vote, let your voice be heard!

  12. We have received it, and you will be in the next class starting on Monday!
  13. Got the flu...but I am soldiering through it!

  14. LIfe is a game of chess, and I am always playing against a grandmaster.

  15. LIfe is a game of chess, and I am always playing against a grandmaster.

  16. Life is a game of chess, and I am always playing agiast a grandmaster.

  17. Life is a game of chess, and I am always playing agiast a grandmaster.

  18. Umm, I cannot hear you...I am in a coma!

  19. Not a requirement...but if you are up to it, it is a way to get involved whilst you are killing time waiting for your training class to begin.
  20. Was it my character you noticed at 19? That is a good question. Education was big for his family, and a lot of focus was on that. He then entered the University of Betazed ahead of schedule, and then graduated with his doctorate at 19. Scholastically, he is brilliant in all fields, except for science(and engineering). Betazoids are geared toward psychology, so while it may take a Terran longer to get a degree in that field, it is fairly easy for Betazoids. From there he joined the Academy but spent 6 years there completing the standard classes, and 2 years additional for other minors and to take enough classes for his degree from Betazed to be recognized by StarFleet. He finally graduated at 25 from the Academy. So, graduated Secondary School(which would be the Terran high school, Betazed only has 2 types) at the age of 15, graduated college at 19, and graduated StarFleet Academy at 25. The difference comes when a character gets an education before the Academy. Different species have different standards. Betazoids go to school all year round, so there is no break. This allows them to complete school at a younger age. (That is how I have designed that aspect of them) So in the end he was 25 when he made it to his first ship. That help?
  21. Good luck Ed! It has been a privilage serving with you.

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