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  1. In the direction of IC and 118 lore, I think Section 31 is mostly dead now as the guidelines on the Intelligence Duty post is that "Section 31: As far as your character is concerned, it doesn't even exist unless your commanding officer has given specific, time-limited permission to introduce it. Even on Deep Space 9, the staff who we saw onscreen interacting with Section 31 did not discuss it regularly or certainly speak with others about it. This is an exclusive, rogue organization with no public persona, and as such, it's not something almost anyone would know about – even intelligence officers."

    So, they don't exist unless the CO chooses to have them exist and they aren't common knowledge.

    That doesn't mean you can't explore the storyline idea you have. I just recommend working with your CO and ship staff to make sure it's balanced as it is a very fine line. :) I have my own intel character that is a PNPC that is like that and in my OOC opinion, a villain in the long run. So, it is possible! 

  2. Congratulations to each and everyone here who want their duty post award! This is a great achievement to be recognized for. I know just from the descriptions how awesome you all are and how hard you worked throughout the year that got you nominated in the first place. 

    Great job and you keep rocking!

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  3.  The battle was over and Nugra was on the way to the galley of the GSN Claws of Blood. It was nowhere as fancy as those aboard Federation vessels. Nugra had served on everything from the small Intrepid-class starship to the beautiful Sovereign-class ships. The Gorns preferred efficiency over design. The heavy tables were anchored down and the roar of the fire from the pits filled the room with smoky goodness. The fires, of course, were holographic but the heat emitting from them was not. They could live like their ancestors and roast meat over an open fire without risking the vessel with real fire. The holograms just added flair to them.

    “Senior Commander!” Ak’lar called from his place around one of the fire pits. He was holding a large leg of some animal over the fire making it glisten in its own fats. “Come! Sit! Eat!.”

    Nugra grinned at a lizard that he never thought would be his friend. A Black claw soldier from the wars, his enemy and somehow the green lizard with blue stripes had become a comrade.

    The ribbons and ropes on his chest and shoulders, the gem-studded Vss’Kot at his waist told of each and every honor he had won. Even those of the old Gorn Empire cause the youngest lizards to stare at him in awe. Starfleet was of science and knowledge, the Gorn were of deeds and duty. Nugra pulled out his plate which the other Gorns snickered.

    “You have lived with the humans for too long, brother,” another massive lizard said who took up twice the room. He hulked over the fire making the chunk of meat look small. “You need plateware aboard a Gorn ship?”

    “I like not to look like a beast when I eat.”

    “So you look dainty like a Romulan?”

    “Is that not better?” Nugra joked pretending to hold the plate as daintily as possible.

    There was a mixture of boos and laughter from her comment as Eeska, his friend, playfully swatted Nugra’s head in a sign of affection.  Eeshka was a beautiful lizard with her small frame, gently spines running down her back, and small snout. Her topaz eyes glittered at him as she squatted beside him.

    “Why do you have that flimsy piece of human technology?” Ak’lar asked finally. The way he spoke showed he had been wanting to ask for quite some time.

    “A gift from my first captain in the Federation. It’s a reminder.”

    “A reminder of what?” the young Senior Ensign spoke up at his side, feeling safe being closer.

    “For every great thing, there are mistakes one should never forget.”


    Nugra found his room, tapped in the pass-code and strode into the muggy air. The thick aroma of Abalor plants and incense relaxed him immediately. There was a small, alien scent in his room. The biting but aromatic Jestral root nipped at his powerful nostrils and the memory of a certain Trill captain had come to his mind. The smell was calming and familiar in the muggy wild of his home.

    He did not make the same mistake as last time, he had sent her a note before he left Federation space that he was heading back to his home-world. The relationship between the Gorn and the Federation had not healed to the point of open communication. It would have been very difficult for him to send anything to her let alone making it there after the censors had looked at it. There was still fear the Federation was going to be out for revenge.

    Nugra went over to the little pot that held the growing roots of the Jestral plant and checked the soil monitors. The plant glistened in the starlight as the condensation kissed the leaves. He crouched down gently caressing it as if it had been a pet.

    It was the only thing that he had of the other life of a starfleet Captain. That was probably why Jalana Rajel had gotten it to him before he was too far deep into Gorn space. He had no clue how to make the tea but he planned to take the leaves to her when it was time to go home and have her show him.

    ‘When do I go home?’

    Was not this his home now? There was actually nothing left in Starfleet for him. Since stepping down from his command of the USS Victory he had gone from one department to another, ship after ship. His chances for Fleet Captain dwindling at each move. Starfleet needed people of his experience and the Gorn never thought they hated him but his career had come to an end. Nugra knew he was fooling himself to think that he would ever command a Federation vessel again.

    Nugra Tk’Moong let the memories of his ship, the Victory, fill his mind from the corner where he guarded the deepest thoughts. The smell of the carpet and plasteel, the humm of the machinery. The quick, exciting talks of Ayiana Sevo, the rich Scottish accent of Alucard Vess, the gentle tones of Talia Kaji.


    It had even considered resigning his commission for a while before the request to return to Gorn space had come. Shaking himself of the revelry, he forced himself to the present. He was Senior Commander Nugra, Son of Moong, the High Arbiter of the Defender of the Egg, Holder of the Princess’ Ruby. He was a god among Gorn. Then why didn’t he feel at home?

    Ignoring the nagging voices, he climbed under the heavy animal hides and curled up to sleep.

    Nugra’s  uniform was perfect as usual with his ribbons, medals, and ropes all positioned perfectly. Nugra strode into the room with confidence and certainty.

    Nugra strode in a crossed his left arm across his chest with hand out in a Gorn salute.

    “Reporting as ordered, Senior Master.”

    The older lizard turned to face him from the multitude of floating holographic screens that provided him everything he needed to know about the sector.

    "I need your experience from the Federation."

    "Oh? How can I serve?"

    Master Hrrsh tapped his claw against the duraglass panel and the screen changed to a starmap which he motioned Nugra to take a look at. The Gorn strode over closer and peered at it and recognized the coordinates being displayed.

    "This is Meeriso sector?" Nugra asked with a tilt of his head in surprise. "It's barren for the most part except for ion storms and a few other unique phenomena."

    "Yes," Hrrsh said with a nod. "But we picked this up about a week ago. It took our techs three days to piece together the jumbled signal to realize what it was."

    Nugra watched the string of symbols scrawl across the lower portion of the screen and to his astonishment, he recognized them.

