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  1. I love this analysis of this very memorable episode: https://medium.com/athena-talks/the-radical-feminism-of-believing-women-fd02496e1df#.dkd7u5yfr
  2. A big thread to pull all this stuff together Series delayed to May, 2017: https://www.cnet.com/news/star-trek-discovery-delayed-until-may/
  3. Captain Nugra and I are quoted in this article on favorite episodes of Trek from the past 50 years -- check it out and be sure to comment! http://www.ongoingworlds.com/blog/2016/09/star-treks-50th-anniversary-your-favorite-trek/
  4. Hmm... I actually don't have a form entry on file for you! But no worries, I'll add you now. Thank you!
  5. Welcome! We have quite a few members in the UK, so you're in good company. And don't worry about training -- the whole point is to make all the mistakes early so you can feel like a pro once you get to the ship!
  6. We've had members who've played as enlisted in the past, although I don't believe we have any in the fleet currently. But yes, if you wanted your character have been only enlisted previously and then go through the Academy, it's certainly something you can put in your bio.
  7. No worries – that's what train is for! Work out all those bugs before you land on a ship Have fun!
  8. That was added by one of our committees and unfortunately does not reflect any canon that we recognize. The Xindi-Avian species should be marked as "Forbidden" and the information about them not being extinct should be removed. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Ah, ok -- I see the confusion. Everyone sims via email. And our sim archive literally just pulls those emails as they come in and displays them. Usually people don't title their sims "part 1," and the next person "part 2." I might title my sim, "On the bridge at night," and tag someone else who's on the bridge with me at the time. That other person might title their sim "Feeling snoozy on the bridge" and respond to those tags by rewriting the scene I found my tags. The sims in the archive which have the "Name: Tag" will never actually be updated in the original post. You'll just see the conversation get "filled in" in later emails. So you'll really need to read through email-to-email to see the scene/conversation as it develops.
  10. Can you clarify what you mean by "incomplete"? Per above, the conversation is always going to start incomplete, but over the course of a few days the other players in the scene should "finish" the conversation by adding their parts in later sims. We generally discourage the use of the "Anyone" tag for that very reason – it tends to be ignored. Best practice is to tag specific characters in a logical way. If someone has already simmed themselves into the same room with you, it's logical to tag them, of course. The goal is for any responses to be general enough that they don't "trap" you, the writer, into saying something specific. If you're finding that another writer is doing that a lot, you'll want to approach your captain and ask for help with trying to resolve the issue. Your captain will be eager to help you find a way to resolve the situation in an agreeable way.
  11. And actually, I just realized that tutorial wasn't updated with the most recent version we're using in training. I've updated that now
  12. In our game, members are generally not allowed to speak for others. You can read more about that here. So instead of speaking for others, we have a system "tagging," which is to say that each writer involves others in the plot, providing spaces for others to put in their own dialogue as they see fit. The way it works is that you (person A, let's say) write your sim, leaving spaces for others – like person B – to reply. In person B's next sim, they'll rewrite the scene from their character's point of view, filling-in the "tags" that were left for them. If you follow through what you're reading from sim to sim, you should see those open "tags" answered by the person who was tagged. There are certainly cases where you might tag someone else and that tag isn't responded to, but those are much more the exception rather than the rule. In most cases, you're going to get a response. This is not the only way to sim with others. Many players also do joint-sims, which is where they'll work together to write the sim before sending it to the list. They might do this over Instant Messenger, or using a Google Doc, since two (or more) people can edit a Google Doc at the same time. In those cases, they'll put the entire sim together and then one person will send half, and the other person will send the other half. That way they both get "credit" for having sent in a sim. Of course, you can also sim for "Non-Playing Characters" or NPCs. These are simply "unstaffed" characters you create for your character to interact with. So, you might be the Chief Engineering Officer, but you also have three NPCs who work in Engineering with you, that you simply write for yourself.
  13. Hey everyone, We're rolling out SSL – secure connection – across the site. You'll notice the little green lock icon in your URL bar when you're on our main site and forums. (If you don't, try logging out, clearing your cache, exiting your browser completely, and then logging back into the forums – you should now see the green lock icon.) One of the unfortunate side-effects is that images hosted elsewhere will now be broken. Sorry about that But this new feature is good for our search engine rankings (Google gives a very small bonus to sites that use SSL) and is just better for your account security. So yay! You can fix this issue by either uploading images directly to the forums or by fixing the link to the wiki, if you're hosting on the wiki. To fix your signature, go here: https://forums.starbase118.net/index.php?/settings/signature/ Delete the broken image. Now open the wiki and find your signature banner file. Click on it to get the full URL -- it should look like this: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/images/1/1c/SolzanoZaBanner.png Make sure the URL has "https" and not "http". Paste this URL with https into your signature. It should pop correctly. Comment below if you have a question!
  14. Glad you're enjoying it and looking forward to having you all in the fleet
  15. Actually, we plan on placing all the cadets – from both of this week's classes – on the new ship when it launches
  16. Reince Priebus is an anagram for Brunei Recipes. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? #GOP

  17. Thanks @BigScoots :) https://t.co/JsMvEwvgvd

  18. This is the justification I've been waiting my whole life for: "Floss probably doesn't help anything." https://t.co/vPPX1kshxO

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