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  1. No need to be nervous! Our training program is all about making mistakes and getting used to how things work
  2. Welcome! Once you finish training you can request one in the Graphics Request forum.
  3. Plenty of opportunities for science officers here so you'll fit right in! Hope you enjoy training
  4. Love the Bajorans Hope you enjoy training!
  5. Schisms really stayed with me and creeped me out for years after I first saw it.
  6. Welcome! Hope you enjoy training. We're looking forward to having you in the fleet!
  7. Please join me in congratulating the winners of the title of Top Sim of 2017: Capts. Jalana Rajel and Sal Taybrim!
  8. This vote closes tomorrow. Please vote now!
  9. Thank you to everyone who put in the time and effort to contribute content to the Community News. I greatly appreciate your hard work!
  10. The Top Sims Contest is closing. Our last job is voting to crown the Top Sim of 2017, and after that, the contest will close permanently. But we still want everyone to highlight great sims, which is why we've created the Appreciations forum, where you can post sims without rules or restrictions – and no need to post "complete" sims! Head over to that forum to highlight things you enjoyed reading!
  11. We have one more job before we say goodbye to the Top Sims Contest forever: Crown the Top Sim for 2017! Please read these three sims carefully before choosing your favorite in the poll above. Voting closes automatically at 23:59 Pacific Time on Sunday, October 15. Set 1 winner: Jalana Rajel & Sal Taybrim, "Captain to Captain" Set 2 winner: Kamela Allison-Parker and T'Lea, "The Gloves are OFF!" Set 3 winner: T'Lea and Della Vetri, "Seven Year Itch" Each of these sims were submitted by a member of the community. A panel of judges, consisting of one judge from each ship, voted on the best sims submitted in each round. The winning sims were then sent to the run-off rounds, where community members like you voted to select the winner for each set. And now, finally, we're voting on which of those set winners is the best sim of 2017. You can see each of the run-off votes here: Run-off round 1 Run-off round 2 Run-off round 3 And you can see all the sims submitted for the 2017 contest in the Hall of Fame archive. FAIRNESS AND VOTING For a vote to win the final round, at least 10% of its votes must come from a ship other than the one the sim was created on. That does not mean that you can't vote for a sim that was originally simmed on your vessel. You just shouldn't vote for a sim from your ship simply because it's by your crew-mate. Instead, choose the sim that you believe is the best written, most engaging, and embodies the principles of good simming that this community values. Your vote in this poll is public so that we can ensure that one ship's crew is not "stuffing the ballot box."
  12. Thanks again to everyone for their writing assistance. Your hard work is noticed and appreciated!
  13. This is a treat Make sure you go full screen and increase the YouTube resolution: Where I found it:
  14. Per the Community News post about the closing of the Featured Bio Contest, please note the following: Nominations for Round 5 will continue through September 1, as scheduled The winner of Round 5 will be announced by mid-September and posted on the Community News Following that announcement, this contest will close and we will archive the forum
  15. Per the Community News post about the closing of the Top Sims Contest, please note the following: Round 20, 2017 – which closed on Sunday night – is the final submission period for this contest. Run-off Round 3 will open next week, and close approximately a month later by September 15. The final vote – which will pit the winners of 2017 Run-off Rounds 1, 2, and 3 against each other – will be open for 30 days, ending mid-October. You may still post sims in this forum as a way of highlighting great writing of your crewmates. We plan to transition from a contest format to more of a "kudos" format, where we encourage everyone to post great sims in an open and free-form way.
  16. Woohoo – another great month for the Community News team! Thank you to everyone who contributed – you're the wind beneath my wings! 🦅
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