    "That's a Starfleet IFF frequency."

    "It is. We had the Guardian's Errant pull the information and it's the USS Constantinople-A, Federation Constitution Class Refit circa 2271s. Under the command of Captain Daphne Pierce. Federation historical records show the vessel went missing in 2274 in the Baretz pass.”
    "Have you informed Starfleet?" Nugra asked.

    "No." Hrrsh answered with a finality that caught the younger Gorn off guard.


    "I have an old Federation vessel clear on the opposite side of Gorn space which we have never seen before. I don’t know what we have.”

    "That's where I come in."

    "Correct. We are going to have to tell them if the ship is actually there and it will be better with an ex-Starfleet officer was the one investigating."

    "What is my assignment?"

    "Senior Commander Tk'Lnn Vss'Kov of the GSN Gorn Talon-A is in charge of the mission and will be heading to the Meeriso sector to see if they can locate the signal."

    "When do I leave?"

    "Immediately. Vss'Kov is waiting for you right now."


    The shuttle jolted hard as a wave of energy from the neutron star of the Holdath System made it past the stellar body that they were using as a shield. The jerk through the occupants around though their harnesses kept them in place.

    "Who thought we would also have a ride?" Burrk chortled from his seat. The massive reptile rattled his metal harness causing Eeska to shake her head in irritation.

    "I keep hoping something will take you out, you big oaf," she said with a mocking laugh.

    "Nothing is big enough to take out, Burrk."

    Nugra was of the opinion to agree.

    "What's the SOP, Senior Commander?" Ak'Lar asked.

    "Breach and then search pattern," Nugra said as another wave, just not as strong, rocked the ship. "I doubt anyone is alive by this time but we need to take steps to secure and make sure. Who knows what could have taken up residence all these years."

    Nugra had enough experience with alien life forms to not take anything for granted. It was easy to die in the void.

    "There it is!" the pilot called and Nugra tapped the screen on his harness to allow the view of the pilot to be seen. The side of the planet was dark but with massive canyons and mountains. Standing out with it's white hull and wedged between two giant mountains was the saucer section of the distinctive Federation design.

    "Land on the surface of it. We'll cut our way in," Nugra said.

    It took about 30 minutes before the team was able to breach the hull. Fitting their helmets on and activating the armor they wore, Nugra went first followed by Eeska, Burrk, and Ak'Lar last. Nugra dropped to the corridor below and moved forward before dropping to a crouch. The corridor and red carpet stretch before them though the hall was only illuminated by his helmet's head lamp.

    "Clear," Nugra said as the others took up formation beside them.

    "We'll make our way to the bridge. Look for Jefferies Tubes marked Primary service. Anything else will be too small for our kind," Nugra warned.

    It was Ak'Lar that spotted Service Tube 2-B which told him that he had access to the bridge. The hatch need breached as the ship was so old, it didn't connect to their external power packs to remote charge the computers. Burrk led the way to breach the top tube and they all soon found themselves in the circular bridge of the Federation starship.

    The bridge was empty though there was a layer of dust that showed it had not been visited in a number of years. Nugra strode forward and found the tattered remains of a Federation uniform among the last few bones that had not disintegrated.

    "It appears the ship's captain died in her seat," Nugra mused. He tapped the computer panel on the armchair and it did not respond. It was not like he had expected it to.

    "Ak'Lar, There should be a power junction under the communications panel," Nugra said pointing to it. "See if you can get it to interface with our power systems. We need to pull the ship's logs."

    "On it, Senior Commander."

    "Bring back memories?" Eeska asked as she stood beside him, weapon slung at ease in front of her.

    "Yes," Nugra said with a nod. She was one of the few she trusted especially since she had started the conversation on their side channel.

    "I cannot imagine how you could have stood it, Nugra," she said looking at the blank screen too. "Not only is the design alien but to have so many around that were not like me would have been really lonely."

    "It was for a time," Nugra said with a sigh. "But I had a good captain when transferred looking for my brother and a good crew. Tafaz, Heath Story, Captain Hurne. They are the reasons that I did not return to the Gorn Hegemony until the call of the Princess."

    Eeska nodded.

    "Do you plan to go back?"

    "I don't know," Nugra said with a shrug. A distinctive human trait he had learned. "My career dead ended there after I stepped down from the USS Victory. The Civil War, the loss of my friends...when I went back, I could not get myself to fit in even though I had a lot of friends that I called comrades. I went from being on the front lines to a Captain regulated to administrative work. I...I just couldn't be happy."

    "Have you been happy being back?"

    That was a good question. He was on the front lines and fighting for a cause but there were even less familiar faces here.

    "Senior Commander! I think I got it to work."

    Nugra turned to look at Ak'lar as one of the computer panels lit up.

    "You haven't escaped my question, Senior Commander," Eeska snarked at him.

    Nugra walked over to the panel and quickly tapped in a few commands that came back to him. Command directives had not changed for years; his old command codes would work to access the ship's log and download them.

    "There we go," Nugra said with a grin as his own tricorder beeped making the interface between the two computers. A copy of the data began to flow in while he began to sift through the writing. The visuals had been degraded and would take rebuilding but the text extracts were still present.

    "Looks like the Constantinople found an unstable wormhole," Nugra mused as he read through the terran standard he had practiced for years. "She crashed here when the neutron star ripped the lower section apart. Looks like the crew lived for about 25 years before...something happened."

    "Something happened?" Eeska said shifting her weapon. "I don't like the sound of that."

    It was at that point, Nugra saw that the data had become broken and the captain of the vessel had not kept up the log. There was a report of something on the ship and then one description jumped out at him. A cold chill went down his spine as he slammed his fist on the computer turning it off.

    "Everyone. Get your stuff. We are leaving now," Nugra ordered with no uncertainty. The description the captain provided of the assailant in her last logs, the fear it generated told him what he was dealing with.

    "Nugra to Gorn Talon, come in."

    "This is Vss'Kov. Go ahead."

    "Initiate Oblivion Protocol, Senior Commander. confirmed encounter aboard this ship."

    "Understood. Get out of there. You have five minutes before we're in position and have the plasma torpedoes overloaded."

    "What is going on!" Eeska shouted as Nugra began to yank out the cords and had Ak'lar wrap them up.

    "Buurka. Point Alpha. Eeska Point Bravo. If you see anything, no matter what it is, shoot to kill. I don't care what it looks like."

