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  1. I find it really interesting they went such a different direction than the first trailer. I feel the same way about this that I have about the previous ones -- looks entertaining. Doesn't feel like Star Trek. More than anything, I'm annoyed that every movie is a chance to destroy the Enterprise. She deserves better, and by acting like this they've really removed the ship as a character and made it nothing more than the vehicle we get to watch shredded each movie.
  2. Yeah, I just want to second the notion that TV has come a long way since even VOY. Moreover, Fuller has done a lot of creative stuff with television shows, so I think it's likely he'll want to be fresh-thinking with this.
  3. RT @equalitynetwork: Chaos in U.S. House of Representatives after anti-gay #GOP defeats #LGBT protections: https://t.co/bIG3k7ShFM https://…

  4. This could potentially be the new logo and look of the upcoming series. That "new crews," with an S at the end, is pretty intriguing! Could that mean some sort of rotating cast / different ship each season type of format?
  5. RT @MarkRuffalo: The @NRA shouldn't tell Congress what to do when it comes to researching gun violence. No more. https://t.co/ooNtBN6DFL vi…

  6. @Starbucks is something wrong with iOS app reload process? Won't reload even when it should.

  7. @StumbleUpon it's satire, people, it's satire!!

  8. Same. https://t.co/P73c7cWscJ

  9. RT @MSignorile: And now he’s talking about Ben Carson for the cabinet. Imagine having this nutbag hater running govt agency? https://t.co/k…

  10. Sorry everyone -- I've fixed the issue and merged the threads. Hopefully this works now
  11. RT @froomkin: The good news is the GOP is nominating an extremist buffoon. The bad news is the Democrats are nominating a moderate Republic…

  12. #MothersDay: Get a free bouquet from The Bouqs Co. -- they're farm direct w/free shipping! https://t.co/ldG0rQbgwa https://t.co/YNCKVxBHWG

  13. RT @CREDOMobile: .@ryangrim we'd be more than happy to help if you need a new phone. cc: @HuffPostHill

  14. For the month of April, I'd like to recognize the following: Lt. Vondaryan submitted an article about the Fleet Wide Plot arc; LtCmdr. Traenor submitted two Top Sims Contest articles; Cmdr. Blair submitted the monthly apps & grads article, and a Featured Bio Contest reminder; Cmdr. Rahman submitted our April Fool's Day post, as well as the Podcast announcement; Capt. Taybrim submitted a chat reminder, a Writer's Workshop article, and the Academy format standardization article; Capt. Renos submitted the Publicity Team article; Capt. Faranfey submitted the monthly post totals; Capt. Rajel submitted the Graphics Contest reminder post; And the Federation News Service Team submitted our monthly plot summary articles! Many many thanks to each and every one of these people, without whom we wouldn't have a vibrant Community News blog that not only helps to draw in prospective members, but also helps to keep our site active as a signal to the search engines that we're worth ranking highly
  15. RT @fightfortheftr: New study: Mass surveillance breeds meekness, fear, and self-censorship: https://t.co/qbU7KtcknF https://t.co/awV5SXsLO0

  16. @Props_HQ How does Props work with Chromebox? (And why isn't this info already on your website? :)

  17. This is me when I drink coffee: https://t.co/EQpbjq9fto

  18. This is me when I drink coffee: https://t.co/EQpbjq9fto

  19. Congrats to the entrants and winners. Way to go, and thanks for participating
  20. Yeah, that's how it works for me Same with Tweets and Facebook posts.
  21. Probably will. You need to get in three good quality posts and read all the tutorials to successfully pass, and normally our groups end on Monday morning. But if you want to defer to the next class, you're more than welcome to do that
  22. Incredibly unfortunate that Paramount isn't taking a more progressive stance with this. They're in a very unique position in that I can't remember another instance where a franchise had professionally produced fan-films that threatened that canon, but now is the time to consider the situation and -- instead of throwing lawyers at it -- figure out how you can harness all this volunteer work for the good of the franchise generally.
  23. We've decided to end the contest due to low participation.
  24. Perhaps as a result of the events in Star Trek VI?
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