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  1. Congratulations to each and everyone here who want their duty post award! This is a great achievement to be recognized for. I know just from the descriptions how awesome you all are and how hard you worked throughout the year that got you nominated in the first place. Great job and you keep rocking!
  2. Great job and congratulations to all the winners!
  3. Nugra, of course, would want to trot out his Starfleet dress uniform like the last time.
  4. Welcome! You'll have a lot of fun in the Academy. It's great and there are a lot of good trainers there!
  5. Nugra


    Welcome, welcome! You're among friends here. I've been a trekkie since my mom introduced me to TOS when I was 12.
  6. Nugra would consider it as something of interest as he's dabbled a bit in politics but right now he's focused on his Starfleet career. He's 255 right now. Maybe when he's closer to his 300s he'll consider it.
  7. Nugra

    New Arrival

    Welcome! Enjoy the training!
  8. The battle was over and Nugra was on the way to the galley of the GSN Claws of Blood. It was nowhere as fancy as those aboard Federation vessels. Nugra had served on everything from the small Intrepid-class starship to the beautiful Sovereign-class ships. The Gorns preferred efficiency over design. The heavy tables were anchored down and the roar of the fire from the pits filled the room with smoky goodness. The fires, of course, were holographic but the heat emitting from them was not. They could live like their ancestors and roast meat over an open fire without risking the vessel with real f
  9. Of course, Nugra only knows one style for a formal celebration.
  10. It's another exciting episode of Plus or Minus! Give it a listen #Fudge fans. Tell your friends, even the ones who play #Fate and #Icons. #RPG #Games #FateRPG http://plusorminus.capheind.com/longgame

  11. Here's Why I think people buy #coffee over #indie #books and #stories. #iamwriting #iamreading #freelancerlife

    Let’s face it. Any of us who have been in the indie publishing world long enough come across a meme or a saying about people who would instead buy a four dollar cup of coffee instead of an indie book. It’s a strange disconnect that does not seem to make…

  12. Hey Fudge Fans. I did an episode on Damage Factors that'll drop on Monday. I'm thinking up some show ideas and I could use a bit of feedback. I was thinking I could discuss adapting Fiction and other RPGs to Fudge, but would that be alienating to those who are unfamiliar with those materials? Also, how necessary are basic How-To shows on fudge? My target audience is generally folks who already kinda know what fudge is, but does there need to be some intro episodes to help build the fandom? Thanks Guys. I also got a call in number for the show, and got it listed in everything. Have a look http://plusorminus.capheind.com/
  13. One way that I personally like the way it was handled in our 118 is that the Federation doesn't have a currency per se, they follow pretty much the idea of energy being used as a way of buying and selling. The base idea though is that they do track the value of the "currency" so that other cultures who have not shed their money systems are able to convert their currency into something that can be used to "buy" things in the Federation while the Federation citizens can convert the value out of Federation energy credits into a currency of value to the culture that functions with money. In essenc
  14. Alpha Minor (2018) - A Review of the new Harriet Walsh Novel by @spacejock. #new #scifi #ebook

    Science fiction is beautiful in how many times you can see something familiar, but it is fresh and new. This was the case when I got to read Simon Hayne’s soon to be released Alpha Minor, the second book in his new Harriet Walsh series.

  15. If you're looking for a sci-fi explorer type adventure, my new #story should help. It's designed for #fudgerpg but should be easy to convert to any other system. I love sc-fi adventures. lol

  16. Was talking to @Journeyofword about writing software. Here's why I like using @spacejock 's #writing #program! #iamwriting #indieauthor #freelancerlife

    Just a little while ago I was talking to my best friend Jessica Werner about the software that we use to write our novels. If you have been in the writing world long enough, you know there are quite a lot of options out there ranging from the simple pen…

  17. Yeah. There is a limit to #creativity. #iwaswriting #freelancerlife #indieauthor

    I had a strange and ill feeling when I finished The Bastion at the Edge of the Universe, and I did not like what it boded. I remember putting together the last of the Ebook, staring at the screen as it uploaded to Draft2Digital and said to myself. “I’m…

  18. Just releases my #new #scifi #ebook Bastion at the Edge of the Universe. Come join Ethan Hawke on his #adventure in this #new book!

    Gosh, I love to write. I also know that I’m stating the obvious but as I sit back and look at the new novella I release, I can’t say that I don’t enjoy the satisfaction of going from 0 to complete. There is just something about seeing my work out there…

  19. Announcing the release of my #new #ebook Ashwood Fals: Benjamin based in @Journeyofword 's world!! #new #story

    As you all know, I love to write. Last year though, if you asked me what my favorite story to write it would have been the Ashwood Falls: Benjamin story. Honestly, I just adored writing Isabelle and Aoibheann in the story and I’m really satisfied with how…

  20. Descriptions can be so difficult at times to remember. I decided to talk about them. #indieauthor #freelancelife #iamwriting

  21. My #book #review of Apocalypse orphan by Tim Allen @BornTimAllen @booktasters

    Apocalypse Orphan by Tim Allen My rating: 3 of 5 stars Thanks to the great people at Book Tasters, I was given a copy of Apocalypse Orphan by Tim Allen to read and review. Suffice to say there were a lot of ups and down about this book that I’m going to…

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