    To her credit, Eeska did not say anything as she sensed the extreme urgency from her Senior Commander. As soon as they were ready, Nugra began the descent down the jefferies tube with his weapon unslung and facing down. He knew he had a chance thanks to his encounter with a Yeltan so many years earlier.

    As everyone else climbed down they began to move towards the exit point when he heard Buurk groan in fear. Nugra spun around to see his giant lizard looking down the hallway. Looking back was a pair of liquid black eyes attached to a grotesque body with multiple legs. It had a sadistic grin on its face showing the rows of serrated teeth. The Hunger was here.

    Nugra did not hesitate as he felt the fear field the creature emitted begin to touch him. The green plasma bolt struck and sizzled by the creature as it dodged. Nugra continued to fire as he pulled Burrk back, breaking his gaze with it.

    "MOVE. NOW!"

    "WHAT IS THAT?" Eeska shouted terrified.

    "Move to the shuttle!" Nugra continued as he continued to lay down fire keeping the quick creature back.

    "Gorn Talon to Nugra. ETA 3 minutes." his comm said.

    "Negative, Talon," Nugra hollared. "We've engaged it. We're 30 seconds to egress. Fire now!"

    There was silence but the Gorn knew Tk'Lnn wouldn't hesitate. Too much was at stake. It made sense now. The neutron star, the dead crew, the wormhole. Nugra had encountered the same wormhole when he was with the Duronis II Embassy. The creature would build a ship in the center of the neutron star and work towards letting it's armada in to consume the galaxy.

    It was the bright red beams shooting past him that he realized that his pilot had dropped auto turrets into the hallway having heard the conversation. Nugra kept firing as his away time climbed the net ladder back into the shuttle. Nugra hurried up himself and threw himself in as he felt the claws barely miss him. The Gorn slammed his fist on the button slamming the hatch shut.

    "GO NOW!"

    The shuttle detached and launched as two burning red giant balls of plasma passed them and connected with the hull of the starship. The rending explosion was silent but the shuttle took the brunt flipping and tumbling out of control. If it had not been for Tk'Lnn being ready with a tractor beam, they would have broken the horizon and been destroyed by the neutron star.


    Once they were sure nothing could have survived, the Gorn Talon left making its way back towards the fleet. Nugra stood in the briefing room with Tk'Lnn and Hrrsh on the screen.

    "Excellent work, Senior Commander," Hrrsh said a bit paler. "I know we have heard stories of some of them being in our galaxy but I never thought they were in our space."

    "It's good we found it and destroyed it," Nugra said angrily. "I've seen what they have done to another reality."

    "I also got your transfer request. Though I do not think it's a wise choice, I understand why you want to go back and deliver the files." Hrrsh said with a nod. "I'm seeing what type of work I can pull off for you."

    Nugra nodded as the screen died. He had requested to return to the Federation after his encounter with the Hunger again. They had become a dull memory to the point he had forgotten why he had been chasing them and what they were truly capable of. He couldn't defeat them here in the Gorn Hegemony but maybe in the Federation.

    He had a choice to make. Ignore the threat or go home and stop the threat once and for all. It was his choice to make.




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  4. One way that I personally like the way it was handled in our 118 is that the Federation doesn't have a currency per se, they follow pretty much the idea of energy being used as a way of buying and selling. The base idea though is that they do track the value of the "currency" so that other cultures who have not shed their money systems are able to convert their currency into something that can be used to "buy" things in the Federation while the Federation citizens can convert the value out of Federation energy credits into a currency of value to the culture that functions with money. In essence, 10,000 credits for a starfighter would be a measurement of how much energy credits it would take to build one. It's a measurement, not a coin. 

    That way it meets the "no money" idea but still has a way to make cultures like Ferengi still function and exist and willing to work with the Federation politically. 


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  5. I had always pictured us staying with the First Contact Uniform but began using the All Good Things style commbadge. Honesty, the FC uniform looks the most professional to me instead of being bright colors. The subtle of the colors while the gray felt efficient to me. :D

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  6. (( Sundassa's Quarters, Deck 5, USS Doyle-A // Jalana's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Constitution-B))


    :: Ever since she heard about Shel's predicament, Sun opted to stay on the Doyle to be there as support. Especially as their parents were currently on the Athena with Selene. It made it difficult to endure running into them in the corridors as they were either talking about Selene's wedding or Shelther's child. ::


    :: Shel had requested some time to himself, so she retired to her quarters and decided that she needed to talk to her friend. It was going to be a very long distance call, but it was one that she needed to make. Moving over to her desk and opening the comms program on the console, she requested an outside line to the USS Constitution, specifically to Captain Jalana Rajel. ::


    :: After waiting for what seemed like forever, the bright red hair of her best friend appeared on the screen, and she couldn't help but smile. ::


    Faranster: Jalana! It's really great to see you!


    :: Jalana had spent the whole day with Jerry and it had helped her to cover the anger and sadness from earlier with making new memories and laughter. He had that effect on her and so now as she took the call and saw the familiar lilac hair of her best friend, the smile had returned to the face of the Trill. Without hesitating she reached out and touched the screen. ::


    Rajel: Sun! It really is. I have missed you.


    Faranster: How are things on the Conny?


    Rajel: Good. We are on shore leave right now and recover from peace talks, that went a little haywire. Did I tell you already, that we were moved to the Marshlands?


    Faranster: I think it might have been in the works when I left, I don't remember. There's been so much going on some of it's been getting a bit jumbled. Tell me about it anyway.


    Rajel: ::leaning back:: At some point in time it was the most south area of the Federation. Of course that's changed, but we are right between the Klingons and the Tholians and believe me that buffer between them isn't a piece of cake either.

    :: The area of space that Sun’s friend was talking about was quite a bit further galactic south than her home sector. The star maps she’s seen had made that area appear vast, but that could be perspective, and it sounded as though the space between was contested. ::

    Faranster: Sounds like a move equivalent to the fiery pits of hell.

    :: Sun was partially glad she didn’t have to endure that, but she did miss her friends. ::


    Rajel: ::laughing:: Well, we have survived. Though Sarah, my former First Officer, is still in medical recovery. We all hope that she'll get better. How is it on the ::pause.:: Why are you calling from the Doyle? I thought you went to visit Selene?


    Faranster: Oh. Shel brought my parents to the Athena, and is still stationed in the area. He’s going through some things, and so while our parents are on the Athena helping Selene plan the wedding, I am on the Doyle helping him cope.

