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  1. Has anyone else experienced medical professionals, especially dentists, overdoing it with X-rays and CT scans?

    I've had at least five head X-rays at my dentist in the last year, plus a 360 degree panorama X-ray on my teeth, and a CT scan done on my sinuses recently. Now an oral surgeon is giving me grief because they can't track down the last 360 degree panorama X-ray and want me to do another.

    I fee like these people do not have my best interests at heart shooting my skull with radiation n...

    1. Lt. Cmdr Baylen Anders

      Lt. Cmdr Baylen Anders

      yeah its a racket to be sure, I am dealing with a lot of back issues and every time I go in we need new xrays or MRI's or CT scans and on and on, and to refill my meds seeing how there pain meds they cant be phoned in so I have to come to office and pay a copay to just get a refile. CRAZY lol so i feel your pain, I really do.

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