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  2. Holy [...], the world is broken. Ban the guns, ban them all so that we never have to have this conversation again. Guns are evil, guns are unnecessary, and every other first world country has been able to live without them - we can, too.

  3. And this is why Star Trek is better than Star Wars.

  4. Wow. America's most wanted, here I come.

  5. This is it, the final round of voting for 2015's Top Sim! The winner of this vote will be considered the Top Sim of 2015 -- one of the most highly coveted writing awards in our community. Voting closes automatically at 23:59 Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 30, 2015. Please read all four sims before choosing the one you like the best in the poll above: Set 1 winner: Tracey Townson, "Awaiting Deception"Set 2 winner: Saveron & Alora DeVeau, "Sad Songs Say So Much"Set 3 winner: Maxwell Traenor & Noros (PNPC), "Max"Set 4 winner: Alora DeVeau & Saveron, "Where Vulcan Flowers Grow"These sims were submitted by members of the community. A panel of judges, consisting of one judge from each ship, voted on the best sim from each round. The sims they selected from each round were then voted-on by members of the fleet. You can see those votes here: Run-off round 1Run-off round 2Run-off round 3Run-off round 4The 2015 Hall of Fame archive contains all the sims submitted in 2015. Pinned sims are the winners from each round. FAIRNESS AND VOTING For a vote to win the final round, at least 10% of its votes must come from a ship other than the one the sim was created on. Your vote in this poll is public so that we can ensure that one ship's crew is not "stuffing the ballot box." If we find that any one crew is trying to force someone from their crew to be the winner, that sim will be disqualified and the ship will be ineligible to participate in the contest for all of 2015. Similarly, if anyone is found coercing members of their crew to vote for them, or a sim on their ship, that sim will be disqualified -- before, or after the vote. That does not mean that you can't vote for a sim that was originally simmed on your vessel. You just shouldn't vote for a sim from your ship simply because it's by your crew-mate. Instead, choose the sim that you believe is the best written, most engaging, and embodies the principles of good simming that this community values.

    Pretty much all I eat is dried coconut strips from Trader Joe's, coconut buns, and sometimes even shredded coconut out of the bag.

  7. "When we tackled drunken driving, we took steps like raising the drinking age to 21 and cracking down on offenders. That didn’t eliminate drunken driving, but it saved thousands of lives." We need the same thing now for gun violence.

    But the NRA demands their corporate lackeys do nothing at all.

  8. We're in the closing days of this run-off round and only 15% of the membership has voted. This is still anyone's vote to win! Polling closes at 11:59pm Eastern on Sunday, December 6.
  9. I'm thankful that I have a husband who can cook.

  10. Has anyone else experienced medical professionals, especially dentists, overdoing it with X-rays and CT scans?

    I've had at least five head X-rays at my dentist in the last year, plus a 360 degree panorama X-ray on my teeth, and a CT scan done on my sinuses recently. Now an oral surgeon is giving me grief because they can't track down the last 360 degree panorama X-ray and want me to do another.

    I fee like these people do not have my best interests at heart shooting my skull with radiation n...

    1. Lt. Cmdr Baylen Anders

      Lt. Cmdr Baylen Anders

      yeah its a racket to be sure, I am dealing with a lot of back issues and every time I go in we need new xrays or MRI's or CT scans and on and on, and to refill my meds seeing how there pain meds they cant be phoned in so I have to come to office and pay a copay to just get a refile. CRAZY lol so i feel your pain, I really do.

  11. Passed my motorcycle driving test!

  12. Wow, 7 years ago today, in the thick of anti-Prop 8 backlash. Equality Network formed soon after.

  13. It's that time of year again! When we come together to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of our members. This is a core tradition that was started in 1996, just two years after our group was founded, and has continued every year since then. The awards process begins with the nomination period, which is open starting today until Sunday, December 8th at midnight Pacific time. Click here to go directly to the Award Nomination Panel, where there’s more information about how to nominate another member for an award. Over the weeks to come, the nomination that you submit will be split into groups and reviewed. General category awards are reviewed and approved by your captain, while Special and Duty Post award winners are selected from the pool of nominations by a committee of staff members. Staff category award nominations are reviewed by the Executive Council. General award winners will be announced to each ship, by the ship’s captain, in late December. Usually, our group OOC ceremony which lists all Special, Duty Post, Staff, and Length of Service awards, is posted to the fleet around the beginning of the year. (In this case, probably the first week of 2016.) This is your opportunity to recognize your fellow players and the staff that help make this group an amazing community. Awards are only given if a nomination is received and selected, so don’t hesitate to start nominating those you think deserve an award! When a ship has few award recipients it is a direct result of few nominations from that specific crew. Keep these things in mind as you begin submitting fellow officers for nominations: * Duty Post, Special, and Staff awards are given to only one officer per year in the entire fleet. * Only one person per crew can receive each of the General awards in each ceremony. * You can find a list of past recipients on the wiki. Remember that some awards were created just last year, so there may be no previous recipients for those awards. In closing, remember that you Commanding Officer also does a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep the fleet and the community running. Our staff are not paid for their work, and it is their endless hours of devotion that keep things going smoothing. Keep this in mind as you are submitting your nominations and consider nominating your Commanding Officer for an award as well! If you have any questions, feel free to talk to your Commanding Officer or First Officer, or post in the thread on our forums. Click here to start your award nominations!
  14. OMG, LOL! Bernie Sander's face when asked if we're going to be throwing money away with tuition-free college when 30% of college students don't graduate.

  15. MyFitnessPal says I have 923 calories left for the day. Do I get BaskinRobbins Reese's peanut butter cup sundae from 5m away, or drive 20m to the nearest Krispy Kreme donuts?


  17. Spoiler alert: CDC says it's the pee. It's the god[...] pee. This is exactly why I refuse to swim in public pools.

  18. Polling closes at 11:59pm Eastern on Sunday, December 6. This is a run-off poll, where our general membership (that's you!) chooses which sim, from Set 4 of 2015 (Rounds 21-26), should proceed to the final round of the contest for a chance to be selected as the Top Sim of 2015! These sims below were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) from the sims submitted in Rounds 21-26 of the contest. TO START, please read these sims: ​Round 21: Charlotte deBarres, "Bird Droppings"​Round 22: Didrik Stennes, "Contrition Vol. 1"​Round 23: Ceilidh Riverview, "The power of memory"​Round 24: Alora DeVeau & Saveron, "Where Vulcan Flowers Grow"​Round 25: Hannibal Parker, "Recognition, Resignation"​Round 26: Wyn Foster, "What Friends are For"NEXT, using the poll above, vote for the sim you like the most. It should be the sim that's the best written, with strong characterization, and evocative or descriptive scene-setting. DON'T vote for a sim just because you serve on the same crew as the person who wrote it. Any crew that "stuffs the ballot" (by having everyone on the crew vote for the same sim to ensure that it wins this poll) will be eliminated from the contest and shamed by the rest of the community as terrible, terrible cheaters. That would be awful. Good luck to the nominees!
  19. So proud to be a part of the team at CREDO Mobile who helped make this happen. Becky Bond, Elijah Zarlin who helped lead this fight, and all my teammates: You're the best.

    This is the power of grassroots organizing and direct action. It's the reason why I never listen to the morons who argue "petitions don't do anything." A petition started this fight, and helped us build the KXL Pledge of Resistance quoted below.

  20. I don't cry at weddings. I don't cry at funerals. But the series finale of a TV show? Every time.

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