    :: Wait what? She stared at her best friend like she had just grown a second head. Why was that the first she heard about it? And what was that about Shel? ::


    Rajel: Wait, wait, wait. What? You can’t mention these just by the way. That is big.

    Faranster: Which do you want to hear about first then?

    :: Sun laughed a little, realizing this was the first time she had talked to Jalana in a couple months and a lot had happened since the last time. That was part of the reason she had contacted her, but in her excitement, she blurted things out as if her friend was in the know. ::

    Rajel: Duh, the wedding of course! Please tell me it’s that Doctor who was able to hold himself against her.


    Faranster: Doctor Bishop, the Chief of Medical?


    Rajel: Yes that one. I met him briefly. So it is him?

    Faranster: Yep, they’ve been engaged for a bit.

    :: Sun knew it had been possibly a year since the engagement. The fact that Jalana didn’t know, actually confused her a little. That meant that Selene hadn’t talked about it, which might have been due to the fact that they hadn’t set a date and then got caught up with a bad mission or two and then the move to the Gamma Quadrant. ::

    Rajel: That is awesome news. When, where, what? And why haven’t I heard about that before?


    Faranster: They got engaged in April last year, at a ball held on 285. But there was a couple incidents that caused Selene to back out of it until the proposal wouldn’t be marred by bad memories… her words not mine.


    :: First Jalana wanted to know why Selene kept this from her for over a year, but then something else caught her attention, that actually might explain the first question in her mind. ::


    Rajel: Incidents?


    Faranster: Someone got drugged, and the suspect was killed. She had to clean up the mess after. I didn’t get too many details. But then she made up for it with her counter-proposal, or whatever she wants to call it. Reclaiming the moment in front of my parents. When Selene and Alex didn’t schedule a date, our parents came to… encourage end result of an engagement.


    Rajel: ::That still meant it had been a while without a word. But then Selene was pretty much used to Jalana being dead in Selene’s original timeline, maybe she had just forgotten. :: Sounds like a big family outing.


    Faranster: That’s kinda where Shel’s trouble came in. Something about the trip got to him, and he ended up drinking a special serum that Selene was planning on testing. And he drank way too much, blacking out that night.


    Rajel: There are way too many questions about that statement. But just blacking out does not cause trouble. What did he do in that time?


    Faranster: Our families are going to get really complicated. Somehow Kaitlyn Bishop, Alex’s younger sister, ended up pregnant by Shel. :: She paused for a moment. :: Okay, I know how that works, we’re both doctors, it’s not hard to put two and two together, BUT it’s not supposed to be possible.


    Rajel: ::Jaw, meet floor.:: Wow that is a heck of a black out. ::She thought about that and remembered quite vividly that because of the Antosian blood chemistry it was pretty much impossible to cross breed.:: Is that one of the effects of the serum Selene wanted to test?


    :: Sun remembered vaguely a conversation between Jalana and her a few years ago, back when Jalana was Chief Medical Officer and Sun was just a new medical officer. They discussed her species and the issues with blood chemistry. ::


    (( Flashback 239001.20 - Sickbay, USS Apollo ))


    Laxyn: Did your doctors ever try to see if the protective features of your blood can be used to help other species?


    Faranster: :: She smiled at Jalana. :: I read that they had tried, but that the results weren't favorable. Something about our blood thinking the foreign blood was a hostile infection, they said the results were quite brutal, but they didn't provide us with the opportunity to try that experiment. They are talking about trying to find a way to minimize the response of our blood, to make it less aggressive, but critics say that would weaken our race. However, some scientists think they developed something that would make the white blood cells more docile, the results of which are temporary which is why it wasn't the research isn't fully stonewalled.


    Laxyn: ::Jalana leaned against the work table and listened intently, nodding slightly to herself.:: It is understandable that some scientists think that. If you make the blood less aggressive the chance to be infected is higher, since the aggressive blood helps fight viruses and bacterias. But it would also be able that when they are able to control the aggressive factor that it could help against illnesses that we have not yet found a cure for. Wouldn't the gain be reason to risk it?


    Faranster: The thought is that if there is a chemical or medicine that can weaken our immune systems, that an enemy can use it to wipe out our people. The thought is pretty scary. But part of the reasoning people are pushing for this research is because since the introduction of the Federation into our world, Antosians have fallen in love with other species. However, every time a female Antosian tries to have a child with another species, the body rejects it and destroys the embryo, leaving the mother devastated. :: She frowned, and sighed. :: Some of the men seem to have easier times, but the only reports of successful pregnancy come from the baby being born alive, most with deformities presumably caused by the sperm being overly aggressive when trying to penetrate the egg, damaging it.


    Laxyn: ::raising her brows:: That is not a good sign. And I am sure that the interspecies couples also would like to be able to have their own children, not just to adopt. ::thinking for a moment, she wondered which possibilities there were, the researcher in her got more and more curious.:: Do Antosian doctors have any idea on how to solve the problem and make conception and the successful birth possible?


    Faranster: The solution our scientists are trying to work on, to make both sides happy, is a medicine that has to be taken daily to prevent our body from being overtly hostile. If successful, they would have a the Antosian taking the medicine for 3 months prior to conception, and the entirety of their pregnancy. :: She smiled brightly. :: It is hoped that babies born successfully to those with this treatment, have blood that is just as aggressive as ours, but registers both the dna of the Antosian, and the other parent's species as non-threatening, and these children could possibly be the backbone for future cures and vaccinations research.


    Laxyn: Oh that sounds fantastic. A great step into the right direction. And I have no doubt, that potential parents do not mind the year of taking the drug if that means that they can have children on their own. And that also means that Antosians will develop new features with hybrids. For example Betazoid Antosians would have the chance to become empaths, or other species could give their genes into the pool as well. It can be very beneficial.


    (( END Flashback ))


    Faranster: The blacking out was actually the effects of the alcohol... you know how you aren't supposed to mix alcohol with certain medications? He did, unknowingly... But, you remembered our conversation? Years ago when I was telling you that our people were working on a solution to our ability to cross reproduce? I think she brought back something...


    Rajel: We worked together long enough for me to have checked on Antosian biology to remember that. ::Smirking:: Does Kaitlyn have any problems in that pregnancy or are things going well? And what does she think of it?


    Faranster: Not yet, Selene is keeping a close eye on her, and giving her some of the juice every day to keep the Antosian genetics from causing trouble. It's taking some monitoring, and it's not exactly the way she was hoping this to go.


