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  1. Hey friends! My wonderful husband is starting a small business bringing craft parties to your home for 4-10 people. He brings all the crafts, and it's tons of fun to learn about stamping and embossing and more.

    If you're interested, check out the site. If not, can you share with someone who might be interested?

  2. If this applies to you, please review and submit! Otherwise, please share so that your climate activist friends can continue great activism.

  3. Shoulder-to-shoulder. If you think Planned Parenthood is the problem, you flatly misinformed by Republicans and FOX News.


  5. Anyone want to try HelloFresh? I have four free meals to give away.

    Hank and I have been using it for months now, after being referred by Meghan Christenson and Kristiane Skolmen, and we love it.

    Respond here and I'll hook you up via email. If you think I don't have your email, PM it to me!

    more info: http://hellofresh.com

  6. [...] just got really real. The people who live in the building next to ours bought two small dogs about a week ago that they've been neglecting by leaving them on the porch in a small cage with little or no water at times. They've barked and whined all day and night. Today, I heard them squealing in pain and I went to our window to see what was happening and the man who lives there was swinging them by their collars, like they were sacks of groceries. They were clearly being hurt, and I reac...

  7. I don't really understand what I'm watching. Is this children's television or a Lady Gaga video?

  8. Just made my first order on Instacart since I have to wear a blood pressure monitor all day for the transplant qualification and I don't want to be seen in public with this thing!

    Use the link below for $10 off first order and free delivery :)

  9. "And then one day you find ten years have got behind you

    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun."

  10. A dedicated concierge will invite a selected group of pre-approved hotels to submit bids and concessions (things like free wireless or room upgrades) for your group. You pick the price and package you like best, and Roomblocker manages everything. No fee -- the hotels pay a commission to Roomblocker.

  11. 1. Like I give a [...] about the FOX news crowd being "outraged."

    2. Not that it matters, but gay men and women fought in all of America's wars. And unlike their straight brothers and sisters, they were forced by homophobia to remain silent about their loved at home.

    3. This photo was first made and released over six years ago.

    4. The Iwo Jima image has been replicated dozens of times by corporations, including by McDonald's. Where was all this outrage then?

  12. The thing I hate the most is when people on Goodreads start their review with an "ACTUAL rating" which includes a decimal point. Because there's just too much daylight between 2 and 3 stars -- 2 is just harsh, but this book just hasn't EARNED a 3. It's a 2.5, YUNNO?

  13. Well, there goes four hours of my time on a Sunday morning troubleshooting internet service with Comcast. Had to drive in to San Francisco and pick up new equipment.

  14. Please contribute to the bail fund for Bree Newsome, the incredibly brave person who tore down the "Confederate" flag from the grounds of the South Carolina capitol today. 100% of donations go to support Bree and the #BlackLivesMatter movement!

    Donate, click LIKE to help this post be seen, and click SHARE to tell others!

  15. Will President Obama have to mobilize the National Guard to enforce marriage equality in Texas and Mississippi? Will it be called Operation Pink Helm?


  16. This is a pretty awesome deal on CREDO Mobile phone/service in celebration of today's wonderful news. $150 off all phones plus 25% off all data for a year. If you've been thinking of signing up, now's the time my friends!

  17. This is the reason I vote for Democrats. All four justices in the dissent against marriage equality were nominated by Republican presidents. Of those who were in the majority for marriage equality, only Kennedy was nominated by a Republican president.

    If McCain had won in 2008, today's victory would not have happened.

  18. There are atrocities happening on this president's watch in detention centers he has authority over. Interruption of a press conference is the least important point about this.

  19. Do you own a domain name? If so, you should take action here, because your private data -- including your name, phone number, address, and email address, will be exposed to anyone who looks it up if you're not protecting it with your domain registrar.

  20. Taylor Swift is my new favorite thing. You have to watch this video!

  21. I've already been up for 90 minutes. STARBUCKS! HOUSE OF BAGELS! WALGREENS! BANK! WALK THE DOG!


  22. Birthday walk in the redwoods.

  23. It begins! World's best husband Hank Hedland decorated the foyer to welcome me home!

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