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  1. You need to update your sig with your new award! :D

  2. How is it this hard to find a job? 5 years in finance, 3+ years in non-profit work. Bachelor's degree from one of the best schools in the south. Experience in fund-raising, coalition building, volunteer recruitment, event planning, and issue advocacy. Advanced WordPress, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop experience, types 80+ WPM. There must be an awful lot of people in LA with the most incredible resumes ever...

  3. Unfortunately, because FB now allows App developers to access my home phone and address, I'm going to have to remove them from FB. Sorry FB friends - I thought this was the easiest way for you to get in touch with me when necessary, but I don't need the developer of "1000 Questions" calling me at home.

  4. I lost 3.6 pounds on Weight Watchers in the past week!

  5. Hank and I joined Weight Watchers today!

  6. Oh god, mentioned an Oprah moment and here cones the Oprah 20th Anniversary disc so we can watch it.

  7. Today on WoW, I was killed by Deathwing -- got achievement [stood in the Fire] -- but I was AFK and didn't get to see it :( Evan Matthew Cobb Matt Mager

  8. I just told Hank Hedland that I thought the Moonstruck poster, with Cher, was just ridiculous, he commanded that we watch her Oscar acceptance speech for that movie. After it was done, he confided that he often gets up in the middle of the night, when he can't sleep, to watch Oscar, Tony, and Golden Globe acceptance speeches on YouTube, "crying the whole time." Oh, Henry...

  9. Today's DADT repeal victory is a vindication of Civil Disobedience, Direct Action, and the uncompromising pressure of GetEQUAL. Thanks to everyone (in that org, and beyond) who: worked long hours for little or no pay, made calls to their legislators, didn't think it's okay for Obama to punt on a promise, kept this at the forefront of our thoughts, and worked to make it happen.

  10. Facebook keeps asking me if I like "Hairy Guys." I mean, the answer is yes of course, but is that really something I want on my profile?

  11. Such a huge bummer :( I wrote a huge long thing on my "About Me" page here, and it got deleted by accident.

  12. LOL - I hope that's a compliment.

  13. Things have been getting better - lots of activity around the fleet, which is nice!

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