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  1. Quite easy – just create the address you want and let your CO know and they will facilitate the change. 

    Here on the forums you go to your settings and you'll be able to update it. If you have any trouble just email me at t.wolf@starbase118.net from your current/old address and let me know your new address and I'll update it for you. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Quinn Reynolds said:

    @FltAdml. Wolf I don't think I can overstate how much I admire you and everything that you do. You've been a mentor, an inspiration and hold a special place in my heart, and I'm so grateful to be a part of the community you created and champion. We owe you more congratulations and appreciations than I could ever put into words. Thank you. ❤️ 

    sad britney spears GIF

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  3. Resounding congratulations to Brian, the writer behind Geoffrey Teller, for smashing the Writing Challenge 2020 with a superb win!

    Not only the first entry the challenge received but also a beautifully written story “Lullaby” of an officer facing a difficult situation and a heartwarming encounter to leave a tear in the eye. This is the first Writing Challenge done since 2014, so this is a special congratulations extended to him!

    Matt, the writer behind Addison MacKenzie, had this to say about the piece:

    “I’ve served with Teller in various capacities for my entire length of service – as colleagues on the Veritas, as acting first officer on the Diligent, and now as senior officers on the Thor. In that time, I’ve gotten to know the Teller character quite intimately as well as his background – the presumed loss of his parents was initially a small detail to Brian, but it played a major role in one of our missions together on the Veritas when it was actually discovered that his father had survived.

    Getting to watch Teller work through that realization and then explain it to his sister Sarah (whom I wrote for) made for quite remarkable characterization. Now, in this piece of short writing, its interesting to see how Teller transformed into a wide-eyed, innocent projection of his childhood-self as he interacts with his mother. This piece was a compelling demonstration of the Teller’s humanity as we watch him confront [what he thinks is] his mother, their interactions and attempted reconciliation.”

    Our runner-up is Quinten, writer for Pholin Duyzer, recently returned to our community following a brief absence and scoops up this badge for his story “Time to Move On”, which sees the Denobulan officer return to his family home and battle through rough waters. A most excellent story and a compelling narrative glimpse into Pholin’s life at home and how his career has faired in between the time away. Well done, Quinten!

    All entries into the challenge were excellent, and each one deserves a slice of the praise! Thank you for submitting your entries, letting us into the worlds of your characters brought into the spotlight, and for giving us a glimpse of what goes on behind the characters we see.

    For the winner, runner-up and judges, they are in receipt of one of the following badges!

    Writing Challenge 2020 Winner BadgeBadge-Writing_Challenge_Winner.pngBadge-Writing_Challenge_Judge.pngBadge-Writing_Challenge_Runner_Up.png

    Considering the wild success of this challenge, we plan to continue the tradition in yearly challenges. We look forward to more amazing entries next spring!

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  4. On 5/15/2020 at 6:50 AM, Roshanara Rahman said:

    Anyway, the basic gist of it was that being a fan of Trek since 94 right at the end of TNG, I've seen how every Trek show and movie since gets the same division of many fans liking it, some not sure, and others quite vocal in their dislike. According to the TNG cast, the same happened with them when their show first premiered.

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking too – there was lots of commentary about how people didn't like TNG when it premiered. I think it's just a given that people get attached to their vision of their favorite stories, and only want to see it continue as they knew it previously.


    On 5/15/2020 at 10:46 AM, Roshanara Rahman said:

    Section 31 shouldn't have been introduced at all to Trek. It forever tarnished the dream of a Federation/Trek utopia with its cynical take that such a thing could not possibly exist without someone else watching over and doing the "dirty" work behind the scenes that "needs to be done."

    The thing that Discovery muddled a bit to me is that I got the sense in the DS9 era that Section 31 was actually operating "outside" of Starfleet and the Federation control? Like, maybe there was some kind of "top echelon" of Starfleet or the Federation that was still supplying it with resources but that it didn't actually have a mandate anywhere in normal structures and if Federation legislators knew about it they'd disavow or put a stop to it. 

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Dr Moon said:

    Greetings! I'm very excited to begin the process to join this community. I've researched a number of different communities and found this one to be quite active and well organized. There are some online "fleets" that work hard to be big. Everyone who applies can get a ship. That's not exactly my motivation. I'm interested in flexing my creative writing muscles. For many years I belonged to an online writing community and have not found the same connection as I have in the past. That site has thousands of members and if you step away due to life concerns things can move too fast and it's tough to get back into the culture.

    I hope you'll find we meet those standards – we put a lot of emphasis on helping people improve their writing and collaborative simming skills!


