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  1. "Democrats will learn all the wrong lessons from #BernieSanders": https://t.co/ARkUNdryDN via @mtaibbi #p2

  2. Post-Reagan #GOP is all about getting rich off exploiting the poor. No surprise an unrepentant parasite now heads the party.

  3. RT @ciscoshoots: USA Today: Hundreds allege #Trump2016 doesn’t pay his bills. https://t.co/QAgucMevwJ #DeleteYourAccount #ThankfulThursday

  4. RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: #rapecultureiswhen they are still calling this convicted rapist a "swimmer" in headlines https://t.co/H0Jf0ppbXM

  5. @Outlook Um... the OUTLOOK iOS app. You guys know you have one of those, right? https://t.co/ENMuY4PIKC

  6. RT @im_srishabh21: #ThankYouBernie for fighting the same fight for the last 50 years https://t.co/aPPxqxgcjL

  7. .@BernieSanders showing me the way! https://t.co/DFr1SEw2Kg

  8. If you think @iamjohnoliver's debt forgiveness show on @LastWeekTonight was awesome, wait 'til you learn about https://t.co/6K6Pp8SwNi

  9. RT @thehill: Sanders: You can't love Muhammad Ali but disparage Muslims https://t.co/h7neyg0xNA https://t.co/uBhkYhoWui

  10. RT @NPCA: Poll finds 70% of Montanans oppose drilling on sacred lands near @GlacierNPS. We agree! https://t.co/sz3uCknTw7 https://t.co/wcfY…

  11. The Venetian gondoliers. @ The Venetian Las Vegas https://t.co/T7MSFYyqc6

  12. I used @Lyft like 6 times in Las Vegas this week. SO MUCH CHEAPER and better than cabs! Everyone was polite, fast: https://t.co/3Gyb3XE083

  13. @steveolson Hah, no, I meant... "I TOTALLY knew who Coldhands was. I mean, like, DUH. Who the hell else could it be?"

  14. The video showing #BernieSanders walking out to the DMX "shoot the gays" song was faked: https://t.co/HIKMUNkYGB #LGBT

  15. @nicjude89 read the site.

  16. @CurbedSF you can pay $1/year for an address just for you.

  17. @MattBaume Saw great article about gay chars on #StarTrek - thought you might b interested: https://t.co/2HW5VkOdx2 https://t.co/DMaodBlzZ4

  18. @nicjude89 @GeorgeTakei I've been a fan for 25+ years. I've seen every episode multiple times. I run a ST RPG. I rely on my own expertise ;)

  19. @officialgaygeek #StarTrek needs an #LGBT captain. Can you help amplify? https://t.co/2HW5VkOdx2 https://t.co/pHVhs5bUix

  20. @wilw New campaign to put an LGBT captain on the upcoming Trek series. Can you help? https://t.co/2HW5VkOdx2 https://t.co/ldQkRii8Xm

  21. Spare an upvote for the campaign to put an #LGBT captain on #StarTrek? https://t.co/X2Kquf50Ah

  22. @BenChildGeek Thanks for your post about GLAAD calling for gay chars/Star Wars! Relevant?: https://t.co/2HW5VkOdx2 https://t.co/U8njsGkeHP

  23. RT @equalitynetwork: Chaos in U.S. House of Representatives after anti-gay #GOP defeats #LGBT protections: https://t.co/bIG3k7ShFM https://…

  24. RT @MarkRuffalo: The @NRA shouldn't tell Congress what to do when it comes to researching gun violence. No more. https://t.co/ooNtBN6DFL vi…

  25. @Starbucks is something wrong with iOS app reload process? Won't reload even when it should.

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