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  1. I want to thank Rich profusely for his work on this project. He put in an incredible amount of effort and time to transform our awards area in a way that will honor all those who have been awarded. With an awards tradition that dates back the mid-90s, we have a LOT of recipients to honor. But it's also important that put a focus on those folks who've won most recently, and I think this helps us do just that. I'm so excited for this area revamp, and look forward to using it a lot For those of you looking for the full list of awards, you can find that here: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/List_of_Award_Recipients
  2. National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health is in the running for a slice of $200,000 in donations from CREDO Mobile, alongside NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood Action. Have you voted yet, to help bolster NLIRH's numbers and ensure they get a larger portion of donations? It takes less than a minute.


  3. A stark reminder that the future is not as vast and infinite as it seems.

  4. Have you watched Making A Murderer? If so, what stuck with you the most after it was over?

  5. Previously, we kept these threads closed to encourage folks to comment on the articles themselves, but since most people don't do that, I'm opening all future threads in this forum to discussion
  6. Congratulations to Alora DeVeau & Saveron! Their sim "Where Vulcan Flowers Grow" has won the title of Top Sim of 2015!
  7. The 2015 Awards Ceremony has been posted! Take a look now: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Awards_Ceremony,_2015 Add your congratulations here, and let us know what you thought of the ceremony
  8. Three days until this vote closes -- still anyone's to win!
  9. This monorail offers express service to the Magic Kingdom!!!

    Please stand clear of the doors!

  10. Dropping Baxter off at the sitter before we head to Florida! Gonna miss this lil guy!

  11. Hank and I exchanged gifts last night since we're going to be out of town. One present was a set of Star Trek cast member Pez dispensers! It wasn't until after I had eaten half the Pez in the box out of Picard's head did Hank Hedland tell me it was a collector's item I wasn't supposed to open. Or that it was over 4 years old.

    No regrets.

  12. When it comes to Bernie vs. Hillary on my feed, 50% of what I see is Hillary supporters with backhand insults to Bernie and/or his supporters. 30% is Hillary supporters overtly and gleefully insulting Bernie supporters and making the statement that Bernie supporters are the left-wing version of Teabaggers, or are going to undermine a Bernie presidency. And 20% is Bernie supporters reacting angrily to being insulted, and then having the finger point at them as if to "prove" that everything tha...

  13. The next time I go to work is Monday, January 4. That's 16 days from now. I'm practically on a sabbatical. I could write a book.

  14. This is super important for the holidays. Please join me in signing this petition.

  15. Just a reminder, the deadline for entry is 11:59 PM EST January 15, 2016.
  16. 2015 milestones: Scooter, honeymoon, Check Meowt shirt, Madonna concert!

    (See yours at facebook.com/yearinreview.)

  17. Just a reminder to those threatening violence over Star Wars spoilers.

  18. Sooo, am I mistaken that this kinda looks like a Search for Spock sorta thing? Enterprise destroyed (but this time FOR REALS Y'ALL), they're all on the surface fighting a ruthless enemy...
  19. Line so long at Trader Joe's I just walked out with my groceries and told them I'd send a check. #lifehacks

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