    Rajel: If Shel got into trouble I have to assume she isn’t happy about that. Let alone the whole thing happening and he doesn't remember a thing and it being family... Oh so many problems.


    Faranster: More than that, Selene is concerned about her role in these trials. She was hoping to be a volunteer to Dr Tamodin's trials. But now she is going to have to give him her data regarding Kaitlyn, or keep it to herself.


    Rajel: ::pulling her brows together.:: Why would she keep it for herself?


    Faranster: It's just the timeline jump mostly. And then there's other complications... Alex asked Kaitlyn to be his best man, and her due date will be after the wedding. Imagine that... an extremely pregnant best man. :: Sun laughed a little, at least fittings weren't as big an issue, they would just have to find something to compliment the woman that fits in with the theme. :: Oh... that reminds me. You remember me asking right?


    Rajel: ::The change of subject made her grin.:: Why of course I remember. It’s not every day that I’m asked to be the maid of honor. Speaking of which, who is Selene’s?


    Faranster: I don't think there's anyone here she would want more than you. We are mostly the same, except she's a lot more... intense about things. Anyway, I'm sure she would want you here, if you would want to be, that is.


    Rajel: Really? Are you sure?


    Faranster: Of course. Would you?


    Rajel: Oh I would love to. I am a little bit far away though, but…


    Faranster: I'm sure we could find a way. Holo-projection maybe? They have holo emitters through the ship, maybe we could jerry rig a conference that allows you to move around the same way the EMH does...


    Rajel: ::grinning:: You’re reading my mind. That shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve tested that a few times and it worked splendidly. When exactly is it?


    Faranster: August, 6th.


    :: Sun knew the date that Selene, Alex and their parents agreed upon. It was coming up soon, and her parents were on overdrive trying to make sure that it would work. They had asked Selene to use her contacts with the Dryary people to find a planet that had a nice location for the wedding, especially since Selene had wanted a wedding near water before. That would make the holoproject harder, but she was sure she could work with engineering to figure something out. ::


    Rajel: I’ll make sure that it works out. ::Leaning slightly forward she lowered her voice as if someone else could be listening in.:: You think you can keep it a secret? I’d love to surprise her.


    Faranster: Oh, that would make it so much more interesting. That shouldn't be too hard.


    Rajel: Fantastic. ::She grinned and clapped her hands excitedly::


    Faranster: I can get you all the information necessary, the dresses she chooses, and when the ceremony will be.


    Rajel: Wonderful, thank you. I can’t wait to see you all again.


    Faranster: It'll be fun, that's for sure. Haven't been to a good party with all the people I care about in too long a time.


    Rajel: ::tilting her head:: The only thing we did not talk about is how YOU are.


    Faranster: Me?


    Rajel: ::grinning:: Well Selene might be somewhat you, you are not her. So how are you? What has happened in your life?


    :: Her eyes scrunched a little as she thought about what Jalana said. Had they not spoken about her? As she thought about the conversation more, she wondered why she felt more like a background character in her own life. More interested in the going ons of others than those of her own. ::


    Faranster: Not much... not sure if that's fortunate or not. Before I left I had been seeing Alexander Williams, but then he was also transferred, and I've heard he's involved with someone on his new ship.


    Rajel: ::She nodded, she remembered them seeing each other and had wondered how that had worked out with his transfer to the Za.:: So the long distance thing was a bust?


    Faranster: I didn't expect the long distance thing to work out actually, I suppose us both going in different directions was our way of ending things amicably without any hard feelings before we could explore things any further. It's probably for the best, after the engagement, I am not sure I want to be in a relationship with another officer.


    :: Sun twisted her lips a little after she said the last words. She was starting to get used to being alone, not looking for something that would only end up hurting her afterwards. If it happened, it would have to blind-side her now, because it wasn't her focus. ::


    :: The engagement. Jalana remembered as if it had been yesterday how happy Sun had been with Jaxx, how excited she’d been when she told Jal about their engagement. And suddenly it was over, he had left to search for his children. Jalana was not sure any more what had happened to them, but from one to the other day Jaxx had left the Apollo and Sun. It had crushed her friend.::


    Rajel: I can’t blame you. It’s can be difficult. ::pause:: Did you hear from him?


    Faranster: He hasn't contacted me... it's been over two years and not a word. What about you, you haven't heard from him have you?


    Rajel: Nothing, sorry.


    Faranster: I don't know why I am even hoping for any communication.


    :: Sun had loved Jaxx, and even though he chose his job over her, she still cared. But she was trying to move on. It was possible he was just giving her space and there was so much radio silence. Or maybe he was just more detached than she thought he was. ::


    Faranster: I don't think I'll get it directly from him, but if you get any word, would you make sure it's relayed? I still think about him.


    Rajel: If I do, you’ll be the first to know.


    Faranster: Thank you.


    :: Jalana tried to hide a yawn and rubbed over her face and offered Sun an apologetic smile. ::


    Faranster: You alright?


    Rajel: Sorry, I’m just a little tired.


    Faranster: Then you should get some sleep. I know how tiring the center chair can be. While it's tiring, it suits you.


    Rajel: ::smiling warmly:: Thank you. It won’t be long until we see each other again. I’m really looking forward to it.


    Faranster: Me too, and the look on Selene's face when you show up. It should be priceless!


    :: Sun smiled at her friend, excited for something in the future. Now she just needed to get on the planning committee of Selene's wedding, especially so she could make sure she made enough room for Jalana without making her planned appearance known. ::


    Faranster: You go, we'll talk later.


    Rajel: We will. Good night, Sun.