    22 minutes ago, Dr Moon said:

    So far it's been a pleasant experience applying. I have tons of questions, but am practicing patience to savor these early moments. Often joining and being the newbie is something we want to rush out of quickly, but I'm going to lavish in the attention and time. 🤭

    Well the folks in the Discord chat love to answer questions ;)

  6. After you submit award nominations, you're brought to a form where you can suggest changes to our Awards Ceremony nominations process. On the whole, everyone expresses great satisfaction but how things work! But as with last year, we have some suggestions that came through that I'd like to address: 


    The checkmark for the award type doesn't show up when clicked. The text becomes bold, indicating its selection, but no check.

    This is an issue with our forms plugin conflicting with our website theme. It's been difficult to fix, but hopefully folks can navigate the form well enough seeing the bold indicator with the selection.

    If you're an expert in CSS / WordPress plugins and themes – and want to help with this – email me at t.wolf@starbase118.net and I'll send you the information I got back from our form plugin support about it and see if you can help us resolve it! 


    There's no check to see if the submitted email address is correct. Unless the check is made when the form is submitted.

    I figured it would slow down submission of the form and frustrate people if they had to check the email address twice. We have everyone's email address on record and can pretty easily track back to what we have on file for you if necessary – but you wouldn't get your nomination "receipt" via email, for sure. 


    Leave nominations open year-round.

    We've gotten this a couple years in a row and I've just asked the Captains Council to consider this suggestion specifically. Hopefully we'll have a decision by the end of the ceremony this year. 

    • A short description of what each award means?
    • An ability to see all the awards and descriptions with a dropdown would be helpful.
    • Have a description of all the awards on this page! I don't know them all by heart, and have to jump back and forth between 6 different tabs to choose the best one.

    I must admit I'm always a little perplexed by this one. The nomination panel page is already quite large, so I'm trying to minimize the size of it?

    We have links to the list of all awards and their descriptions under the dropdown boxes where you select which award your nominating someone for. And the idea here is you'd open the Hall of Honor – which is linked from the nominations panel – and decide which awards you want to nominate for, and then go back to the form to do the nomination. From what I gather folks are doing that in reverse, like going to the form and looking at the names of the awards and deciding who to nominate for them? 

    Do we really need to have a list of all the award descriptions on this page as opposed to just having links to the Hall of Honor on the wiki? Open to feedback – please respond below! 


    Consider allowing anonymous submissions. It is tiresome having to add your own details every time when submitting multiple nominations, if the form could remember what you filled in those sections previously, it would make it easier and quicker too.

    We're not going to allow anonymous submissions. The only way to make this a little bit faster is to have a profile on the site so it can recognize you when you load the form. As such, I've added a registration form where you can do that. Once you're registered and logged in, you should find your email address and character name filled in the form each time you arrive on it. 


    Have an option to not submit supporting sims for staff awards.

    Sim links are optional. It says that right on the form, and we hide the sim link box automatically for staff awards where a sim link wouldn't make sense. 


    Allow multiple citations of various awards with a waiting period of 2 or 3 years before they can be eligible to receive it again.

    The Captains Council is in discussion about this right now. We're hoping to have a solution before we launch nominations but if not we'll have something to say about it for next year!

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Please feel free to add more to the form this year so we can continue to improve the process!

  7. 7 hours ago, Tasha MacFarlane said:

    Can we submit more than one entry? For example, a solo entry, and one with a friend?

    Prefer we keep it to just one entry per person, please – our judges will have a lot to read (hopefully!). 


    1 hour ago, Artinus Serinus said:

    Can I rework previous sims?

    Or, failing that, can I write the story for my PNPC?

    Neither seems to be forbidden by the rules exactly, but I thought that I would seek guidance, nonetheless.

    Per the rules and guidelines, you don't have to use your current character, but you can if you want. This takes place outside our canon by default. 

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  8. I've updated the other thread to include the following information: 

    • Word count should be a minimum of 300 and maximum of 3000.
    • Members are welcome to submit solo stories, or team up with a buddy to submit a collaborative epic.
    • Your submission should be in the format of a short story. Prose, not sim formatting. (See here for examples.)
    • Submissions are, by default, non-canon – if you find a way to shoehorn this into your own backstory, you're free to use it if you wish, but certainly not a requirement.
      • To that end, you can create whatever characters make sense for the story.
      • And you're free to use characters that you've already written for in sim, but please don't include anyone else's.
    • Submit your story directly into the first post of a new thread. Using the following format for the thread title: 
      • [Primary Character Name(s) of author(s)]: "My Story's Interesting Title"
      • Tristan Wolf: "Five Ways to End Your Starfleet Career"


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