    :: Jalana blew a kiss to her best friend and closed the line with the press of a key. She was looking forward to see her and Selene again, it had been way too long. And with a mix of tiredness and excitement she peeled herself off the chair, stretched and dragged herself into the bedroom. After a great day like that, she’d sleep like a baby. ::




    JP by

    PNPC Commander Sundassa Faranster

    as written by:

    Captain Selene Faranfey

    Commanding Officer

    USS Athena, NCC-97780





    Captain Jalana Rajel

    Commanding Officer

    USS Constitution B

    Image Team Facilitator


  7. (( Corridor - Deck 1 - USS Athena ))

    :: Piper hurried through the corridors with her shoulders hunched and head down. She wished her arms were full of things to act as a barrier between herself and the people around her. Unfortunately, modern technology meant that the gigabytes of data her report held were contained in a single PADD. ::

    :: She glanced around herself. She'd never actually been on the Athena's top deck. She was a lab rat, and happy to be so. With the topsy-turvy state of the science department since Lieutenant Commander Kaji's absence, tasks like reporting to the captain were assigned less by rank and more by lottery. Piper had drawn the short stick this time. ::

    :: She didn't dislike the captain, quite the contrary. Selene Faranfey was a legend and Piper held her in awe. She'd never spoken to her personally, but Piper followed her reports and announcements avidly. Her reluctance to give the report was much more due to her dislike of speaking to strangers in any case, and her dread of leaving the comfort of her laboratory. ::

    :: A man turned the corner in front of her and Piper paled. This was why she didn't leave her comfort zone. People like that were supposed to stay in mission logs and myth, not show up in your path. He slowed to greet her and her brain blinked out. ::

    Nugra: Excuse me, Lieutenant. Can I help you?

    Seelie: Um, uh. Hi. oO What was she doing again? Oo I'm looking for the Captain?

    :: Piper's voice went up in a question as she wasn't entirely sure at the moment that was what she was doing. Of course, she knew these people lived and worked on the ship, but it was a damn big ship. She didn't typically run into them. ::

    Nugra: I think the Captain just got back from an away mission. Is there anything I can help you with?

    Seelie: I have a report! :: She held out her PADD in front of her as proof. ::

    Nugra: Oh! ::laughing:: Forgive my manners. I'm John. ::sticking out hand::

    Seelie: Yes, John Nugra. I know. I know all about you! oO Crap, that sounded stalkery. Oo I mean, yes, I know who you are.

    :: She realized he was still holding out his hand and she shook it quickly, hoping her palms weren't too sweaty. ::

    Nugra: ...and you are?

    Seelie: Oh! I'm Piper, I mean Lieutenant Seelie. Sir.

    Nugra: Well then, nice to meet you. Hope you can find the captain.

    Seelie: Yes, thank you. Have a good day, Sir.

    Nugra: I will. You too.

    :: She let him walk past her and then hurriedly pulled her personal slimpadd out of a pocket and glanced around for witnesses before taking a photo of Nugra's retreating back. When he had turned the next corner and then slapped herself in the forehead hard enough to leave a red mark. oO Stupid Stupid Stupid Oo Before she readied herself to continue on to give her report she brought up one of her bookmarked Holonet sites and posted a message on her account feed, attaching the photo. ::

    ------Starfleet Legends, a Real Person Fiction Forum------

    :: She took another moment to internally squeal before forcing herself to act calm and keep moving. ::

    Lieutenant Piper Seelie
    Science Officer
    USS Athena

  8. (( Sickbay, Deck 13, USS Athena ))

    :: Alex slipped away from consciousness again as the pain slowly overtook his being. His physical body, now drenched in sweat, lay utterly still on the biobed while his medical staff worked to help Commander Kaji and treat her wounds. The last thing he remembered was being told that he would lose his foot from the injury that he had endured on the planet. Ghastly images began to haunt his vision. ::

    :: Deep in a dream state, and unable to be woken, Alex sped ahead in his mind to several years later. The crew of the Athena looked weary and battle worn to him and the all too familiar sound of the red alert klaxon rang out yet again. They had encountered another Hunger ship. Alex reached for his phaser out of habit. He could barely remember a time when the medical staff did not have one strapped to their side all day long. ::

    :: Alex stood there waiting anxiously and waited for injured crew to be sent to Sickbay. But this time was different. They had always been able to repel the attacks before, but this time the sounds of mechanical constructs clattered on the ground and walls. They had come to attack Sickbay. Maybe they had finally learned how best to cripple the Athena. ::

    :: In horror, Alex watched small silvery mechanical spider-like constructs enter sickbay. He aimed his phaser and shot at the first one as it crossed the threshold. Unlike in previous encounters, the beam from the weapon was absorbed by the creature. This was a new development. Previously these creatures would just be destroyed and it was the overwhelming numbers that was the reason for alarm. But now they were evolving, adapting, and learning. ::

    :: Alex awoke with a deeper understanding of what the Hunger were and could do if unleashed. He knew why Selene frequently woke from nightmares after having lived through this. While the details might be off, the threat was still real. Alex wasn't certain if he would ever sleep again. ::

    Lt Commander Alexander Bishop - C239112AB0
    Chief Medical Officer
    USS Athena, NCC-97780

  9. (( Mission Specialist Office - Deck 1 - USS Athena ))

    :: She had been in the middle of a nap when her PADD had chimed and a message had been displayed by someone named Commander David Cody. As far she could think, Shiarrael had never met anyone by that name, but human faces were still quite difficult to tell the difference at times. ::

    :: Having found a clean dark gray-black jumpsuit with her rank and Republic insignia embroidered in silver, she took a quick look in the mirror and growled at her hair. It was a bit mangy, and though she usually did not care. Being made Liaison Officer meant she had to keep putting her good foot forward. ::

    :: Having finally arrived at the office, she rang the chime preferring not to barge in. ::

    oO Make him leave his defensive position. Oo

    :: David glanced up, pouring through the reports lighting up his slim padd, and blinked. oO I should have paid better attention. Oo Still musing, he glanced around as he spoke. ::

    Cody: Enter!

    Shiarrael: I'm Tribune Shiarrael Ei-Ihhliae. I got your message.

    :: David stood and gave the Tribune a polite bow, acknowledging her status. ::

    Cody: :: soft:: Thank you for seeing me, Tribune Shiarrael. I trust no one’s bothered you.

    Shiarrael: Bother me? People either like me or have the brains to leave me alone.

    :: In this, David preferred to defer to Shiarrael, as he was about to ask her some things she likely no longer wanted to discuss. ::

    Cody: Selene… or if you prefer, Sundessa, read me in. Something’s come up. And it very well may be related to when the future Victory came through into this universe.

    :: As Shiarrael had sat down and crossed her leg trying to look as relaxed as she could. Unannounced meetings were not one of her strong suits and trying not to think of ways to kill him if he tried to come at her was very difficult. The lovely styluses on his desk had such a wonderful point to them. ::

    Shiarrael: I only know her as Selene, Commander. You might be confusing me with my alternate self that was killed in 2391. If you want to know more I’d suggest looking up the records.

    :: David gave her a long look, and silently shook his head. ::

    Cody: Temporal Affairs likely will not let me see their files. So, I went digging into the past to find information because we’re about to head off to a planet where there’s evidence of Yelta influence.

    Shiarrael: Point?

    Cody: Please don’t think of this as an interruption. And no, she wasn’t killed in 2391. I did look up the records. And yes, there was a Shiarrael who was killed in that year, but there was a curious incident last year. ::a sad smile:: So… I was left with the question of how a certain high ranking officer could have obtained information they couldn’t have possibly obtained, with someone named Shiarrael involved. If you say it’s not you, we close the book, nothing ever gets said again, I’ll dig deeper and find someone else who can tell me why Commander Prendar has been chasing temporal abnormalities, long before the 2414 incursion.

    Shiarrael: Fvadt. What the hell are you talking about? First, you tell me that my twin, who by the way was Captain Faranfey's first officer, is still alive, and then you come way out of nowhere accusing me of giving out some information without telling me what information. I don't like games. I don't even know this Prendar.

    :: Shiarrael had no interest to hide her irritation because this man was rubbing her the wrong way. The stylus was starting to look really good. ::

    Cody: Well, he seems to know quite a deal about almost every single temporal event. ::narrowing his eyes:: Which means he’s been keeping a closer eye on everything than I have. But hey, I don’t have to care. Hell, I don’t even have to dig as much as I have… but you know what? I happen to believe in Selene, and it’s my job to investigate. That’s what I do, and I don’t quit. So if you say you don’t know anything, then I apologize, I’m sorry for wasting your time. I’ll just poke around Temporal Affairs instead. Maybe I’ll find what I’m looking for there if I don’t get killed in the process.

    :: David collected himself. He knew this was a long shot. ::

    Shiarrael: ::angry:: Here's something to help clear the waters, i believe is the human saying. I don't give a damn about Selene's mission. There are only two things I care about onboard this ship and that's Talia Kaji and the Republic's interests. If I get to blast alien scum, then it's a nice bonus. I’m not part of your game, Commander Cody. Go play spies with your own people.

    :: Short, and cold, David shook his head. ::

    Cody: Not my people. I only care about hunting down and destroying the people who think they can bring this frakking Hunger to my universe. Thank you.

    :: He jerked his head. So she no longer cared. He’d find someone else. ::

    Cody: ::cold:: If you change your mind and actually start caring again, you know where to find me. I thought you of all people wanted the Hunger exterminated. Guess I was wrong. Go convince the universe you are who you claim. I won’t be bothering you again.

    :: Her eyes were burning cold at the man who was speaking to her. Was it being dragged in unannounced or was it that she just didn't care? At the moment, her anger had won the round and a million years of her people's arrogance had gotten through. She wasn’t sure which emotion was the appropriate one. Standing, she made her way for the door and turned. ::

    Shiarrael: ::icy:: And Commander. The next time you need to speak with me, make an appointment with my holo-secretary. I'd hate our conversations to become a diplomatic incident. As you say, the captain has enough to worry about than a complaint from the Republic.

    :: Smirking, David nodded. ::

    Cody: Don’t worry, Tribune. There won’t be a next time. There might not even be a universe to come back to. Kinda seems like little things like that, there may not be anyone left. Certainly not the Federation. Maybe none of us, if what I hear is true about the Hunger. Have a pleasant day.

    :: First instinct was to fire back another retort, but that was not going to help the situation. All it would do would be to make her madder and closer to doing something she'd regret. Turning her back and heading out of the office, she stopped as soon as the door hissed shut. Her anger had begun to subside. She grimaced at the first thought that flitted into her head. ::

    Shiarrael: ::muttering:: Frak. Talia is going to be [...]ed at me.

    JP By....

    PNPC Tribune Shiarrael

    Liaison Officer

    Romulan Republic

    As Simmed By…


    Lieutenant John Nugra

    Security Officer

    USS Athena, NCC-97780

    Podcast Team Facilitator

    Deputy Commandant

    Captain's Council Magistrate

    Provisional Fleet JAG Officer

    Publicity Facilitator (Interim)




    Commander David Cody

    Mission Specialist

    USS Athena, NCC-97780



  10. ((  The Wagon Wheel, Deck 95, D2285 ))
    :: Having taken some time to debate whether he actually needed all the extra things he usually lined his belt and pockets with while on duty just for a quick trip to explore the local color of the starbase the Doyle-A had been assigned to, and successfully achieving a compromise that was far less straining for the plain black cargo pants he had chosen to don that day, Akeen had quickly maneuvered toward a destination he hoped would remind him of home - the one that moved through space, to be precise. A few polite inquiries with the members of the enlisted personnel he had spent some time with after having gotten everything in order upon arrival revealed a location that was disreputable enough, per Starfleet standards, at least, to make him want to scout it out and see who else from the exploration cruiser would want to spend some time there, if nothing else. It was way too early for him to take any steps toward doing anything with his contacts, but he had told his family onboard the Thanatok about where he was posted, which meant that, if he knew anything about the freighter's crew, anyone who wanted to do any form of business with him would definitely know where to find him. ::
    oO Here's hoping that I don't get any more work that has me beaming up beetle snuff through low-level ionic storms, Oo :: he mused, cringing visibly at the memory as he leaned against the bar waiting for the proprietor to make some time for him. Going to the Wagon Wheel had one more purpose: since the thaan wanted to know more about the people he would serve with for some time, at the very least, and he had heard some things about what they had gone through just before he had joined them, he was also curious about how his shipmates would react to being there... or whether any of them would even be there to begin with, come to think of it. Undoing one more button on his faded brown shirt, which probably matched the theme of the place and that of his new crewmates' previous conundrum, in retrospect, given the handful of strange looks he'd gotten before disembarking, he still gave off a barely-audible sigh; the extra ventilation appeared to be more of a help than the woven-in temperature regulators, but it still felt a bit too warm in there for his liking. ::
    Horace: What can I get you?
    Akeen: What Andorian ales do you have here?
    :: The bartender ostensibly moved to inspect his stock, but resumed his default position a bit too quick for the engineer's liking; as far as he was concerned, that had probably been some attempt at politeness, which he could have done without. ::
    Horace: We're fresh out, sorry. Can I get you anything else?
    Akeen: That should speak for the quality of your products. What do you recommend?
    Horace: We've got something special here. It's not for the faint-of-heart... :: He went to retrieve a long, spiral-necked bottle from one of the top shelves, pouring a small amount of dark, oily fluid in a shot glass. ::
    oO Your attempt at impressing the young new visitor is noted, Oo :: the aforementioned thought, both his features and his antennae betraying no shift in his mood, as he took the glass and brought it to his nose first, then to the twin appendages on his forehead. ::
    Akeen: Your kanar might have gone bad... :: He took a tentative sip, swirled it around his mouth, swallowed, then emptied what was left the same way. :: It hasn't, but it's dangerously close. How long have you had this? Kanar spoils extremely easily when stored under improper conditions. The glass stopper doesn't help, but it's *tradition*, :: he stated, weighing down the last word with no small amount of derision, :: and it seems traditional for Cardassians to kill with their drinks, without even needing to poison them. How long have you had this? 
    Horace: We don't get a lot of Cardassians in here.
    Akeen: You're right, this isn't one of their regions of interest... Normally, I would recommend putting it in storage, but this is really interesting - the density suggests several years after completion, but the coloration makes it look like it's fresh out of the factory. Do you trust your supplier? What you have here is an insufficiently-distilled product, which enabled it to develop dangerous amounts of toxins over time. As it is, this thing can, probably, kill a Human or a Tellarite - I've seen it happen with one of my old crewmates in the Merchant Marine. oO He may or may not have simply consumed too much after finding out his seventh wife had also started cheating on him, having locked himself up in a room for several days, but that's neither here not there. oO I'm stationed on the USS Doyle-A - do you want me to take a small sample for analysis?
    Horace: No, thanks. You say you can drink it? Without getting sick, I mean?
    :: The Andorian suddenly felt the proverbial gears turning in his head as he eyed the bartender with some amount of curiosity. ::
    Akeen: Yes, probably due to my Aenar heritage, oO which is to say that my zhavey is the heavyweight in the family Oo. Several other species should be fine too, but I can't drink the whole bottle - you'll need to find some more willing customers over... no more than a week, maybe two. :: It wasn't the best ploy he could have come up with, but it was something - and, judging by the appearance of the publican, it was working. ::
    Horace: Nope. It's your problem now, partner. :: He took the bottle and offered it to him. :: With my compliments.
    :: Accepting it with a curt nod and what he made to appear to be a resigned shrug, the young engineer began scanning the tavern for places where he could enjoy the fruit of his labour. One nearby table quickly caught his attention due to its sole occupant, a diminutive Security lieutenant serving on the same vessel as he did. Not recognizing anyone else upon first glance, his long strides quickly brought him to her location, the sound of his heavy-looking, but quite comfortable work boots all but muffled by the surrounding din. ::
    Akeen: Good afternoon, Lieutenant. Would you like to share a drink?
    Bam: Bam Bam love drinks Bam Bam has lots of drinks. Bam Bam invites you to sit with Bam Bam.
    oO Well, someone's not joking, Oo :: the Andorian decided when he looked at the beverage selection his higher-ranked peer had gotten for herself. Several of them he couldn't even name and their combined scent, from up close, was a mixture worthy of the heady [...]tail of bodies in various degrees of cleanliness, spilled drinks, personal fragrances, garment materials and miscellaneous ingredients that made up the unique signature of the Wagon Wheel. He didn't dislike the end result, even if it did feel a bit overpowering.
    Akeen: I should warn you that it might be harmful, oO which is to say you risk a hangover worthy of the nastiest curses Oo, :: he added, not wanting to give himself away in case anyone had paid attention to his exchange with Horace. :: You should try a small amount first. If it doesn't disagree with you immediately, you should be safe.
    Bam: Bam Bam no care. Bam Bam like drinks. 
    :: One of the Lieutenant's shots rushed down the proverbial drain and she was quick to provide it company with some of what he had brought to the table. In spite of not having been truly worried for her safety, the thaan was relieved to see that she didn't mind the density of the drink either; while it wasn't as treacly as the really young stuff, it was still thicker than what many sentients considered palatable. His antennae revealed that he was quietly impressed by the overall display as he reached for a glass of his own... just as he remembered that he hadn't brought any. ::
    Akeen: No side-effects, Sir? Excellent. One moment, please. It looks like I went ice fishing without an ushaan-tor.
    :: With his joke launched into the ether, he returned to the bar, hoping that he hadn't made a far too hasty retreat with his definitely-not-ill-gotten gains. Once there, he quickly spotted a pair of similar shot glasses in the general area where Horace had previously served him; dropping a satisfied nod in his direction, he retrieved them and returned to his shipmate, taking a seat in front of her. Since everything was taken care of, he filled one of the containers he'd obtained with a modicum of care and downed it in one fel gulp. ::
    Bam: Bam Bam wonder, why you choose this drink?
    Akeen: I didn't choose it, Lieutenant; our friend at the bar gave it to me. Humans have thousands of examples of initiation through trauma in every culture I've heard about; this might have been the case here as well. He couldn't have known that I was already familiar with kanar... :: He filled his shot glass again, emptying it without any hesitation. :: You see, before the Academy, I've spent a few years on a Merchant Marine freighter. We rendered aid to a Cardassian freighter in the Deneb sector - took us a couple of standard days, because it had taken a beating from a Nausicaan ship - and it wasn't easy, I assure you; everyone we could spare took shifts down there, because the temperature controls were also frinxed and, wouldn't you know it, even when we did get them back up it was still too hot for Andorians to work full shifts in their engine rooms. :: He chuckled mirthlessly at the memory; several people, himself included, had told his thavan to put in requisition requests for EV suits if he wanted them to pull stunts like those again. :: To make a long story short, however, we got it operational, nobody was hurt and the Gul treated us to quite a bit of kanar from his personal collection, along with insights on his people's culture, booze included... and a good few bottles for us to drink to his health in the future. On long journeys with few stops and little to spend on leisure, even strange alcohol is good alcohol.
    :: The Andorian paused, deciding not to go in any more detail unless prompted; the log of the Thanatok would confirm his story, of course, but the entire trading history between them and Gul Perak, who had hardly been ambushed for the self-sealing stem bolts he had ostentatiously been hauling at that time, was a different thing altogether. While he trusted the sly old redbat to make sure that nothing incriminating could link him to anyone in his family, himself included, it was still wise to do the same on his end as well. ::
    Akeen: What about you? I'm seeing drinks from seven different cultures on your end, and those are just the ones I think I can recognize. 
    Ensign Akeen th'Idrani
    Engineering Officer
    USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A
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